When is The Super Bowl 2011

A trip to the Super Bowl was at stake yesterday, as the Green Bay Packers visited the Chicago Bears in the NFC Championship, and the New York Jets went to Pittsburgh to face the Steelers in the AFC Championship. As you likely already know, the Jets and Bears failed to finish on top, and Super Bowl XLV's teams now have two weeks to prepare for "the big one."

event, and / or one of the founding fathers of the league. While the likes of the Patriots, Cowboys, Colts and the Vikings will not, the game does not lack star power.
NFC Championship game in 2011 was the date and time set for all next Sunday. Now it’s time for predictions for the big battle between the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears NFC for the right to go to the Superbowl!
Wondering what time and channel NFC Championship game is on? Here are the details! ESPN.com reports the date for the big game will be Sunday, January 23, 2011. Game time is scheduled for 15.00 EST with television coverage on FOX. The Packers will play against the Bears at the historic Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois. These two teams have met 181 times on the history of their rivalry is legendary. On Sunday, Brian Urlacher (photo via Wikipedia) and QB Jay Cutler will try to advance with a victory against their rivals.

The key to the Bears’ victory is their intensity defensively. NFL.com a report Wednesday showed that the Bears safety Chris Harris has taken several days off after an injury he suffered against the Seattle Seahawks. Harris has been feeling pain in the hip but noted, “My leg will be cut for me to miss the game next week.” Both Harris and teammate Brian Urlacher was injured making a tackle against the Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch. Urlacher seems to be well after the incident, which is good news for the Bears defense.

With regard to the NFC championship game predictions, a report notes that the chances Gather.com for the match were the Packers -3. With the way Aaron Rodgers plays, many think it is hard to pick against Green Bay. However, the Chicago Bears seems to be in good shape after last week’s victory over Seattle. With home advantage, the Bears avenged their loss to Green Bay earlier in the season en route to another Super Bowl trip!
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Elizabeth Olsen

“It’s called ‘Silent House’,” but the film’s even bigger buzz is around the actress who plays that terrified girl – Elizabeth Olsen – and she is quickly turning into Sundance’s breakout star.

Around this time last year, Elizabeth Olsen was known — if she was know at all — as the younger sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley. She was enrolled in NYU’s theatre program and had been auditioning for Broadway and Off-Broadway plays. But she’d made the conscious decision to avoid the career arc — filled with Hollywood highs and tabloid lows — of her sisters.

Only last January did she begin actively seeking out movie work. Now here she is at the Sundance Film Festival, about to achieve breakout status based on her two new films, “Silent House” and “Martha Marcy May Marlene.” It’s been a long time coming for the 21-year-old, but it was worth the wait if it meant not being exposed to the same spotlight that Mary-Kate and Ashley were as pre-teen stars.

She added: “Everyone in my family is very different from each other, and support one another’s choices.”

It seems that Olsen didn’t really want the path of her more famous twin sisters, who’ve been in the public spotlight since they were babies and on “Full House.” (Ok, am I the only one who finds it funny that Olsen’s first film to be seen is “Silent House”?)

Filmmakers Chris Kentis and Laura Lau - who shot the single camera thriller "Open Water" a few years back - shot “Silent House” in 5 weeks in New Rochelle, based on a Uruguayan movie of the same name. It was technically very challenging, since every shot was long and involved a long list of production staff and actors working together and correctly to maintain the shot.
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Eco Raw Chef Bryan Au 'Million Dollar Listing'

I had so much fun and truly love my role in the upcoming 4th Season of the very popular Million Dollar Listing TV Show series on the Bravo Channel which starts to air this February Nationwide. I am very excited about it because I was invited as a guest star as the Tai Chi Master! Yes I practice Tai Chi and Yoga so was chosen for my real life abilities as well.

Tai Chi is a very positive healthy contribution to the world and a positive aspect of Asian Culture. Often times in the modern media you only see or hear the most negative Asian news which furthers stereotypes or media images of Asians in general. This creates a negative social and economic image in people's minds that affects our lives, limits our mainstream opportunities and success in the World.

At the same time it is also up to Asians to assimilate more into American Culture and not block themselves off from mainstream culture, social circles or values generally speaking so it is a two way street. If we want more mainstream representation, mainstream opportunities then Asian Americans should also become more American and incorporate the best of both worlds where East meets West.

