Evan Rachel Wood Five Parts "Mildred Pierce"

Sunday, 21 hours, Kate Winslet, Evan Rachel Wood, Guy Pearce, Melissa Leo kick off HBO miniseries in five parts "Mildred Pierce". Based on the novel even 1945 Oscar winner about a divorced woman broke interested in a career that has a case of throwing her daughter, etc., etc. He starred reigning diva Joan Crawford plays a mama difficult. Offscreen Crawford was no Mother Teresa, whatever.

Thus, almost twice divorced, Kate Winslet, who has a daughter hard, too?

"I know the original movie great, but I purposely have not seen it have told me not so it does not affect their interpretation Although we are quite faithful to the script of the film, I'm not a bad and hard 'over the way which all women are now -.... Strong And how, even if you decide to keep me far from being a humble mother, does not mean you still can not be manipulative. We all have this ability.

"But in real life - no, I is not hard Absolutely not, I am with my kids mutual concern Well ......" soft heart

At which point Sir Harry Evans, wife of the new Newsweek warrior chief Tina Brown, wandered over. On a padded bag, from Gristedes, he drew his last copy to give me. Schlepping around a major magazine that does not fit into an evening bag is always a tension.

Evan Rachel Wood member mentioned Elie Saab: "I have a DVD movie, but I have not seen it yet: there is no time I just moved here and I love and I love New York ...."

Right. But what is important. His erotic sexy scenes in this case.

"Ohhh, thank you. Oooohhhh. My first nude scene ever. I was petrified. Scared out of my mind. So nervous I could not stand it. All I could do was try to calm down in a deep long-term employee."

HBO co-president Richard Plepler tags mini-series "very erotic." Filmed in part on the Steiner Studios, "Beverly Hills" was filmed in Glen Cove, New York. Pasadena became Peekskill. Merrick is Glendale.

Guy Pearce. In "The History of the King", he played Colin Firth abdicatee brother who married the divorced Mrs. Simpson. He saw this film once, but would love to attend again. "With respect to this mini-series "I saw the original film version of our many big-time nudity sex, we filmed in Long Island, and this is where Kate and I are both naked ...."

As Kate out on the beach, cold, 30 degrees. The crew of heavy coats. It has the soft skin. How to stay cool 3:00 scale. The pressure is coming as the Sun, they had only minutes to call whateveritis whateveritwas they were doing. During five hours, one minute less face Kate is made or unmade up to the dock.

Memories of the Academy Awards, Melissa Leo has second verbal dysfunction. As Steve Buscemi angry when she told how her son is happy with his success. She concluded: "The only problem is now my f - - king schedule."

Kevin Costner to play the adoptive father of Clark Kent in "Superman." Diane Lane is the mother. . . TNT restart "Dallas" begins next month in Dallas with Larry Hagman and Patrick Duffy restarted. New blood is Jesse Metcalfe, Jordana Brewster, Josh Henderson. . . Leonardo DiCaprio and Armie Hammer (Social Network) has fired his kissing scene in director Clint Eastwood, "J. Edgar. "Leo plays Hoover... Liam Neeson make a sequel to his hit" Taken. "

Joseph Gordon-Levitt from NEN JAM "and Juno Temple, which is the" break "to join the pilot Christo Pher Nolan's next Batman release," The Dark Knight will be "... Prince Andrew wonderful? You recently saw a photograph near a boy in New York is just-out-of-prison pedophile Jeffrey Epstein? tighttighttight He is also the son of Gaddafi. Oh, so beautiful Prince Andrew ... Museum of Natural History next show is "The World's dinosaurs great. "Giants 150 meters long, 140 million years ago.

Super restaurant Il Bastardo, try the operator is waiting for you. He is attractive as food. . . . More to share the pain of his partner, Melissa Etheridge says it is now available. Ready to start dating again. . . Bernard Kerik appeal without hearing at this time. . . Ready? Luxury apartments Twenty9th Madison Park is a dog walker for residents.

