Napoleon Dynamite Jerusha Hess

Although you've probably seen his name on the big screen in films such as Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho Libre to write, Jerusha Hess, the author is now with her husband to follow in the footsteps of Jared Hess (he directed comedies), in his directorial debut in the form of Shannon Hale's novel adaptation of Austen's Land. In addition, Heat Vision reports on the character the film is also producing the debut author of Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer. Making the talent behind this film even more interesting, Keri Russell (Waitress) and Bret Mackenzie ("Flight of the Conchords") is set to star in the film, too.

JJ Field, who plays the Union Jack in Captain America: The First Avenger, Jennifer Coolidge, Jane Seymour, Rupert Vansittart, James Callis round out the cast of the film follows a single thirty something woman with a secret obsession with Mr. Darcy ( Pride and Prejudice character) that are destroying her love life, because no husband in real life can be compared with the fictional character. But when she decides to spend his savings on a trip to an English resort catering to Austen-crazy women, the fantasy of the woman about meeting the perfect gentleman of the Regency period becomes more real than it could have imagined. Sounds kind of cheese, but the involvement of Bret Mackenzie is almost enough to interest me. It will also be interesting to see if this film has the same quirky, original style as the rest of the film duo Hess established.
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Body Mass Index (BMI)

Everywhere in the U.S., books are added. Americans are heavier. The numbers tell the story, and that are not pleasant.

In the eighth edition of "F as in Fat: How Obesity threatens the future of America 2011," released Thursday, the numbers are staggering: more than 61 percent of New Jersey adults are obese or overweight. In Pennsylvania, the number is 64 percent.

An overweight adult is defined as one with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more based on the relationship between weight and height. An overweight person has a BMI of 25 to 29.9. (To determine your BMI, divide your weight in pounds by your height in inches squared. Multiply the number by 703 to give you the IMC).

Pennsylvania ranks 19th among the states by the number of obese adults, 41 of New Jersey is the ninth of the least obese.

However, only a difference of 4.4 per cent in figures for comparing the two. In New Jersey, 24.1 percent of the adult population is obese, an increase of 90 percent in the last 15 years. In Pennsylvania, the figure is 28.5 percent, an increase of 76 percent.

"Today, the state would be the rate of the lowest adult obesity (Colorado) had growth rates higher in 1995," said Jeff Levi, executive director of the Fund for America's Health Washington, who reported the study of obesity with the latest Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in Princeton.

The report also shows that obesity is greater for minorities than whites - 35 percent of blacks and Latinos and blacks in Pennsylvania, New Jersey. Latinos in New Jersey was significantly lower in obesity is 26.8 percent.

The number of obese people of all races decreased by increasing education and income. However, 21.5 percent of college graduates or technical nationwide are overweight, which is 25 percent of those earning over $ 50,000 per year.

The data for individual countries, each country was not available, the report said the spokesman, Albert Lang

"Too many Americans eat too many foods, especially with an excess of calories and few nutrients. We do not get enough physical activity and spend too much time in our cars and in front of our various digital displays," he said David Satcher, former Surgeon General, in an essay accompanying the report.

Although this year's report does not focus on children, it is said that the latest information on rates of obesity for young people aged 10-17 shows that 15 percent of children in both countries are obese. A third of children are obese or overweight.

In an item of good news, the report says that the "number of obese children and adolescents may have stabilized since 1999, except in very heavy children 6 to 19 years."

The report says the health problems associated with weight gain.

Diabetes and hypertension are increasing in both countries and throughout the country. Higher cases of heart disease, stroke and cancer is also linked to the Americans are heavier.

The report outlines the government's efforts to teach residents the importance of a healthy diet and exercise to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

For example, New Jersey, school meals is the standard that is stricter than the USDA requires. Even in New Jersey, is a "Complete Street" laws that are "in a way designed for all users - cyclists, pedestrians, drivers and public transport users - to use them safely," the report said.

Pennsylvania has no such requirements statewide, the report said.

But in Pennsylvania requires a BMI screening and assessment focus of other children and young people, like 20 other states, but not New Jersey.

Bucks County Health Department, a nurse supervisor Grace Sinclair said that the county offers nutritional counseling for new mothers and their children in nurseries, through Title 5 state-funded Maternal and Child Health Block Grant program.

"We're going out of daycare (s) in pre-school (TO) to teach children about good foods and bad, so good choices," says Sinclair.

Funded by the federal government for women, infants and children program (WIC) provides food vouchers and nutrition counseling financial, medical or nutritional benefits to mothers at risk.

In Burlington and Bucks counties, a total of 12,000 pregnant women, nursing mothers and children up to age 5 who are at nutritional risk receive WIC coupons to buy healthy foods, both in stores and farmers markets on the list.

The vouchers cover only foods that are approved by WIC for their nutritional benefits.

