Punxsutawney Phil The Groundhog

Punxsutawney Phil cart attribute his longevity to drinking the “elixir of life.” Alas, they are not coming up with the recipe. But if you want to try to follow his diet, here is some recipes vegetarian family.

The whole world is sitting on the edge of our seats awaiting the answer of the annual question “Did Punxsutawney Phil See his shadow?” We’ll all have to wait one more day to find out the answer to that timeless question when Phil takes his annual stroll with dozens of cameras following his every move.

Why do we care of the groundhog sees his shadow?

Apparently if Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow and scampers back into his hold we’re in for another six weeks of winter. If he doesn’t see his shadow and instead relishes his time in the sun, Winter is finished. Hmmmm….. I think the four feet of snow outside the door is a pretty good hint that winter is not quite done yet, but that’s just me.

More often than not Phil gets dragged out of his warm and comfy chamber only to be held up in front of a crowd of people only to run (not walk) back into his hole. I mean what would you do if you were taken out of bed without the chance to primp and given a worldwide photo op? I’d be back in the hole too!

So far Punxsutawney Phil has been on hand to predict the end of winter 114 times dating all the way back to 1887. The bad news, he’s only been right 39% of the time! You’re probably get a better idea of whether winter is about to end by taking a look out the window. Of course, the fun of Groundhog Day is playing the odds and hoping that Punxsutawney Phil predicts an early Spring! He has to be right some of the time.

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Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)

An ice storm has canceled flights and closed the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, the AP reported. Flights between McAllen and Dallas are canceling, All flights have been canceled and Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport announced at about 6:30 am that it has completely closed, except for air travelers already in the airport.

Dallas Love Field is still open, however.

There’s no word yet on when DFW will be re-opened but they hope to have the airport re-opened by 7-8 am, according to Airport representative David Magana.

Runways and terminals are iced over and, although crews were treating those areas with de-icing agents, Magana said high winds and other factors prevented the airport from continuing to de-ice planes.

Before it shut down, hundreds of cancelations had already been issued.

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Rock on The Range 2011

Rock on The Range 2011 held in Columbus, Ohio will be celebrating their 5th year in May with a strong line up.

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Amtrak40 Special Paint in Chicago

On May 1, 2011, Amtrak will celebrate 40 years as America’s Railroad providing vital intercity and high-speed passenger rail service to the nation and offering a critical transportation choice for both urban and rural communities. Preparations are now underway for several activities to commemorate the occasion according to a prepared release.
The first sign of celebration occurred on January 30 in Chicago when the first of four P-42 diesel-electric locomotives with one of four historic paint schemes entered regular revenue service. All four locomotives will be in service by the end of April and operate on trains across the Amtrak national network. As each becomes available for service, Amtrak will issue a Twitter message at twitter.com/Amtrak and post a photo in the Photos tab on its Facebook page at facebook.com/Amtrak. A photo of the first locomotive is now posted.
Among other commemorative activities is a book entitled Amtrak: An American Story. Written with the help of former presidents of Amtrak and current employees among others, the book discusses the railroad’s history and its plans for the future, and contains an employee-generated photo essay of 24-hours in the life of the railroad. In addition, a documentary DVD illustrating the history of Amtrak and its importance to the country is being produced.
Also, a special 40th anniversary “exhibit train” will make its debut at the National Train Day event in Washington, D.C. on May 7, 2011, and then travel across the country for a one-year period. It will have two locomotives with historic paint schemes and use renovated baggage cars to display educational exhibits focusing on each decade of the railroad’s existence with vintage advertising, past menus and dinnerware, period uniforms, photographs, and other items of memorabilia. There will be no charge for the public to tour the exhibit train. Dates and locations of when and where it will travel will be announced soon.
In addition, a special anniversary web site will be launched this spring with historical information about Amtrak, a schedule of celebration activities, a photo archive and video library, and a virtual tour of the exhibit train with a map that will track its journey across the country.
Furthermore, the book and documentary DVD will be available for purchase this spring along with other anniversary merchandise in the retail center aboard the exhibit train and at the Amtrak online store, among other locations.
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Channel 5 Dallas

KXAS Channel 5 reported that 158 flights at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport had been canceled through noon.

While we await a call back concerning a Local TV News Rumor that may be a big nothin', here's a confirmed little something: KXAS-Channel 5's getting a new sports reporter. Actually, says Susan Tully, news director at KXAS, Rontina McCann is "the quintessential I-touch-all-the-product person," meaning that when McCann starts at the NBC owned-and-operated on February 10, she'll write, report, anchor, produce and do most anything else asked of her.

"She's got a great depth of ability," says Tully, confirming this heads-up that McCann's exiting her current gig at a Cincinnati FOX affiliate. "She's been in a very dynamic sports market." Says Tully, McCann's not replacing any one presently on-air at Channel 5, but a producer "whose name you wouldn't know who left for a better opportunity elsewhere."
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