B'WAY came to play "Catch Me If You Can" is a guy with Frank Abagnale Jr., a Pan Am pilot, to pretend. DiCaprio was starring in the film. NY Post publisher Paul Carlucci said the businessman, David Cornstein the seminar a year ago, Abagnale was asked who was his one of the largest ever with. Answer: "In recent days, we used credit cards, cash, I put a sign in front of the bank in the dyslexic something like that." Luggage night broken - leave the box in front of the guard. "That guard was my security guard uniform. I made $ 40,000 a day."

Only in New York, kids, only in New York.
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Kristen Schaal Is a Few New Tricks

Kristen Schaal is very little to the eccentric lady. It can be a very "different" look to the most famous people you see, but it works! One thing is certain - you can not forget that face. Kristen Schaal redefines the beauty of your eyes.

Now, Kristen Schaal is a few new tricks. She made some funny commercials for Sony Ericsson smart phone. There are some that can not you be interested to watch with your kids, but if you like adult-type humor, you love them. Kristen Schall is hilarious in those commercials.

This is an actor, writer and comedian best known for playing Mel Flight Conchords HBO series, and is also Director of the Daily Show.
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BlackBerry Playbook Tablets Sale in April 19

The IPAD is a huge leap into the world of tablets, but the competition becomes stiffer.

Research In Motion (RIM), makers of the popular line of BlackBerry smart phones said Tuesday the long-awaited BlackBerry playbook tablets on sale in April 19 at 20,000 stores in the U.S. and Canada, starting price of $ 499.

The tablet was intended to be sold in all Best Buy stores and Best Buy Mobile stores in the U.S. and Best Buy and Future Shop stores in Canada. The company said it would give the customer orders a new tablet soon.

The game plan BlackBerry with Wi-Fi is available in three models with 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB of storage for $ 499, $ 599 and $ 699 respectively.

But it is far from being the first contest of the IPAD, and even the commentators are able to prove, it is difficult to say which is the best competitor.

Motorola Xoom

It was voted Best of CES and for good reason. Motorola Xoom tablet is most likely to give Apple iPad a run for its money. It does not affect the market until March 27, but Xoom will be the first tablet that runs the operating system from Google honeycomb - the next version of the Android OS that is designed specifically for devices type tablet.

Android fans have been drooling over Xoom has glasses, too: It works with Verizon for LTE 4G network lightning, a 32-gigabyte flash memory, two cameras, HD video recording, SD card slot and a 1GHz processor, and is Upgradeable 3G, 4G, so you can use 3G and then 4G is now faster when the network is available in your area.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Unlike the first gene IPAD, Samsung Galaxy loss - which shares many of the same characteristics as S Galaxy smartphone launched last summer - was front-and back-facing camera for video conferencing. Popular smartphones like the S include loss Galaxy Galaxy Samsung Social Hub application and service of new media content offering Hub films and TV shows from some of the largest entertainment companies.

Works in neonates Google Android operating system, which has taken significant market share from Apple and receives about 80,000 applications for Google Apps Store.


These are not the only competitors out there, of course. Toshiba announced Folio 100 tablets last year, which is a 10-inch screen and sells in Europe, Middle East and Africa hte. Toshiba tablet uses the Nvidia processor, and Google's Android operating system.

Huawei's first tablet, a 7-inch screen, is also running Google's Android software, has reached the consumer in Europe in time for the holiday season sales, a much lower price.

And the market for cheap clones promises to grow and develop as the year continues. Apple said that the market tablet with IPAD since its launch last year. But how long can he hold this position?

RIM's announcement came after Apple's launch of two high-IPAD on March 11 and before Xoom Motorola Wi-Fi tablet in stores on March 27
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World Water Day Supply in Urban Areas

Half the population lives in cities, with 3 million arrivals in the urban areas each week. During the next two decades, almost two thirds of humanity will live in cities, delegates at a three-day event held in Cape Town to celebrate World Water Day (DMA), said.

This year, World Water Day focuses on water supply in urban areas.

More than a thousand representatives from more than 30 organizations met in South Africa to discuss the challenges of urban water and opportunities facing the world today. It is hosted by South Africa in collaboration with UN-Water, the African Ministers Council on Water (AMCOW), the Secretary General's Advisory Board on Water and Sanitation (UNSGAB), UNEP and UN Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat).

