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National Weather Service said Boston could get snow

National Weather Service said Boston could get snow
Feb 7 (Reuters) - New Britain prepared on Friday for a possibly record-setting cold climate, with predictions of up to 2 feet (60 cm) of snow already causing airways to terminate thousands of routes and programs to prepare for power failures.

The climate was ruining in from the Area where it began losing snow on the Chi town area on Friday mid-day. It was due to bring mild snow to the East U. s. Declares on Fun before ramping up to blizzard conditions by mid-day.

In Birkenstock boston ma, which was predicted to see some of the biggest snow, Gran Johnson Menino requested the town's educational institutions to close on Sunday and advised businesses to consider allowing staff to work, to prevent individuals getting trapped.

"We are sturdy New Englanders, let me tell you, and used to these types of stormy weather. But I also want to emphasize everyone to use good sense and remain off the roads of our town. Basically, work," Menino told correspondents. "Stay put after noontime the next day."

City authorities up and down the northeastern U. s. Declares were expecting for the elements, preparing fleets of plows and sodium pickups to keep roads clear, while airport authorities advised tourists to try to reschedule routes ahead of the elements.

The Nationwide Weather Assistance said Birkenstock boston ma could get 18 to 24 inches wide of snow (45 to 60 cm) on Sunday and Sunday, its first heavy snow in two years. Light snow is predicted to begin dropping around 7 a.m. EST (1200 GMT) on Sunday, with bulkier snow and gusts of wind gusting as high as 60 to 75 mph (95 to 120 km per hour) as the day moves along.

"It's manufactured rush-hour period of time into the evening and instantaneously when the size of the elements will be," said Kim Buttrick, a meteorologist at the Nationwide Weather Assistance in Taunton, Boston.

Cities from Hartford, Burglary, to Beaverton, Maine, predicted to see at least a foot of snow.

Airlines have already canceled more than 2,200 flights planned for Friday, according to the website, with the largest number of cancellations at airports in Newark, New York, Chicago andBoston.

Nearly 500 flights have been canceled for Saturday, according to the flight-tracking site.

Officials at airports across the region warned travelers to expect more delays and cancellations on Friday.
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National Weather Service New Programs

As the Area helps for the first big stormy weather of the period, the national weather service is going to new programs to create sure people identify how serious the risk might be.

National Climate Assistance (NWS) forecasters in Satisfying Mountain are reducing in for a lengthy evening.

One forecaster said, "Right now the measures is around here."

Action that's allowing them to analyze out new notifies that depart no question about how serious a weather may be.

NWS Caution Control Meteorologist Andrew Bailey provided an example: "Entire local communities could be destroyed, heirs may not identify the surroundings when they appear from their offers."

That type of powerful terminology will be set aside for the most serious stormy weather.

"When they listen to this threatening warning, probably advice they will only listen to once or twice in their lifestyle, they'll know this is not a common warning," said Bailey.

The concept came up after the harmful Joplin storm, when the Climate Assistance discovered it took seven or eight different notifies for weather-weary Midwesterners to actually search for refuge.

"What we're really trying to do with this more precise warning is hopefully help brief routine that procedure a little bit and in those truly risky stormy weather get them to leap forward a number of actions and identify this is genuine," said Bailey.

Forecasters say this weather range doesn't appear to be forming up like Joplin, still the alerts out Sunday had a crisper chew to them.

"The warning says this is a very risky weather," said Bailey, examining off one example.

The notifies all now specify the storm's effect. One protecting a "large and incredibly risky tornado" seen around 6 p.m. Sunday, said the weather could cause "complete destruction" on its direction through main Might.

"The greatest factor is strategy now, create sure your refuge hasn't been messy up over the winter, create sure you've got a position to search for refuge, create sure you have a way to obtain the alerts especially instantaneously," said Bailey.

And when you listen to it, believe it.

Bailey says instantaneously stormy weather can be the most risky, and that's a probability for Sunday evening, so he says create sure you have a program in position that can awaken you up.

The Climate Assistance will be monitoring the reaction to the new notifies and changing to create sure people are getting them seriously.
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Aep (american electric power) Ohio

AEP Ohio said it continues to monitor the winter storm that is advancing on Ohio. The company expects more than 470 line workers and 120 damage assessors from eight southern states to travel to Ohio Tuesday in preparation for potential power outages due to accumulating ice and increasingly high winds.