'Evaluation of nutrition and education is what sets us apart from other scholarship programs food, "said Mary Wolf, manager of WIC public health programs for the county of Bucks.

Mothers also receive additional financial incentives to WIC breastfeeding their children, as the federal program offers a year of maternity benefits to women who breastfeed for six months against those who formula feed their babies. Parents receive vouchers for children up to 5 years.

"Their diet has a higher value if they are breastfeeding. WIC is committed to breastfeeding, "says Wolf.

Dr. Deepti Das, director of the Burlington County WIC program, said those comments. Pregnant women attending the classes of information on breastfeeding and meet a lactation consultant.

"We're really trying to promote breastfeeding," she said.

As part of its services, WIC helps educate clients about proper nutrition. Das said that pregnant women receive food stamps to better meet their health needs and food.

Wolf said that new mothers are advised that children should not have more than 6 ounces of juice a day, use whole grain breads and beans are a good source of protein and fiber. It gives recipes for nutritious meals.

WIC mothers understand "why it is important" to guide their children to good food, Wolf said.

"It's a mindset," he said.

Thr Burlington County Health Department is trying to solve the problem of obesity through its county-funded program of health education. Two health educators visit schools and businesses to offer free presentations on nutrition and exercise.

Topics for the presentations of the company is up to management to allow workers to take the time to exercise, and "to prepare food at home", instead of buying fast food. Serving Size is also discussed. Health educator John Sivon said he urges employees when dining out to eat half a meal and take the rest home.

"Now you have two meals," said Sivon.

County also sponsors a competition for students called "Top Chef", where they come up with recipes that use healthy ingredients. The 10 winners will compete in the county cook-off.

"Kids love it," said Sivon.

The report on obesity recommends continued support from state agencies and federal policy makers and industry food and drink to fight the epidemic of overweight.
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Final Space Shuttle Launch

Thunderstorms threatened to delay the final space shuttle launch, set the date, and lightning near the pad caused a brief flurry of concern to NASA engineers first concluded that the shuttle was OK.

Lightning struck a water tower about 500 meters from the launch pad at noon on Thursday, said the space agency. Technicians checked for signs of electrical problems, but a review board has ruled out any injury.

Weather today, in turn, looked grim, with only a 30% chance of acceptable time to start on time, 11:26

NASA test director Jeff Spaulding said the spacecraft had successfully started with the worst prognosis.

"There are some opportunities there," said Thursday that the rain settles "This day is very difficult if you make a decision not to go and that is a good time."

NASA closed its 30 years of the Space Shuttle Program to target the asteroids and Mars, the preferred destinations of the White House. Private companies take its place to pull the cargo and crew to the International Space Station.

NASA has until Sunday, maybe Monday, to get Atlantis and its four astronauts in orbit. Otherwise, the probe will remain grounded until next week due to a rocket launch Air Force, which is a priority.

Rain or shine, hundreds of thousands of people expected to jam the area to launch. Some estimates put the crowd at about 1 million. Dozens of astronauts are already in the city, including the first shuttle pilot Robert Crippen, who opened the era aboard Columbia in 1981.

"It is a sad moment for me, of course, but it is also the time when I feel proud," Crippen told the Associated Press.

Atlantis is on track with the space station for a year applies. NASA wants to orbit the Outpost is a well-stocked case of slow loading bays trading began.

The first privately-term supply - by the technologies of space exploration - is tentatively scheduled for late this year.

12-day trip during the Atlantis is due to expire again on touchdown at Kennedy Space Center July 20, 42 anniversary of the first steps on the Moon.

"There's an old saying that it is better to travel well than to arrive," said Spaulding. "And I must say, after 30 years, our program and the shuttle in all their missions, at less worked fine. ... And after landing, I think we can say at this stage as we arrived. "
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Facebook Announcement

Make no mistake, before starting here, the opportunity to discuss in a window inside the video capabilities of Facebook with Skype is very good. If the plan is executed correctly, will almost certainly hold a lot of people within the family on Facebook, where thousands of video chat applicants may have other forms of execution + Google video for her new chat program instead of meeting. What we learned today, however, is that the Facebook team has seen what Google + can do and I understand that many people think + Google as an alternative to Facebook and what "They wanted to know what you think + Google about Facebook as it is today. They understand and they said sure.

Today we talk with Mark Zuckerberg started making a case for the idea that social networking has taken off, and that although he does not say implicitly, Facebook has been the focus of this revolution. His first message was relatively big as Facebook already has 750 million users, the idea of ​​ending with a note that had offered to share these statistics because he and the Facebook team do not feel that the number of network users is the number more important. This, in turn, a number of times in the face of Google and allows Zuckerberg to say no big deal - so what, who cares? He keeps saying how much people share is the real big.