In every country, ethnicity, race and culture all share both very positive contributions and also very negative bad mistakes. But I have noticed that in the media a lot of focus is put on Asians and all I am saying and asking for is successful positive stories, roles, events and contributions that Asians actually do everyday! For example did you know that a Vietnamese American was one of the head designers of the very popular new Ford Mustang? A Iconic American Sports car that is a top seller was redesigned and modernized by a Asian American.

Yahoo was created by a Asian American and that helped to increase communications, positive use and news on the internet. We do so much and contribute so much to society and the world and it just saddens me that the media does not really promote or share the good things that we do. I am asking for balance and representation.

Other ethnicities have the NAACP to protect them and Media Watch Groups, Asian Americans do not have this and I wish we did. I think because of that the media is allowed to focus in on the bad things that happen or occurs without having to promote the positive, healthy or good things that we do. Also being Asian is a interesting experience.

Unless you are Asian you may not understand or feel what I am trying to explain, describe or talk about. Asians are pretty much the last "minority" or ethnic group to be accepted into Popular Mainstream Society, Pop Culture or the World. Even though we have amazing food, films, contributions, culture, inventions we are still today often seen as weird, nerds, killers, gangsters, sweat shop workers, evil dictators. Although these roles do exist in real life and in movies, tv and film it is necessary to have the good vs. evil drama or script. All I am saying is can we have more interesting Asian characters, roles, news topics and positive stories to balance things out? Other groups have this luxury and we do not yet.

Also being Asian is a unique experience. Often times you don't wake up or walk around saying to yourself "I am Asian! I am Asian!" You pretty much wake up, get ready, go about your business or day doing what you do as a person. I don't even think about my ethnicity or looks that much until it comes up for a casting call or unless someone talks about "Asians." I am not in denial of the fact that I was born Asian or have a Asian heritage and looks but I just don't really think about it all that much on a daily level. And you don't hear Asians talking about this.

Yet at the same time I have a strong interest in promoting positive Asian success stories, roles, news, culture, our contributions to society and the world so it is very ironic at the same time that I have both views if you think about it. Also Asians have to often times experience being grouped together all of a sudden when something very negative happens in the news or media all of a sudden all Asians are the same or in one lumped group although we come from different countries or cultures. Even if it happens in a different country, different Asian society or culture for some reason or another all Asians are made to feel somehow connected to or responsible for something that we are not when it is negative or bad. It is a very strange thing that again no one ever really talks about or writes about yet happens often to Asian Americans.

Some examples can be about dictators, human rights violations, whale hunting, bad toxic products. These things are wrong and awful yes but not all Asians do it or are responsible or have anything to do with it but just by watching the media or news you may get the impression or idea in your mind that this is the case when it is not. Besides that many other countries and ethnic groups also engage in the same activities but the media for some reason does not focus or zoom in on it as much as they do with Asians I have noticed this fact and wonder why this is happening but people have to figure out the answers and reasons for themselves. There are different theories floating around like how people love to get our dollars while at the same time keeping us suppressed socially and economically and restricting our mainstream opportunities.

We are the last ethnic group to achieve mainstream acceptance. And often times we are partly to blame by not being that cohesive as a ethnic group or supporting our own fellow actors or their projects. I am not here to point fingers, blame or stir up problems I appreciate and love Hollywood and I would like to create more awareness, positive change, improvements and that can only be done with more honest open communications and discussions on this very topic. I often wonder why we do not have a Asian Version of the NAACP or something as powerful? I think this is a reflection of how scattered we are and we were able to come together and be more community oriented and supportive in a positive way then all Asian Americans would have so much more success, mainstream opportunities socially and economically in good ways that benefits everyone.

But like Ghandi says "Be the change that you want to see in the World" so for me I choose to promote healthy, positive and good roles, activities, events, recipes, eco green products and more because I enjoy that and believe in it but I also would like the World to see that most normal Asian Americans are very nice, loving, caring regular people that contribute positive things to the World to benefit from and I just would like to see more balance in the media and in Hollywood.

