Thia Megia, Pia Toscano Incredible Show

The guys had their chance on Tuesday night, so Wednesday (March 2), this year's "American Idol" top 12 women on stage to try to win their place in the final.

At the end of the night, and Pia Toscano Ashthon Jones emerged as the control, while adolescents Thia Megía Alain and Lauren seems to have reached their cards also in the top 10.

Beyoncé impersonator Tynisa Ta-Wilson, 20, did the honors and went first, singing Rihanna's "the only girl (worldwide), while a skirt with geometric-poodle. Although the piece appeared, thin, squeaky voice and was so far from the metal band of the new provision does not wave his favor.

Jennifer Lopez said she started fragile, but I loved how Wilson played to the crowd and strongly disagree with Randy Jackson, who was not afraid to say it was only a'ight and display is not really something unique.

One of the most promising singers, 26 years old Milwaukee stadium manager Naima Adedapo not only a great singer, he has also designed a beautiful canary yellow dress Geisha-inspired singing that brought one of her favorite songs "Porgy and Bess classic" Summertime. " Bring a finger snap, sultry tune Sass often-sung, Adedapo worked the stage, the audience and judges, but was out of the reach of its rich and easy, Erykah Badu, as star quality.

J. Lo called him "an exotic flower garden of roses", but again, Randy ... not so much. He called a lounge act-y, and pale in comparison to former champion version of "Idol" Fantasia, noting that he finally pulled out a strong note.

The former committed bathroom Kendra Chantelle, 22, has slowed things tight Christina Aguilera "impossible." She wears a tight black leather trousers and a torso from above, he does not try to out-diva troubled pop star, but only sang a competent, growly version of the lesser-known ballad, accented by a narrower part of the process is concluded.

Jackson was worried when he heard of Chantelle was going to sing the melody, but praised his vibrato and compared to Lauryn Hill. "You did it again, his voice warm, warm clothes, hot style," said Steven Tyler, who was clearly enjoying the visual and audio when executed.

This year's resident oddball Zevita Rachel has finally had his chance, after four years of effort, and 23 years did not disappoint, leaving a black jacket and throw in a whirlwind to reveal a short red dress. She gave Fiona Apple breakthrough 1996 hit "Criminal" an inclination Jazzbo, missing a lot of notes, but to put much energy into the show and Sass.

"I loved your leg, I love your swagger, I liked your moves," said Tyler. "A little too Broadway for me, it's not a bad thing, Broadway may be your niche." Zevita said she had never really sung as before, which led Lopez to wonder why she chose this song and arrangement, and asks if she wants to be a star today. "It was not great, it was not good," said Randy simply.

Fiery Latina singer Karen Rodriguez, 21, made the full distance ride with another "Idol" In short, by Mariah Carey "Hero". His voice was strong, but she threw a curve ball by moving the funky bilingual service and sing half the song in Spanish.

"Wow, wow, wow," Lopez enthused, showing off her goose bumps. Randy was finally glad to hear someone make a song their own, suggesting the lyrics sounded even better in Spanish than English. "Definitely a one-of-a-kind singer," Steven added, suggesting she hook up with male frontrunner Jacob Lusk for a duet.

Louisiana housekeeper and Bette Midler doppelgänger Lauren Turner went topical (peep the lyrics about scrubbing dirty floors) with Etta James' "Seven Day Fool." She showed spunk and showcased her rich R&B growl, but the performance seemed a bit old-fashioned for "Idol."

Not just because she's an L.A. homegirl, but Randy loved it, calling it a fresh mashup between Amy Winehouse and Florence and the Machine. Tyler agreed, dubbing the performance "spectacular" and admiring the way it went from down low to way up high and everywhere in between.

Nashville's Ashthon Jones, 24, got seductive with Monica's suggestive "Love All Over Me," giving the ladies in the crowd multiple shout-outs and showing off a bit with some big, meaty runs and power notes.

