MTV Mila Kunis

Just for the season finale of "Saturday Night Live" concert offering, Justin Timberlake is always so funny. Actually it was all the way to Los Angeles and the state of the MTV Movie Awards, where he was co-presenter and Mila Kunis fumbles right away, while the award for Best Actor - Robert Pattinson won, but this is the kind of beside the point.

While explaining that their relationship was purely platonic gently grabbed the other two players - Timberlake Kunis grabbed my chest, saying: "That's why I can not do it." And not to be outdone, Kunis made it back and grabbed the horse Timberlake. So busy, the two candidates presented.

This was not the first brush Timberlake TV and chest. In 2004, Timberlake pulled out a tissue known to cover the breasts of a one-Janet Jackson during the Super Bowl half time show, which is a huge controversy, and more to the phrase "wardrobe malfunction."
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Red Faction: Armageddon

Red Faction: Armageddon continues the saga of the series in the battle for supremacy on the planet Mars as well as its trademark gameplay based on destruction. With its predecessor, Red Faction: Guerrilla receiving generally positive reviews, see Armageddon to capitalize on the guerrilla forces, while benefiting from the opportunities for improvement. Join us as PlayStation LifeStyle whether Mars is worth fighting for, or if Red Faction: Armageddon is just as boring as the surface of Mars.

Our plants new adventure we the boots of a Darius Mason, grand-son of Red Faction: Guerrilla protagonist, Alec Mason. Over the 50 years that have elapsed since the events of Red Faction Guerrilla emerged as the power of administration on Mars, but with some problems along the road. A special raised bumps, Adam Hale, a notorious figure who leads a cult determined to take control of the planet Mars itself. As the game opens, Darius is working with Red Faction to stop the latest plan to destroy the giant Hale Terraformer giving the surface of Mars to be habitable. Unfortunately for Darius and his fellow people, Hale manages to destroy Terraforming and disappear in the process driving all underground.

10 years pass, and we again Darius, who is simply struggling to make a living with his countrymen. Life on Mars is not easy, if Darius is ready to accept jobs that pay no questions asked. Of course, someone decides to take advantage of that, and Darius was soon attracted to release a disturbing alien threat, which was underground dormant for an indefinite period. The creatures are relentless, and soon Darius fighting not only for its own survival but to his people.

Armageddon is a major departure from guerrillas in many ways, the most important of which is probably the linear structure of the game. Although the guerrillas was a open-world experience, Armageddon keeps pace does not stop giving the player almost always designated objectives over 20 levels. Following the story is more detailed than in the past, the pace is faster, and the game focuses more on the fight not only to destroy everything that moves. Destruction is always a staple here, but now is much more integral to progress in the battles, especially with the inclusion of new smart weapons.

The most important of these weapons is the new weapon of Magneto. While the mass was a basic weapon for the enemies of heads shortcuts attacks and break through walls, magnets gun easily replace this with incredible power, and lots of fun. With unlimited ammo, the imam of the gun can get two anchors on. The first parity with destructible objects or enemies, and is strongly attracted to whatever the second anchor is pulled. If you use this enemy to head butt each other until death, or convert a building overlooking the greater injection seen, this tool helps to combat dynamic and stimulating. The innovative weapon easily turns everything around into a weapon, and throughout the game is a very rare species, age.

A lot of weapons back from Guerrilla as good as the Nano rifle, assault rifle, load and Launcher Rocket Launcher and other new accession mix well. Twin pack an incredible punch Banshee guns, while a power Grenade Launcher destroy organic matter, leaving intact the surrounding buildings. A plasma gun on the other side will be a big hole in almost all aimed, and Singularity Cannon fires a small black hole that sucks everything nearby before the violent explosion. A significant improvement, making use of these weapons is a more fun twist to the controls. Instead of hard to hold a trigger to select a weapon, this time equipped with all weapons are mapped to a button d-pad four, which can switch weapons in mid battle fluid.

Surprising for a third-person shooter so focused on the battle, Armageddon completely ditches the system cover to the guerrillas, rather than allow them to hide behind low walls. That's okay, though, because, in general, these walls do not last long, and the system is replaced by something far more powerful: the Nano Forge. While the weapon is the weapon of the magnet to highlight the fact that you can enjoy the destructive properties in Red Faction, the Nano Forge allows you to put everything back together after you finish. Inevitably, while fighting a fire underground ramp to be found in a thousand pieces, leaving Darius blocked for a while. However, when walking near a damaged structure while holding the L2 lays the Nano Forge, immediately repair any item that was there. Not only is it useful to escape a variety of areas, but also allows you to replace Darius cover once destroyed, giving leeway to the alien invasion.

