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Santa Tracker System

Santa Tracker System
It’s Xmas Eve! Santa has started his journey to bring provides to all the good kids around the world. Because of innovative monitoring technological innovation, you can watch Santa’s success right from the internet.

Google Maps’ Santa Tracking system is a fun way to see where Santa is right now. It reveals where Santa is advancing and what his next stop will be. It also reveals cartoon images. When Santa is journeying, you see a photo of the sleigh on the map. Once Santa prevents, you get to see an cartoon image of him placing the provides down the fireplace or under the shrub.

Santa Tracking system also reveals how many provides have been provided as well as Santa’s current position. One of the position up-dates has Santa saying, “Ho Ho Ho! My preferred day of the year!” The page is very vibrant so using Google Map’s Santa Tracker is a great way for you and your kids to see where Santa is in the world.
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Microsoft is the headline NORAD teams

Who is that known as ping on the mouth screen? Must be Santa claus Claus.

The Northern United states Aerospace Protection Control, better known as NORAD, is shooting up its Santa claus monitoring system again this season to keep a record of the jolly old elf’s direction around the planet.

Tracking Santa claus has been a custom since 1955, when a misprinted ad provided the get in touch with number for what was then known as CONAD as the information for a Santa claus hotline. The home at the time, Air Power Col. John Shoup, instructed those on responsibility to give Santa’s place on the mouth to any kid who known as. The custom has ongoing ever since.

This season, NORAD desires more than 1,500 volunteers to help with the attempt, said Deep blue blue Capt. Mark Davis, NORAD’s home of community matters. Volunteers take two-hour changes, and the command depends on relationships to offer the all-day assistance without using tax payer money.

NORAD, of course, keeps up its regular functions during its Santa claus observe. It is able to home those volunteers in a individual, non-classified assistance on its platform in Denver.

Microsoft is the headline partner for this year’s effort, using its Azure cloud platform to help NORAD deal with the annual traffic spike it sees from the effort.

The command center has also rolled out a series of free game and tracking apps for Apple, Google Android and Microsoft phones, as well as Windows PCs, to make the effort more accessible for parents and kids. So far, Davis said, NORAD has seen more than 1.7 million app downloads across all devices.

“We’re excited about it and excited about supporting the folks who are out there 24/7,” said Tim Solms, Microsoft’s general manager for its business with the Defense Department.

NORAD worked with other partners, such as Colorado firm iLink Systems, to design some of its apps.

For the past five years, NORAD’s main partner has been Google. But after discussing the project with Google this year, Davis said, the two groups had different visions for the future of the tracker program and agreed to go their separate ways.

Davis said the split was amicable. Google’s partnership, he said, “helped us to increase the awareness of the program around the world, and we’re very grateful for their partnership.”

“Having a big team is important to us,” Davis said. “We want this to be done as a community service and avoid doing anything that would make it seem commercialized.”

Google is still continuing with its own version of the Santa Tracker this year, separate from NORAD, for those who want to stick with Google Maps as they follow Santa’s sleigh around the world.

Davis said called speculation that NORAD split with Google for financial reasons “hogwash,” and reiterated that NORAD does not make any money through the effort.

Davis said that the Santa Tracker is a favorite tradition and a welcome bit of fun into the demanding daily duties of monitoring U.S. airspace.

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Santa Tracker At The South National Aerospace Immunity Control

The offer Father santa tracker at the South National Aerospace Immunity Control are expecting for thousands of calls and messages when their functions center goes live on Christmas Eve.

The army base has been informing troubled children about Santa's location every season since 1955. That was the season a Co Rises newspapers ad welcomed children to call Father christmas on a hotline, but the number had a mistake, and many children have been talking to the Ls Aerospace Immunity Control, NORAD's forerunner.

The authorities on obligation played along and began discussing reports on Santa's progress. It's now a deep-rooted custom at NORAD, a joint U.S.-Canada command that screens the South National air and waters.

Last year, NORAD Tracks Santa volunteers answered 80,000 phone calls on Christmas Eve, said Joyce Creech, project leader.

"It's just so precious to hear the little sigh or breathing on the other end, and you realize how nervous they are," Creech said.

"But we've had really heart-wrenching stories as well," she said. "'Can you ask Santa to heal my brother of cancer?' Or, 'Can I get a new pair of shoes? I don't have any.'"

NORAD's Santa updates are just about everywhere — on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, its own website and on television. And this year, there's a new Santa-tracking app for smart phones. The app was downloaded more than 234,000 times from Android Market and iTunes App Store by mid-December, Creech said.

The NORAD Tracks Santa website has had more than 2.2 million unique visitors this year.

But the rows of telephones in the operations center are still the heart of the operation. More than 1,200 volunteers answer calls in shifts, checking big-screen computer monitors indicating Santa's location and passing that along to children, many who seem dumbstruck.

Creech said the rising numbers are probably a reflection of how much people look forward to the season, and how much of a tradition calling NORAD has become for many families.

"You can tell that it really brings people joy, and especially kids," she said.
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