"You've got the confidence of a queen and you sing so sweet," Tyler said. "You go places with your voice few have gone." Because she knows, Lopez said Jones had all the makings of a diva: the big hair, the body, the moves, the composure and the confidence.

Hollywood's Julie Zorrilla, 20, took a big gamble with season-one winner Kelly Clarkson's "Breakaway," coming out tentative with shaky vocals and not much personality, mostly failing to give the song that signature spark Randy's been looking for.

The judges weren't feeling it. Lopez said it was not great and lacked a connection to the lyrics and personality, while Randy, shocker, said it paled in comparison to Clarkson's original. Personality-plus singer Haley Reinhart poured into a tight black mini-dress and made love to the audience during Alicia Keys' "Fallin'," throwing in some growly accents, shoulder rolls and high runs in an attempt to make the song her own.

Again, Jackson didn't think it did anything for Reinhart, missing her husky, Janis Joplin-like tone, though Steven said it had the right amount of sexy rasp, attitude and vocal coloration.

Next up were the season's two youngest female contestants, starting with 16-year-old Thia Megia, who brought things all the way down with the Irene Cara "Fame" classic "Out Here on My Own." Singing in a spotlight a cappella at first, Megia once again showed precocious talents, belting out the ballad with confidence and a powerhouse voice.

"Sometimes a person's pitch can be so perfect it doesn't matter what song they sing," Tyler gushed, marveling at the talent she's amassed at her young age. Lopez loved the captivating, quiet confidence and Randy said the quality of Megia's tone was dead-on, again comparing it to the late Michael Jackson.

Fellow youngster, Georgia firecracker and early favorite Lauren Alaina, 16, has proven expert at working the judges and she mixed it up a bit with Reba McEntire's country stomper "Turn on the Radio." The vocals were a bit shaky at times, but Alaina confidently worked the stage and got the crowd hyped with her infectious energy.

"You don't even have to try ... the voice is just so effortless," Lopez said, marveling at Alaina's natural talent, while Jackson said the high schooler doesn't even realize how much potential she has.

The night's final slot belonged to Pia Toscano, 22, the raven-haired former makeup artist who opted for the Pretenders' go-to singing competition staple "I'll Stand By You." She looked like a star in her glittery black cocktail dress and sang a solid version of the tune, hitting her mark in a slightly overwrought arrangement and ending with some big, showy notes at the end that sounded flat on TV, but clearly moved the crowd.

And the judges, who jumped up to give her a standing ovation as Randy guaranteed Toscano earned a spot in the top 10. "You were saving that for when it counts ... it was out of this world," Lopez added.

"Idol" returns on Thursday night for the results show, when five men and five women will move into the top 10 and the judges will make their wild card picks.
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Kim Kardashian Releases Debut Song

Kim Kardashian Releases Debut Song Called 'Jam,' Kris Humphries Shakes His Head. Wednesday morning on "On-Air with Ryan Seacrest" after having a mild case of nerves - officially joined the ranks of Paris Hilton and Kim Zolciak the wonders reality star turned into a hit.

"It is normal for me to be nervous. I am a man, I've never sung before. It was certainly something I'm not, so for me to leave my comfort zone to do ... Is like a big business," said before Seacrest played the song.

Newly minted singer said he has no intention of changing the crooning (er, a lot to talk about, when the music is playing) comes another new career.

"It was a fun experience, I'm so glad I went for it! And the proceeds are donated to St. Jude Children's Hospital JAM, Twitter.

The track is self-tuned the idea from a friend and fellow singer Ciara Kardashian and producer of The-Dream. The making of "JAM" in an upcoming episode of "Kourtney and Kim Takes New York" and the song will be available for download on iTunes.

With host morning shows Seacrest, himself a handyman, who acts as executive producer of E! reality series, we're guessing that soon flooded the track.