Nano Forge does not stop at simply making repairs. During the game Darius scavengers can make improvements to its capabilities, and the Nano Forge, which includes four European powers. Originally an impact on the capacity allows it to push enemies away with strength and break through walls. Later, a skill shockwave exposes some enemies in the air temporarily, leaving them totally vulnerable to attacks. A shell of bubbles can be used to defend against Darius fire projectile, which also eats away at any enemy that steps in the field. Finally, a berserk mode Darius temporarily increases attack power, accuracy and speed, making him the ultimate warrior on Mars. Other improvements such as increases in health and weapon damage are available, as players keep an eye on waste caches hidden in each level.

Darius also found several vehicles in the game, which can be mixed flow levels, offering unprecedented power against the foreign hordes. One is the combination of Leo, a mechanical suit shaped humanoid enemies relentlessly Darius load, while the release of the guns and missiles for the chain of mass chaos on the battlefield. Later, he met a spider walker, equipped with heat seeking missiles or weapons rays, even powerful. Finally, an aerial combat vehicle named Inferno GX can be tested, with a rapid-fire cannon and research of its own missiles. Each vehicle has unique controls, and offers an escape from the intense fighting that occurs while walking.

Armageddon The new underground environment will certainly change the landscape a faint red Guerrilla, but at the end of the game, however, began to tire. About 90% of the game takes place in the caves of various sizes, many of which are populated by human structures in place torn in battle. While the colors and the visual aesthetics of change during the game, always number one in residential areas magma filled a large pink crystal structure, it is still easy to feel like entering a cave in the cave can be a boring. In some places it is difficult to say one area to another, because the rocks are always limited to a specific location Dario. It will continue to provide a greater variation in Guerrilla has repeated the environment, but not by much. Fortunately, most of the time, surrounded by the buildings to throw the enemy's path, so that it pulls back a little less.

In the end it seems odd, and a little disappointing that Volition chose not to include any directly competitive multiplayer mode, especially after the unique flair of the one in Guerrilla. However, the modes available do provide plenty of fun and gameplay, making Armageddon well worth playing. Destroying everything in sight has never been more fun, and the redirection of the franchise makes for an overall improvement on the Red Faction formula. The revamped controls make it easier than ever to take advantage of the tools at hand, and the linear campaign makes for a tighter, more exciting story than previously. If there’s any real complaint to be had here, it’s that it ends too soon, but with a couple buddies on hand, the Infestation and Ruin modes should still occupy plenty of time. If you’ve always enjoyed demolishing things in real life, but prefer not to be fired or arrested, then Red Faction: Armageddon is definitely the way to go.
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Maurice Sendak Exhibition

Near the entrance to an exhibition at the Danbury Public Library, half a dozen pen-sized, bearded gnomes are working together to make a baby wailing in his crib from the ground and sneak him into the night.

Illustrations of fantasy author Maurice Sendak - a bird the size of a small car, a young man who entered a city of food boxes and cartons of milk - have captivated young audiences for generations.

Her book of drawings of 1963, "Where the Wild Things Are," a boy named Max, who conquered the terrifying monsters of his imagination, was a favorite of children for nearly 50 years.

The exhibition, "In a nutshell: Maurice Sendak Worlds" opened May 14 at the Library, and is scheduled for June 24. It sets out in detail how Sendak's picture books was a way to conquer your monsters.

Mark Hasskarl, library director, said he and other members applied for the exhibition because they wanted to showcase an exhibition that celebrates Jewish culture. The American Library offered three programs, including "In a word."

"Sendak and I liked this one because we liked so much his books," said Hasskarl. "I came to them late, until I was in the '20s, and I started reading to my daughter when she was born."

Sendak was born in Brooklyn to immigrant Polish Jew who fled Europe to escape the Nazis. As a child he was horrified to learn that his parents remained in Poland, all died in concentration camps.

The show has many illustrations of emblematic books Sendak and explains how, through images and stories of adventure, Sendak has tried to recreate the splendor of the old world and in Poland to overcome its destruction.

Danbury Library is the only library in Connecticut was able to ensure the visit of a traveling exhibition, which is about 35 libraries at the national level and also the stops in Colorado, Florida and North Carolina.

Hasskarl said he believes Danbury has been chosen because of special programs for adults, he planned to complement the exhibition, which will include a screening of the film adaptation of "Where the Wild Things Are" followed by a Hasskarl presentation, 10 h 45: June-June

Visitors to the exhibition will see how Sendak's childhood memories of Brooklyn deeply impressed by his creations. Each display presents a different set of illustrations for books, Sendak, and show that children play to look out the window of his apartment in Brooklyn, and watching the playground bullies who targeted children announced Jewish characters in his illustrated books.

