Death Osama bin Laden Impact To Oil Prices

Death breathtaking Osama bin Laden can not do much to allay the fears of instability in the Middle East and reduce the price of crude oil and gasoline, which threatens to break records this summer.

energy experts acknowledge may be simply too early to say what the impact of death difficult to Al-Qaeda may be the soul of the prices started to climb earlier this year, with tensions in the oil-rich region of Middle East.

Crude futures fell in Asia immediately after the announcement of President Barack Obama on Sunday night that U.S. forces bin Laden had been killed, but only 11 hours, the price rose nearly 50 cents to $ 114.36.

"The immediate reaction of the market, it is good news in terms of risk, but there are many other major risks that are deeply embedded in the price of oil in the moment," said Daniel Yergin, Pulitzer Prize-winning oil historian and director of IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates.

"The main thing that has been the evolution of oil prices recently is change the geopolitics of the Middle East and the strengthening economic recovery," he said. "This changes nothing."

"In any case, this will push prices higher," said Phil Verleger, energy economist at the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary. "It's probably good for the economy. You can see all the people at the White House saying" the United States. It's nice to have a success. The dollar should strengthen. This will only encourage the demand for petroleum products that we can not do more. "

Emphasizing that even energy experts are still trying to digest the news of the death of Bin Laden and his impact, Verleger, a senior policy discussions on energy in the Carter and Ford administrations, made a case for almost all impact scenarios.

"The capture of Bin Laden is not going to do anything" to affect world prices of oil, he said. "This is a market that has driven growth. ... Middle East ... are trying to maximize revenue. The Saudis are setting the price of crude oil acid on the basis of a price that maximizes revenue from around the world. "

David Goldwyn, a former special envoy Obama administration for international energy affairs at the State Department, is to see how countries like Libya, Yemen and Bahrain react.

"In the short term, the death of bin Laden could have a material effect on the stability of oil producing countries 'systems', and then the price of oil," Goldwyn said.

Gas prices have climbed to record levels this year, oil prices began climbing in February together with increased political tensions in the Middle East. speculators entered the market on fears that the unrest that causes real disruption in world oil supply, which, together with rising oil demand has continued in China and other emerging economies and improving the economy United States.

The uptick because of gas prices has caused uproar in the beginning of the partisan majority on Capitol Hill that has colored the debate in the summer of 2008 - when the price of regular gas hit a national level as high as $ 4.11 going Presidential elections in the fall elections.
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Osama Bin Laden Dead

In the dark of night, someone erected a IPAD who read the final result in translucent case: OSAMA OBAMA 1 0. It was after midnight, a cool spring night, and the crowd ran first, and then went to the gates of the White House when news of the death of Osama bin Laden broke. ''United States, United Unis''ont sang waving the Stars and Stripes, then "Hey, Hey Goodbye" the man who came to personify evil for Americans. Osama bin Laden was dead, long live Obama.

A similar crowd gathered near Ground Zero in New York, where he had seen bin Laden's diabolical plan to derail the terrorists two planes in the spirit of the World Trade Center towers, killing nearly 3,000 people, and bring America to its knees . But the United States was, and now had his foot on the head of a key as soon as a brave commando Half The World Away. Retribution was obtained. Or, as the president said on television recently, "Justice has been done."

This was the America's World Cup, when a pure joy and relief, which corresponds to the end of the famous World War II. A vile, despicable, hated enemy was chased and killed a real western.

Inside, a man of Washington under the chairmanship of coup extraordinary intelligence and specific actions comeback had just retired for the night. But he did not help to hear the songs from the media. Struck by the political and economic crisis a few days before, and critics questioned his own birth in the United States was drawn won a new life. Not only is his fortune, destiny, but the United States could turn to. E 'was America's moment, "Gotcha."

In his ten minutes of national television address, attached to just three hours after a team of U.S. Navy Bin Laden pinned in a deluge of fire, has Barack Obama did not hesitate to direct execution of credit . ''Today, in my opinion, the U.S. launched a targeted operation against drugs in Abbottabad, Pakistan ...'' he intoned, after saying, hvordan''Jeg Director Leon Panetta, director of the CIA , to kill or capture bin Laden førsteprioritet''kort after his accession. There is no doubt that he thought had done the work, even if the bullets were fired by the Navy Seals.

But bragging rights was tempered by grace. Shortly after nailing the # 1 public enemy of America who had telephoned his predecessors of Bush and Clinton, to inform them of the fact. In the moment of victory, he reiterated that the U.S. le''Les is not - and never will be -. At war with Islam''

''Our war is not against Islam. Bin Laden is a Muslim leader, was a murderess mass of Muslims. In fact al-Qaeda have been slaughtered in the results of the Muslims in many countries, including ours. So his death, be happy for all those who believe in peace and ihmisarvon''Obama said.

Critics and supporters celebrated the moment as a game-changer en''politisk,''both Obama and America. The presidential election is still about 18 months, but there is already talk of an Obama shoo-in for a second term. It is also about to kill U.S. troops in Afghanistan, many Americans are demanding, and accelerate the political process. At home, strengthens the hand of Barack Obama's achievement in making difficult choices to improve the economy.

For a more international level, the American pride and honor, have been reduced by ten years after the 9 / 11, is being restored. ''This is America, we do the work,''Secretary of State grated Hillary Clinton, who was the senator from New York at 9.11, que''vous alert terrorists can not hide, can not wait us out. "

Both Obama and Clinton have been less charitable about Pakistan, but said that intelligence cooperation with the country is now widely regarded as a cesspool of terrorists and sponsors. There was no thanks, only the barest recognition of its cooperation with dodgy civilian government. Clinton said the United States very keenly to the people and government of Pakistan and exclusion, the Pakistani army and intelligence services, the establishment is good.
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Green Card Lottery Can Check Online

Now the first entrants in the last calendar year 2010 Diversity Visa Lottery (DV-2012) can check online to see if they won. An unknown number of applications for temporary visa holders are part of the Albuquerque 14770000 applicants from last year (19.67 million including spouses and children) who will examine their role was now begins Electronic Check (ESC) and the Internet address at: http:// www.dvlottery.state. GOV / ESC /.