In Africa, where the urbanization rate is the highest and urban dwellers worldwide is expected to double over the next 20 years, water has been declining since 1990. AMCOW emphasized the opportunities offered by the Conference of African Ministers, mayors, civil society organizations and representatives of development banks and the private sector to discuss how they can move faster and more effective in reducing this gap and achieve the Millennium Development Goals. The critical need for cooperation and communication between sectors and the need for visionary leadership to manage the planet's resources limited water are recurring themes.

Conference sessions covered topics as varied as how cities can decentralize the management systems of urban water to make them viable, the role of water in the green growth in urban areas, and how cities can solve the sanitation in informal settlements and the burgeoning slums. "Urbanization, a greener world and fight against climate change - these are the three questions that virtually every session focuses on one way or another," says Margaret Catley-Carlson, Chair of the Global Crop Diversity Trust.

Many speakers stressed the need to abandon the "old model" of water management and thinking "business as usual." I see a transition of people to be consumers of water for the people that the guardians of the water. We must manage water as a stream rather than actions of one, "said Anthony Turton, Director of Touchstone Resources, a company based natural resource management in southern Africa, during a roundtable Bank Global partnerships across sectors public and private.

The privatization of water services is a controversial issue in the past, when trying to stir up protests in Bolivia and South Africa. Last year, the African Development Bank recommended privatization the only way to reach the continent's water and sanitation needs. However, Richard Makola, director of the South African Water Crisis Committee, reportedly said privatization "a new form of apartheid."

"I think the question of who owns and who provides the service is well below what it was," said Julia Bucknall, head of the central body of water at the World Bank Energy Transport and Water Department. "There are some basic foundation for good governance of water that must be respected, regardless of who owns them."

An example of an innovative public-private, received a cautious welcome is the franchise of purification. Provides a standardized format that divides business processes into a set of well-defined problems, can expand the limited number of engineers and scientists in developing countries and help ensure financial support, supporters said.

Not everyone was convinced. An audience member at Coca-Cola, commented: "When you talk about franchise, you're talking about the fear of uncertainty Investment Investment When you talk about water as a human right, investors get nervous about the franchise model has been successful in providing ... everything from hamburgers to coke, but it requires a degree of certainty of working. "

The challenges faced by the water was uncontroversial - too much, not enough for the dirty, rain falls in the wrong place or at the wrong time - and most speakers were optimistic that technological innovations can be found for treated. Ultimately, the real challenges in the management and implementation. "The challenge of urban water is to be recognized for what it really is - a crisis of governance, weak policies and poor management, rather than a crisis of scarcity," said Prince Willem UNSGAB -Alexander of the Netherlands.

Complexity of the sector was a challenge and an opportunity to build a world in which treated water, energy, environment and development as one. "Water does not require more than one capacity Water engineers, chemical engineers, designers, architects, as well as lawyers, ambassadors, and political ... - We need all of them can not fix the water in one shot ' a very complex area that requires a lot of addiction, "said Alioune Badia, Regional Director for Africa and the Arab countries of UN Habitat.

"The essence of water for development is increasingly evident, and this conference shows that," she said. "Water supply and sanitation is extremely important, but water is also important energy security, food security and basic security in cities. Thus, we see this integrated vision of water as a central element of the development of new, more and more. "
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Android Appstore Amazon Has Opened

Android Appstore Amazon has opened the development of mobile software programs - but not only birds that are angry. Apple has decided that the name is too similar to its own App Store and has filed a formal complaint to the mark.

Apple applied to register 'App Store' as a trademark in the US back in 2008, a move which has already attracted a legal challenge from Microsoft. It's currently under consideration by an appeals board at the Patent and Trademark Office.

"Amazon has begun improperly using Apple's App Store mark in connection with Amazon's mobile-software developer program," reads the complaint.

"Consumers of mobile software downloads are likely to be confused as to whether Amazon's mobile software download service is sponsored or approved by Apple."

Apple wants Amazon to stop using the term.

The Amazon Appstore will use the company's recommendation engine to suggest products for purchase. It will offer a paid app for free every day, starting with Angry Birds Rio, on which it has a temporary exclusive.

Amazon will set prices for apps, with the developer getting 70 percent. There are around 3,800 apps available now, which can be downloaded through a dedicated mobile app or via a web interface.

The Appstore is currently only available in the US
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