Zuckerberg continues to talk about a new type of instant messaging, which is a sort of AOL Instant Messenger friends list, view Mr. Right, group discussions, and, of course, Skype video calls. Having established these three points, Zuckerberg says that will grant applications and programs like these items one at a time, in small doses on purpose. Zuckerberg says the narrator's humble opinion, quite another nudge with Google, the giant Google.
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Casey Anthony Was Found Not Guilty

Casey Anthony was found not guilty of murdering her 2 year old daughter Caylee. The jury refused to convict on first degree murder or manslaughter.

The jury found Casey Anthony guilty of four counts of false information to law enforcement.

Shaking hands with his defense attorney Jose Baez, Casey Anthony sobbed as the verdict was read. The rest of his defense team was next to her, as shaking hands. She thanked Baez when it was invaded by the defense team.

His parents, George and Cindy Anthony left the court Judge Belvin Perry to read the additional instructions to the jury and not related to their child in the classroom.

Casey Anthony, who sat in the dark side over the six weeks of testimony, become happy as she was fingerprinted in the courtroom of his sentence for providing false information to police.

Conviction of guilt on the counts will be held at 9:00 on Thursday.

Prosecutor Jeff Ashton, who had entered the courtroom to applause roared, shaking his head after the verdict Sat.

Outside the courtroom spectators cried: "Lord!" because he knows that the decision not guilty.

At the heart of the issue was fantastic Casey Anthony is a nanny named Zenaida, the court referred to as "Zanny the nanny", stole Caylee Anthony.

Prosecutors say Casey Anthony killed her daughter Caylee by drugging her with chloroform and covered with tape over his mouth and nose.

She killed Caylee, said Attorney Jeff Ashton in his argument, because Casey Anthony has to choose between her child and "the life she wanted."

"We will send you the evidence in this case shows that the choice she made was her child," said Ashton.

Attorneys for Casey Anthony, who never took the stand, admitted the first day of trial that the mother of 25, only created a complex web of lies. Defense attorney Jose Baez said the truth was that Caylee accidentally drowned in the family swimming pool and instead of reporting his death, Casey "went into a dark corner, pretending nothing had happened."

Baez said Casey Anthony behaved that way, because he was "trained to lie" Over the years of sexual abuse of his father. Judge Belvin Perry said, however, that there was no evidence that Casey Anthony had been abused by her father and ordered that no mention of the closing arguments.

Prosecution case was weakened by the fact that Caylee's body, which is located in a swamp for six months after his death, was so badly deteriorated that the coroner could not determine exactly how he died. Caylee cause of death was listed on the "unspecified means Homicide."

To test your tape could have killed the girl, the defense showed the jury a controversial video showing Caylee smile becomes a skull with a ribbon on it.

Prosecutors built a case of circumstantial evidence that documented how Casey Anthony was living with her boyfriend Tony Lazzaro Caylee disappeared shortly after, partying in clubs, participated in a "hot body" contest, and has the word "bella vita "- or the beautiful life - tattooed on his shoulder in the months after Caylee and her mother died while she was still intended to live.

When his lies put in order, it became clear that Casey Anthony had created a fictional world where she did a great job with Universal Studios and a dozen people who were friends, colleagues, lovers, and even babysitters friends of Caylee.

Jailhouse Jurors watched hours of tapes, where Casey Anthony has developed his lie about the babysitter, which provides much information on this imaginary nanny.

Much of the case involved forensic evidence in the trunk of Casey Anthony Pontiac Sunfire. Fiscal experts in the arcane specialty of the smell of death to show that the smell in the trunk of Casey Anthony's car was one of human decomposition. Casey Anthony lawyers argued that the smell in the trunk of Casey Anthony's car was rotting away, not a decomposing body.

FBI hair and fiber analyst testified that only one piece of hair in the trunk belonged to Caylee and post-mortem showed bands, which prosecutors said was evidence that the body had been in the car.

The indictment also said that Casey Anthony used the family computer to visit a site on how to make chloroform 84 times.

Baez responded by saying that if the State was based on untested theories and untested legal what Baez has dismissed as "forensic fantasy."

He surprised the court when he called Cindy Anthony's mother Casey Anthony to testify for the defense of his daughter and take responsibility for some of the research chloroform. Computer searches have been key to the claims of the charges of premeditated murder, an essential element of first degree murder and the possibility of the death penalty.

When prosecutors tried to charge Cindy Anthony testimony by presenting evidence that she lied, Baez said in closing arguments, "I told you she was a liar, the first day."

Test exposed the secrets of a family suspected broken, Antony and the audience shocked and cover-up allegations of incest. Company Baez seems dysfunctional family where lying is rampant.

He voiced the sentiments of Lee Anthony, Casey Anthony's brother, getting to describe his frustration with his family to hide the pregnancy Caylee Anthony Casey. He also tried to cast the shadow of Lee Anthony on charges that he molested his sister.
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