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Seattle Weather Condition

Seattle Weather Condition
Seattle Weather Condition
Oregon is rising today to a cover of snow. It won't be a history snow for the town -- but it's a "whole other story" for the free airline inside of Oregon condition, where 10 to 20 more in. of snow are required.

The lower two-thirds of american Oregon are under a cold climate caution, said Dustin Guy, a meteorologist at the Nationwide Weather Assistance in Oregon. The area already has had nearly a base of snow in the last six time, he said.

"Getting over a base of snow anywhere american of the Stream Mountains" is uncommon, Guy said in an appointment, and "travel will be quite challenging. ... Lesser areas likely will not see streets plowed soon."

"Seattle itself, we've only got 1 to 2 in. so far," he said. "We'll get more throughout the day and mid-day. We're pregnant a complete of 3 to 6."

For a "top 10" snow, Oregon would have to get 7 in. in a 24-hour interval, he said. Although the present climate is "'still a considerable snow occurrence," it's not likely one for the history guides.

It's a "heavy snow event" for the Stream Mountain ranges too, Guy said.

"We see cold climate safety measures for the lake quite regularly ... but this is not the common thing we see," he said. From 1 1/2 to 3 toes of snow are estimated.

Relief should appear Friday, the meteorologist said, with water and a slow warm-up throughout the day and into the night time. Then, there will be "a big slushy chaos for quite a while."
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Snow Day Calculator

Predict whether or not you're bound to have a snow day based on the forecast, school, news hype, and administration.

What is the snow day calculator? With heavy snow forecast in the midwest, children and parents who may be looking to find out if there is a no school snow day tomorrow have forced this popular prediction tool to the top of the Google trends on January 31.

David Sukhin was in sixth grade when he developed an algorithm to predict when his school would make the announcement that there would be no school due to a snowstorm. reports that David is now in 11th grade but his calculator is still predicting snow days accurately with no failures.

What is Sukhin's secret behind his snow day calculator? He's not leaking the full details, but did inform WBUR that it is a combination of information from, school district strictness and how much effort is put into snow removal in the area.

Will your child's school have a snow day tomorrow? Even without a snow day calculator, It looks possible in many areas of the midwest with a blizzard watch issued by the National Weather Service for Tuesday, February 1. The Northeast won't escape a storm either, with heavy snow and ice expect over the next few days.

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