I am not here to complain or whine about things I take action in a positive direction. I believe if we all do this there will be so much more positive stories to report about that we can actually get a more accurate and balanced media image, roles in Hollywood, portrayals and a more positive Media Image. This in turn I believe will open up more mainstream opportunities, roles, expand our access to acceptance and success like everyone else has been able to achieve.

For me personally I just try to have fun, promote healthy recipes and products for people to enjoy in a beneficial healthy good ways. I take acting jobs and roles that helps me to do this or allows me to promote those messages or creates positive media images too. I just happen to be Asian but my goal in life is not to be the Asian Champion or anything, I am just a regular ordinary loving, caring, healing person that happens to be Asian and so I think that is my main message and I would like to see more balance in the media of how are are promoted or portrayed. I am very thankful that things are opening for us and that roles are expanding I do see more doors opening up everyday.

Why do you feel your character breaks the Asian stereotypical character mold?

So my role as the Tai Chi Master is one way that I can help open doors, opportunities and also create more health and harmony for people to benefit from while promoting a more positive Asian Media Image. Tai Chi is a very healthy exercise it looks easy but believe me it is not! It is probably one of the most challenging things you will ever do or try and is very physical too. That is what attracted me to it in the first place. I try my best to be healthy, keep in shape and Tai Chi is very gentle too so you can't get injured and you won't shock your body like other sports or activities.

Although it looks slow and easy or you will see the elderly or senior citizens practice Tai Chi in the park somewhere, until you try it yourself you have no idea how challenging or physically demanding it really is! You can quickly become sore or use muscles that you didn't even know you had or never even used before (laughs). So don't think it is easy. But like anything else that you do, you will become very good at it in time and better with practice. It is a ancient art form and originally was a deadly lethal Martial Art and form of Kung Fu but they disguised it as a very slow Dance or Tai Chi so that no one would know that the Tai Chi Practitioners were actually practicing and perfecting a very deadly form of Martial Arts!

In Ancient times Monks and Villagers had to defend themselves from bandits and so they used Tai Chi to not only condition themselves but to actually learn Kung Fu moves. When done slowly you can really focus on your breath, release energies, flow and concentrate more. It is a lot like Yoga only more flowing but the benefits are similar. If you were to fast forward or speed up the actual Tai Chi Movements and Routines they are actually one of the most lethal and deadly movements available in Martial Arts. But when done slowly with healthy positive intentions it provide relief from stress, is good exercise with lots of hidden benefits.

When I taught the starring Actors, Actresses and the crew on Million Dollar Listing for many it was their first time trying it and they loved it! They asked me if I taught private classes and the answer is yes. They told me they felt so good, very clear, energized, rejuvenated or that it put them in the flow and relieved them of stress or tension instantly. I was so happy because that is the whole point of practicing Tai Chi. They really enjoyed my guest appearance but it was a special treat for me to meet them and teach them as well because I love watching their TV Show.

Everyone likes to see nice mansions and the TV Show gives you a behind the scenes look of what Realtors do to sell them but the popular TV Show now in its 4th season on the Bravo Channel takes it further by revealing their personal and private lives as well. Many fans of the show admit they enjoy the drama, relationships and inside look into the realtor's lives. I got a lot of satisfaction for being on a TV Show that I watch and enjoy and was able to share something healthy and fun with the cast and crew and with their fans as well. I always try to promote and add more health and harmony to our world because it always expands to more positive beneficial effects for everyone to enjoy.

What are your future roles you would like to act in?
The roles that I would like to play in the future are futuristic roles! (Laughs) I recently filmed a futuristic Music Video with The Neon Trees and this was such a special treat for me as well because I love their music and this band too! I think that I am very lucky to get to meet people, actors, singers, industry people that I look up to, appreciate and enjoy. It is magical and fun to get to meet people that you admire. They are always very nice, talented, gifted and there is something you can learn from them too. You can see the new The Neon Trees Music Video soon on MTV and on YouTube.com after they finish editing it soon. We just filmed it yesterday. It can take a few weeks or months usually for it to be completed with editing and everything.