"It was fun -. me want to go somewhere right now I want to be in a convertible with this crazy so far," Seacrest said.
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Pulmonary Embolism Serena Williams

Tennis star Serena Williams had been spotted at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles several times over the past week -- and now we know why. Williams' rep confirms to People that the 29-year-old athlete "underwent emergency treatment at Cedars for a hematoma she suffered as a result of a more critical situation."

Williams' rep released a statement explaining, "Monday Serena Williams underwent emergency treatment at Cedars for a hematoma she suffered as a result of treatment for a more critical situation."

The statement continues, "Last week, Serena suffered from a pulmonary embolism [a blood clot in the lungs] which was discovered upon her return to L.A. She had been in New York for doctor appointments for the ongoing issues with her foot."

The rep added, "Doctors are continuing to monitor her situation closely to avoid additional complications."
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Whose Real Name is Rachel Oberlin

World, meet Natalie Kenly and Bree Olsen - whose real name is Rachel Oberlin. Charlie Sheen girlfriend are young, blonde, whom he called "goddesses." Sheen said that they are the reason you wake up every day. "They are beautiful my beautiful perfect family," he said. "Not only do I deserve this, but that's for sure."

Sheen, Hugh Hefner called it "amateur", he lived in Kenly and Oberlin. Lord made the rounds of media with Charlie Sheen for the whole week, and Tuesday's "20/20", they sat alone for an interview.

The women explain that the three of them sharing a bed, but it is only because everyone wants to be "edge" of the mattress.

Twenty-four years Kenly is a former model and nanny, who now works as a graphic designer. She was a cheerleader from high school and was arrested for alcohol abuse in Lake Havasu, Arizona, in 2006. Sheen calls his "Natty Baby."

Sheen insists Oberlin "Rachel," although he is best known for her porn name, Bree Olsen. "Natty, and Charlie has a special bond, I have my own connection with Charlie, and then Natty, and I also have a personal relationship," he says. 24-year-old has appeared in over 120 adult films and is equipped with a very adult Twitter.

When it comes to decisions that families make, Sheen says NBC's "The vote of all is just as important, but when we are approaching a crisis, I remember them." Here, I'm 22 years down the road ... my plan is going to be the best in the room. So trust me on this, and everyone wins. everyone wins, and all requirements have been met. "
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Brittany Ashland

While Charlie Sheen is an interview with CNN Monday night, has rejected accusations that they abused women in his past.

"No, women should not be affected. They are being caressed in his arms and, you know?" Sheen said Piers Morgan, after denying he ever hit a woman. "I'm sorry, but there was an incident years ago and everybody thought that I hit. I tried to contain it. My arms and we went to the land ... his initials are BA

Now the celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred, said Sheen comments are "disgusting and despicable."

The Declaration of Radar, Allred says, "[Sheen] without a finding that he was charged in a battery has a seriously detrimental to my client, Brittany Ashland, Penal Code § 243 (d). He became the opposition does not deny the 'charge. No contest has the same effect that the guilt of his crime. "

On CNN, Sheen also waved off the incident on Christmas Day in 2009 when he allegedly injured and threatened to kill wife, Brooke Mueller. He said Morgan, "The scoreboard does not lie. Thing Aspen has been rejected. The judge was like, I get this type of county, it puts too much pressure with him."

Allred response? "For this conviction, he was sentenced by a calculation of the battery of serious injury to one year imprisonment, which was suspended. In addition, he was sentenced to two years' probation, fined $ 1,200, 300 hours of community service and eight counseling sessions. "

The hardest-hitting chunk of Allred's anti-Sheen screed follows:

"I find it revolting and despicable that Charlie Sheen, who was convicted of a crime, should now be attacking his victim and trying to blame her for his crime. Charlie Sheen should look in the mirror and if he is honest with himself he will see a man who was convicted of battering his girlfriend, Brittany Ashland in Malibu, California, and who was also convicted of the crime of assaulting his wife and the mother of his little children, Brooke Mueller, in Aspen, Colorado. While Charlie Sheen appears to be trying to persuade the public that he is a victim, he ignores the true facts that he is the one who has victimized others."
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