In an effort to increase consumer awareness and encourage the purchase of ENERGY STAR products, AEP Ohio is offering mail-in rebates as a way of reducing the price of ENERGY STAR qualified products to their customers.

"During the first quarter of 2011, we are offering a $50 mail-in rebate to AEP Ohio residential customers who purchase an ENERGY STAR clothes washer," said Jon Williams, AEP Ohio manager energy efficiency and peak demand response. "By replacing older or inefficient products with ENERGY STAR qualified products, consumers reduce energy use, save money and help reduce pollution. ENERGY STAR clothes washers also use less water thus helping to preserve this vital resource."

The rebate is good for purchases made January 1, 2011 through April 30, 2011. A clothes washer rebate form must be completed and mailed in no later than May 15, 2011. Rebate forms can be obtained at participating retailers or on-line at In order to take advantage of this opportunity, an individual must be a current AEP Ohio residential service customer.

The AEP Ohio Residential ENERGY STAR Appliance Program is part of the gridSMART initiative offered by the utility to help residential and commercial customers use less energy, manage their bills and protect the environment. For more information about AEP Ohio's energy efficiency programs, visit
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Chicago Blizzard 2011

Wrigley Field has lost some of its rooftop but we wanted to give you a link to the LIVE WRIGLEY WEBCAM see the plaza in front of Wrigley Field so you can watch the webcam from whereveer your lcoation adn watch the craziness that is the blizzard of 2011

The gusts of snow that hit in the early Tuesday, shutting down Chicago airports, forcing a rare closing of Chicago public schools and emptying the city by evening. The Chicago blizzard will continue piercing gust of snow in the area until Wednesday morning. In its icy wake will be as much as 20 inches or projected of 2 feet of snow, maybe more by Wednesday, according to the National Weather Service.

Breaking! Chicago Wrigley Field roof panels blew-off! Chicago blizzard unleashed it's fury right at the old roof panels of Chicago Cubs home Wrigley Field. A portion of a structural panel above the press box at Wrigley Field "broke away" during Tuesday's snow storm and scattered debris outside the ball park, officials said.

As you can see Twitter photo above, Chicago police cordoned off parts of Addison and Clark Streets and sidewalks around the park, while Chicago Cubs officials worked with the city to monitor the situation. Cubs baseball will be two-three months from now but seems Cubs officials busy season will start right now. Cubs spokesman Peter Chase said, will ensure there weren't any public safety issues.

And the worst is yet to come. Between 9 p.m. today and 5 a.m. Wednesday, the snowfall rate could be 3 to 4 inches per hour. But the real hazard was the wind, which was gusting at 40-50 mph.

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Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)

An ice storm has canceled flights and closed the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, the AP reported. Flights between McAllen and Dallas are canceling, All flights have been canceled and Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport announced at about 6:30 am that it has completely closed, except for air travelers already in the airport.

Dallas Love Field is still open, however.

There’s no word yet on when DFW will be re-opened but they hope to have the airport re-opened by 7-8 am, according to Airport representative David Magana.

Runways and terminals are iced over and, although crews were treating those areas with de-icing agents, Magana said high winds and other factors prevented the airport from continuing to de-ice planes.

Before it shut down, hundreds of cancelations had already been issued.

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Rock on The Range 2011

Rock on The Range 2011 held in Columbus, Ohio will be celebrating their 5th year in May with a strong line up.

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Snow Day Calculator

Predict whether or not you're bound to have a snow day based on the forecast, school, news hype, and administration.

What is the snow day calculator? With heavy snow forecast in the midwest, children and parents who may be looking to find out if there is a no school snow day tomorrow have forced this popular prediction tool to the top of the Google trends on January 31.

David Sukhin was in sixth grade when he developed an algorithm to predict when his school would make the announcement that there would be no school due to a snowstorm. reports that David is now in 11th grade but his calculator is still predicting snow days accurately with no failures.

What is Sukhin's secret behind his snow day calculator? He's not leaking the full details, but did inform WBUR that it is a combination of information from, school district strictness and how much effort is put into snow removal in the area.

Will your child's school have a snow day tomorrow? Even without a snow day calculator, It looks possible in many areas of the midwest with a blizzard watch issued by the National Weather Service for Tuesday, February 1. The Northeast won't escape a storm either, with heavy snow and ice expect over the next few days.

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