But I am always open to any good role really as long as it is positive and not stereotypical. I have friends that do negative or stereotypical Asian roles and that is there thing, they are happy to be working actors, and I don't judge them on their choices so I do want to share that fact. In the movies and on TV there always has to be a good guy and bad guy, a chase seen, a struggle, drama that is what makes for good tv, movies or entertainment it is a necessary component of Hollywood and acting. But for me I try to further the more positive roles or new ones so that we can expand and open more doors to more opportunities together.

I am not sure when my guest starring episode of Million Dollar Listing will actually air on the Bravo Channel. I just recently saw advertisements of it on the Bravo Channel as I was watching TOP CHEF one of my favorite TV Shows! So I was excited to see one of the main characters wearing the Tai Chi Uniform from the Episode I was in! I was not in the commercial since it featured the main actors. But the director and producers promised to let me know when they find out when my episode airs.

They were so nice and they said they were really happy to meet me and have me on the TV Show they really enjoyed my Tai Chi routine I added humor to it and added a Realtor Twist to it so it is really humorous and funny. I really appreciate it when the producers or directors allow me to improv or be creative because I can come up with some really great material, comedy, or acting when I have that creative freedom.

But I would recommend that viewers please check your local listings or just watch each episode of Million Dollar Listing as it is a excellent reality TV Show it is actually considered to be a Reality TV SHOW because it is not scripted and they actually film things as they happen! Most people do not realize this but it is true I was there so I saw it myself. They have a very strong dedicated fanbase so I know fans will love my episode and I hope they will learn and try something new, beneficial and healthy which is Tai Chi.

What are your future projects?

I have many new projects! From 3 of my OWN TV SHOWS SERIES based on my recipes, new recipe book, my own Major Documentary Movie again about my recipes and new recipe book but how the Raw Organic Recipes I have invented will literally solve the Obesity, Cancer, Diabetes Epidemic we face nationwide in schools and in the World today. People in general don't think about what they are eating and that is why we have these serious health problems and epidemic. Only my new recipes and by eating more raw organic fresh fruit and vegetables to their daily diet can they get amazing results, energy, health and anti-age each day.

My recipes are so delicious, fast, fun and easy to make but they really work instantly too even after the very first bite you will understand and realize why millions of people love my raw organic recipes, foods, snacks and desserts! It also happens to be a major Hollywood "Secret" it is their health and beauty "Secret" but they never revealed or shared it because they didn't think their fans would understand or accept it.

But RAW is so popular now that people admit that it works and is part of their diet. Because it is so new to people they will either: ignore it, not be interested, not try it, or they will be interested, fascinated, embrace and benefit from it. The obstacles is the words RAW, Vegan, Organic. When people think of RAW they think: sushi, salads, carrot sticks, rabbit food. But my 200+ totally new recipes and techniques are literally the most delicious, healthy, gourmet and amazing possible! Because it is not cooked you get all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals and benefits from your food that you would normally be destroying during cooking. So you are really actually stretching your dollars and saving your health, saving money, saving your community, saving the environment and the World in the most fun, fashionable and delicious ways possible with my recipes you can! My new motto is "Save Everything!" people love that.

You can see personal testimonials of how RAW works for Donna Karan she says she eats everything and is not vegan or vegetarian but she loves Raw Organic Vegan food because it makes her look and feel so good she is so smart and I tell people the same exact thing you do not have to be vegetarian or vegan to enjoy, try or benefit from Raw Organic Vegan foods! You only have to add more of it and enjoy it in what ways you like. Once you try a raw organic vegan dessert I promise you that you will love it and want more! I know people will go further with it. But because for a lot of people it is so new it is my job to get people to please just try it, sample it, you will see right away how amazing it is but the #1 reason is taste and flavor it is so delicious and the health benefits is out of this world.

I was able to make it literally the next Major Food Trend and Diet for 2011! You will literally see this happen very quickly and you can get my new gorgeous 200+ page full color glossy recipe book on sale from my website for only $15 Autographed and signed with a fun personal message from me to you.

On Amazon.com, Borders, Barnes and Noble it will be $27 without the autograph and fun signed message! All the photos are so beautiful and people will love my new recipe book it too will be an instant best seller but for me I will be so happy to know that you will literally be getting and enjoying the best most healthy recipes and food on the Planet. Yet it looks and tastes even BETTER than all your favorite recipes, international menu, fast food, junk foods, desserts and more. I have a Raw Organic Vegan version for every recipe that you enjoy.