Patricia Gilbert, who visited the exhibition on Monday afternoon, said she had no idea the personal history that went into Sendak stories.

"It's fascinating. It makes me want to read them all, "said Gilbert, who read" Where the Wild Things Are "with his grandchildren." You see so many layers to him now, and you do not get it before. These personal demons, all parents are met. "

Hasskarl then said "in short" is suitable for adults, children will surely enjoy the vivid illustrations of Sendak.

"In many of (his books), he writes things that children often scawre," Hasskarl said. "And when children see their survival of their encounter with the wild things, it helps them work through the core of that fear."

According Hasskarl, who personally knows the author and illustrator, this exhibition offers a rare glimpse of the personal history of Sendak.

"We actually talked about some of his favorite movies" on its books, Hasskarl said, adding that Sendak is a big fan of the Disney animated film "Pinnochio."

For readers who have wondered what people should be inspired tusks horrible monsters in "Where the Wild Things Are" shows "in a Nutshell" provides an insightful look into the mind of the author.
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Celebrated Dunkin Donuts

What is celebrated on a national treatment on June 3? Tip: Dunkin 'Donuts is a quiz competition Twitter tie event. The contest, announced yesterday morning, aims to expand the fashion chain has already received considerable donations through the National Donut Day. This morning, Dunkin 'with its rival Krispy Kreme was a "search" on Google Trends, a top trend on Twitter largely because of the two bids.

Thursday, tweeted Dunkin 'Donut's offer of free drinks with purchase of its 83,000 supporters, and to propose on his Facebook page, which has 3.5 million fans. Krispy Kreme tweeted his offer - a free donut and without the need to purchase - for the 8,000 followers on Twitter and praised the agreement on his Facebook page, which has 3.4 million fans.

For further discussion, Dunkin 'has launched its contest info at around 10 pm ET. The winners receive 50 million Dunkin Donuts gift cards. Sample question: "Which country sells these Smiley Donuts Russia, Peru and Puerto Rico?"

Dunkin promotion is a key bit 'lower than last year, which was bound and chain anniversary celebration of 60 years. This promotion is not just a donut that comes free with a drink offering, but the opening of the contest, called "Creating a Dunkin Donut's Next." Winner Rachel Davis, a monkey-see. Monkey-creation of a donut, filled with Bananas Foster filling, chocolate frosting and Reese's Peanut Butter chips, went on sale last fall.
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Octomom Medical License

Doctors fertility medical license and Beverly Hills, which has assisted in the creation of Nadya Suleman octuplets repealed next month, the California Medical Board announced Wednesday.

The panel ruled that Dr Michael Kamrava not to participate in healthy discernment "in the transfer of 12 embryos for Kamrava Suleman was accused by the Attorney General's office to gross negligence in his treatment of Suleman and two other patients in sex Female: 48 -. years who suffered complications after she became pregnant with quadruplets and a 42-year-old diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer after receiving fertility treatment.

"Public safety is of vital importance," the Commission said. "The council is not sure that monitoring through probation is sufficient, and a balance of the above decided that revocation of Respondent's certificate is necessary to protect the public. " The revocation takes effect on 1 July.

The medical board has rejected several arguments made by counsel for Kamrava, including the suggestion that Suleman did not follow the completion of an excessive number of fetuses. "To give even a hint of responsibility for a patient who becomes pregnant and decides not to follow a procedure that may compromise their (and maybe your family) the objective is disturbing and revealing," said the body.

The Commission also rejected the argument that the mention of the case would deter Suleman Kamrava to transfer too many embryos in the future. The Committee noted that Kamrava admitted being distracted by the bad press after octuplets of Suleman were born. He cited as justification for its failure to follow up on abnormal test results in patients whose diagnosis of ovarian cancer has been delayed.

"The Council is not convinced that the use of public or media to meet or supplement the Council's role in protecting the public is sound policy."

"This is not a single case of a patient or two patients, must be the case of three patients," the government said.

The ruling overturns the medical commission of a recommendation by an administrative judge of minor disciplinary probation for five years.

Kamrava lawyer, Henry Fenton, said in a public hearing before the medical board probation last month that it was reasonable. "Nobody died here. This is a good doctor. I argue that truly learned his lesson," Fenton said at the time.

Fenton said that following an abnormal biopsy of a patient of 42 years was an isolated incident.

"He said:" Look ... it was the only time in my career, I forgot. "It was directly from the publication [of octuplets Suleman] ... he forgot to tell him, "said Fenton.

"We have an excellent doctor who is very concerned about granting the error," said Fenton.
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