Like last year, candidates need three pieces of information from your registration card lottery 2010 green: 1) confirmation, NUMBER 2) your name (name), and 3) his year of birth. Unlike last year, now you can check the status of their winning start May 1, 2011 instead of July 1. Checking the electronic state for DV-2012 is available at 30 June 2012.

number of confirmation has been given, if you were successful last fall. This is a 16 digit number, like this: 2012lO0DZWY1DOV9. When you check your numbers, do not confuse "1" and "I" or "0" and "O", which, of course, have different signs. Following a six-digit code "CAPTCHA" security on the screen.

Upon completion of the participant's information and entered into the authentication code, the status displays. It looks like a different message depending on whether or not your post was selected for further processing, or whether the appointment for the interview was designed. If you do not win, you get this message:

Based on the information provided, the Entry HAS NOT BEEN SELECTED for further processing for the 2012 Electronic Diversity Visa program. Please verify that you have entered all information correctly. You may re-check the Entry status by clicking on the ESC Home Page link below.

If you won the lottery, the Committee website posting a newsletter on how to proceed. And after receiving a notification by e-mail, ESC have a commitment letter with information about your immigrant visa interview.

If you have not received an e-mail Select 1 August 2011, but the site indicates that the item is selected for further processing, the Kentucky CCI Center (KCC) is the primary point of contact for further information. KCC can be reached by e-mail.

Scheduled to open at the same time the American state of the status of e-check online, Creative Networks (Albuquerque, New Mexico), just published "Diversity Visa Only the winners of the winners, in particular theDV-2012 green card lottery.

Fully updated with the latest edition, new or updated the following sections: Limitations of lawful permanent residents married after registration, when in contact with an immigration attorney, rank and number of the Visa Bulletin, the choice between OSA and consular processing and documentation requirements; his interview with the U.S. Consulate; stages of the SOA approach, how to manage your USCIS Green Card (change of state) Interview, processing times, what to do in case of refusal, and more .
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White House Correspondents Dinner

In what appeared to be a string of denigration comedy roast of Donald Trump, as Barack Obama in the White House Correspondents' dinner on Saturday night, Trump, who was invited to the event as guest of Washington Post greeted the crowd as Obama cracking jokes may have been at his own expense.

"Donald Trump is here tonight," Obama said, smiling. "Now I know he has had some criticism lately, but nobody is prouder of his birth certificate to put to rest the Donald. Now, it can happen to focus on issues that matter. As the moon not false What Happened really in Roswell? And where Biggie and Tupac? "

Obama to discuss the management mandate Trump saw his reality show Celebrity Apprentice. "Seriously, we all know your credentials and experience," Obama said. "The kitchen crew of men has not impressed the judges of Omaha Steaks, but you admitted it was a lack of leadership, so you fired Gary Busey. This is the kind of decisions that keep me awake at night. Well-treated, sir. Well treated. "

Obama zingers have anything new to dinner with White House correspondents', which is usually the opportunity to ruin Obama's friends and enemies.

"Saturday Night Live" Seth Meyers was also a cabin with a couple of Trump said, "and then there again, Donald Trump, who said he is running the Republican presidential candidate, which is surprising because I thought running as a joke. "

Obama is the comment jokingly, and Meyers was made weeks after the allegations birther Trump of the president, who has recently published a long-form birth certificate is hoping to stop the dispute.

In a press conference at the White House after the publication of birth, although Trump name, Obama said he had more important things to do and that all claims were nothing more than the birth of "nonsense" to show "carnival barkers."
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Anthropology Waterside Shops

Anthropology, Waterside Shops, 5415 Tamiami Trail, Naples,; 594-0317.

Hours: 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday, at-5 on Sunday.

Inside: 6000 square feet Anthropology Waterside Shops wears women's clothing and accessories, furniture, art and home decor and garden gifts, seasonal products and vintage finds.

Claim to fame: a chain of 137 stores (at last count), this is true mark Anthropologie and its spin-off reflects the company's web and a list of offerings. But there is a vibration of Southwest Florida. The differences are the product of stress, color, found objects and detailed vignettes, "says Amanda Hanes, store manager for the last five years." We are particularly proud of our facilities, "said Hanes, who has a team of display house .

Aprons signify a change of season at Anthropologie, which is "always coming up with cute prints, great detailing and, usually, a matching potholder, so it makes a great housewarming or holiday gift," says store manager Hanes, who once had a customer who turned her apron into a dress.

The 16-ounce stoneware "Homegrown Monogram Mug" is pretty, feels good to hold and at $8 each is a gift that bears repeating (for yourself, your mother, your man, your editor whom you love and admire, your talented, steadfast page designer - all your most important people). Australian artist Samantha Robinson imagined the design, which hides secret images, insiders say.

There's a ring holder for every sensibility in an array of shapes, sizes and materials, including the gilded bird in a 3-by-4-inch stoneware nest ($14); and a 2.5-by-4-by-2-inch bigmouth brass fish ($18).

A wrought-iron garden chair at home in a classic English garden works well indoors or out in our paradise scheme of things ($248). British artist David Le Versha designed the chair, which comes in orange, turquoise, plum and red - each color featuring a different, curvaceous back flourish. Orange is hottest here so far, Anthropologie's Amanda Hanes reports.
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