Doctors tell us to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables everyday to be happy and healthy well with my recipes there are no worries because they are all fresh fruits and vegetables! So even if you are a big meat eater, omnivore, vegetarian, vegan, already a raw foodists, there is something for everyone in my new recipe book and it is for all ages too: for kids it is the most easy and safest recipes for them to make because there is no fire or cooking, teenagers that want junk food but get to enjoy the most healthy food, college students that want to save time and money or bring food to a potluck party, adults, singles, families that want to save money or eat more healthy organic foods, seniors all love my recipes!

My recipes, book and me are in many TV Shows, Magazines, Newspapers, radios shows, websites, blogs and more nationwide and Worldwide but you will see everywhere soon in fun and sometimes funny ways. My recipes are so good that I get invited on TV Shows, music videos and more so I hope you will join in the Raw Organic healthy Adventure a whole new gourmet world and journey into Super Foods and super healthy is waiting for you to discover! I am here to help you become happy and healthy and reach the next level. Once you try my raw organic food you will be so surprised at how much better you look and feel it is truly a wonderful new level of well being.
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Tori Black to star in Wonder Woman XXX parody

Adult film star Tori Black pulled off a superheroic feat in 2010, winning Female Performer of the Year at at the 2010 XBIZ Awards, 2010 X-Rated Critics Organization XRCO Awards, and 2010 Fans of Adult Media Entertainment (F.A.M.E.) Awards. Next up: She's starring as Wonder Woman in a new porn parody from Mile High Media's Hardcore Parody studio.

The film, directed by Ashlynn Brooke, will also feature Carolyn Reese, Mikey Butders, Diamond Foxxx, Bill Bailey, Anthony Rosano, Gracie, and Ralph Long.

Via XBIZ.com:

Brooke said, “Tori epitomizes everything about today’s Wonder Woman. She's a gorgeous, leggy, strong, independent woman and a true superhero in our industry. Having her as the star of our film will drive sales and interest worldwide.”

Wonder Woman XXX: A Hardcore Parody follows the success of Batman: A XXX Parody from Vivid Entertainment and director Axel Braun. Vivid has a December release scheduled for Superman: A XXX Parody and this month announced that it has begun production on The Incredible Hulk: A XXX Parody. Vivid's new Superhero XXX label has also announced plans for a Wonder Woman parody, along with forthcoming parodies of The Green Hornet, Spider-Man, Captain America, and Thor: Apparently there's a lot of crossover between the comic book crowd and consumers of adult entertainment!

Here's more on the Wonder Woman XXX plot, such as it is, Via HardcoreParody.com:

The Iraqi government has once again penetrated US soil and has sent their top spy to infiltrate America's most lucrative business, the Porn Industry. Through the help of a sultry US informant, the Iraqi spy has gained access to California's biggest porn production sets in order to steal their secrets and bring them back home. There is only one person that can stop the Iraqi insurgence. There is only one person who can make a man crumble to his knees and beg for mercy, Wonder Woman.

Will the Iraqi spy succeed in his mission to rip off America's beloved porn or will he succumb to the wealth and riches of the most sought after pussy on the planet? Will Wonder Woman save the day or are her powers futile against the terrorist attacks of the Iraqi infidels?
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November 21: Tropics, Record Temps, Storms, Snow, & Floods

Meteorological events that happened on November 21st:


A 4-day storm was in progress in the northeastern U.S. The storm dropped 12 to 18 inches of snow on New York City and New Haven, CT, and as much as 3 feet in Maine and New Hampshire. The snowstorm ushered in a long and severe winter, in some places the ground remained covered with snow until the following May.


An intense blizzard levels nearly a third of Maritime Telegraph and Telephone Company's utility poles, cutting off Cape Breton, Nova Scotia Canada


Boston, MA. ended their longest period with no precipitation at 44 days.


Excessive rains in southern California caused the most severe flooding and the most damaging mudslides since 1934. Downtown Los Angeles received 7.94 inches of rain, and 14 inches fell in the mountains.


Arctic high pressure with an upper level trough brought record cold from the northern Rockies to the Pacific Northwest. Record low temperatures for the date included: Hardin, MT: -30°, Bozeman, MT: -27°, Broadus, MT: -26°, Boulder, MT: -25°, Butte, MT: -24°, Columbus/Hysham, MT: -23°, Wisdom, MT: -21°, Roundup, MT: -20°, Grass Range, MT: -20°, Billings, MT: -18° (high was only 5 above), Sheridan, WY: -17°, Miles City, MT: -17°, Kalispell, MT: -17°, Lander, WY: -14°: Tied, Rapid City, SD: -7°, Yakima, WA: 6°, Salt Lake City, UT: 7°, Olympia, WA: 11°and Seattle, WA: 21°.

In contrast, Brownsville, TX set a record high with 89°.


The Upper Plains was hit with heavy snow through the 22nd as the storm raced northeast into Canada. Snowfall totals were in the 6 to 13 inch range with generally lesser amounts across northwest Iowa and southwest Minnesota. Sioux Falls, SD reported the highest storm total at 13 inches. Sioux Falls' 24-hour total through the 22nd of 11.8 inches is the heaviest 24-hour snow total in the month of November on record for the city. Moderate winds of 20 to 35 mph made travel difficult at times, but nowhere near as bad as a classic Dakota ground blizzard. Across the Rockies, some storm totals included: Wheatland, WY: 30 inches, Cheyenne, WY: 25.6 inches, Kimball, NE: 17 inches and 12.8 inches at Scottsbluff, NE.

On the west coast, Quillayute, WA set a record high with 60°.


The United Kingdom's largest tornado outbreak occurred. 150 tornadoes broke out over England and Wales in just over five hours. Most of the tornadoes were very weak.


Over 4 inches of rain fell in less than 4 hours making for a wet Thanksgiving at Palm Beach, FL. Extensive street and urban flooding occurred.

A few record lows were set from the Upper Lakes to the Mid-Atlantic including: Marquette, MI: -4°, Wilmington, DE: 19°, Jackson, KY: 20° and Wallops Island, VA: 22°.


Hurricane Kate made landfall during the evening hours near Mexico Beach, FL with sustained winds near 95 mph. Wind gusts to 100 mph were reported at Cape San Blas, FL. This was the 6th land falling storm in the U.S. that year, a record and it was the latest and strongest known hurricane to hit the U.S.

Eight cities from the central Plains to the Pacific Northwest reported record low temperatures for the date including: Valentine, MT: -17°, Burns, OR: -9°, Boise, ID: -2°, Yakima, WA: 0°, Lincoln, NE: 3°-Tied, Quillayute, WA: 20°-Tied, Seattle, WA: 21°-Tied and Astoria, OR: 25°.


Squalls in the Lower Great Lakes Region and the Upper Ohio Valley produced 14 inches of snow at Snowshoe, WV, and nearly 8 inches at Syracuse, NY.

Many cities in the eastern U.S. reported record low temperatures for the date including: Binghamton, NY: 8°, Houghton Lake, MI: 8°-Tied, Syracuse, NY: 9°, Worcester, MA: 10°, Milton, MA: 11°, Hartford, CT: 13°, Grand Rapids, MI: 14°, Avoca, PA: 14°-Tied, Providence, RI: 16°, Newark, NJ: 18°, Islip, NY: 18°, Bridgeport, CT: 18°, New York (Kennedy Airport), NY: 19°, Muskegon, MI: 19°-Tied, New York (LaGuardia Airport), PA: 20°, Jackson, KY: 20°-Tied and Pinson, AL: 21°.

Gale force winds lashed the Middle and Northern Atlantic Coast, and the strong northwesterly winds produced wind chill readings as cold as -30°. Winds gusting to 60 mph at Trumansburg, NY toppled a chimney onto a nearby truck.

Most of the buildings on the island of Chuuk in the Western Pacific were destroyed by an unusual tropical storm. Unusual in that tropical cyclones rarely are so intense that close to the equator.


High winds accompanied rain and snow in the northeastern U.S. Caribou, ME received 8 inches of snow in 6 hours, and Fort Kent, ME was blanketed with a total of 14 inches of snow.


The storm which produced thunderstorms and high winds in the northeastern U.S. the previous day, produced snow and high winds in New England, with blizzard conditions reported in Maine. Winds gusted to 58 mph at Augusta, ME and reached 55 mph at Boston, MA. Hurricane force winds were reported off the coast of Maine. Snowfall totals ranged up to 18 inches at Vanceboro, ME, with 17 inches at South Lincoln, VT. There were 35 storm related injuries in Maine.

Several cities from Texas to the Rockies reported record high temperatures for the date including: San Angelo, TX: 85°, Midland-Odessa, TX: 81°-Tied, Colorado Springs, CO: 73°, Redding, CA: 70°, Reno, NV: 66°, Cheyenne, WY: 65°, Lander, WY: 62°-Tied, Alamosa, CO: 61°and Casper, WY: 61°.


The November 21st – 23rd tornado outbreak was the 3rd largest outbreak in recorded history and one of the longest continuous outbreaks ever recorded. There was no break in tornado activity from 1:30 pm on the 21st when the tornadoes started in Texas until 7:30am on the 23rd, when the last tornadoes lifted in North Carolina. On this date, severe thunderstorms spawned 6 tornadoes within 70 minutes in the Houston metro area in Texas. At one time, there were three on the ground in Harris County. The strongest, an F4, tracked 20 miles through the eastern suburbs of Houston destroying 200 homes and damaging 1,000 more. In total, 23 tornadoes struck Mississippi and Alabama. An F4 tornado killed 12 people on a 128-mile track through 7 Mississippi counties. The deadliest tornado of 1992, an F4 tornado killed 12 people on a 128 mile track through 7 counties in Mississippi, one of the bodies was blown a quarter mile into a tree.


Brutal cold invaded Montana bringing record low temperatures for the date including: Havre, MT: -27°, Shelby, MT: -25°, Cut Bank, MT: -23°, Del Bonita, MT: -22° and Stanford, MT: -18°.

In contrast, Corpus Christi, TX set a record high with 91°.


Forests across the east became tinderboxes, with up to 60,000 acres burned in the Appalachians. Moist air from the Pacific shifted farther north than usual, leaving the South and Southwest drier and warmer than normal. Crawfish farmers in Louisiana were feeling the effect as their ponds were drying up. Hunters also reported that waterfowl were bypassing dry central Louisiana in favor of coastal areas.

In contrast, the first significant snow of the season struck the Colorado Rockies. Snowfall totals included: Bailey, CO: 16 inches, Evergreen, CO: 13 inches, North Turkey Creek, Genesee, Morrison and Sedalia, CO: 12 inches, Conifer and Evergreen, CO: 11 inches, Louisville, CO: 10 inches, Brighton, Broomfield and Denver, CO: 9 inches and Arvada, Castle Rock and Eldorado Springs, CO with 8 inches.

A few cities in Texas reported record high temperatures for the date including: Houston, TX: 84°, Austin (Bergstrom), TX: 83° and Galveston, TX: 83°.


A blinding snowstorm buried Vladivostok, Russia with as much as 5 feet of snow shutting everything down.


An upper level ridge brought warm temperatures from the Rockies to the West Coast. Fresno reached a high of 81°, tying a record high and their latest 80 degree or better high temperature on record with the same date in 1926. Other record highs for the date included: Santa Ana, CA: 90°, Los Angeles (LAX), CA: 87°, Hanford, CA: 77°, Idyllwild, CA: 76°, Redding, CA: 73°, Sacramento, CA: 71°, Cut Bank, MT: 67°, Choteau, MT: 66°, Shelby, MT: 64°, Mile City, MT: 60°, Spokane, WA: 56° and Pocatello, ID: 55°-Tied.


On this date through the 22nd, up to 3 feet of snow blanketed Southern California's San Gabriel and San Bernardino mountains east of Los Angeles. Nearby desert areas were also whitened.

Gusty Mono Winds blew across the southern Sierra with gusts clocked as high as 93 mph. Numerous trees blew down near El Portal and Foresta and property damage occurred in Oakhurst and Ponderosa Basin.


Waist-deep snow and treacherous driving conditions at Strathroy, Ontario Canada stranded dozens of motorists who are forced to hunker down for a night on the road. Between 20 and 28 inches of snow blew in off Lake Huron burying cars. The local squall generated 12 hours of whiteouts and drifts over three feet high.

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