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BlackBerry Outage Users Worldwide Were Embittered

BlackBerry users worldwide were embittered Wednesday after the e-mail, messaging and Internet services on phones spread to the United States and Canada and extends into the third day for the Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa.

It was the biggest failure in the coming years, users of BlackBerry, and his strained relationship with a mark already tarnished. He came on the eve of the launch of a powerful competitor - a new iPhone model.

Research In Motion Ltd., the Canadian company that manufactures the phones, said a key part of its European infrastructure not Monday, and a backup has not worked well. The underlying problem was fixed, but the accumulation of emails and built the company still has to work down.

At the same time, emails and messages from other regions of Europe have been accumulating in RIM systems in other parts of the world, such as a letter from clogging your inbox. This caused a rupture in the United States and Asia, said David Yach, CTO of RIM software.

In a letter sent Wednesday to Robin Bienfait RIM site, Chief Information RIM apologized for the disruption and delays. She said e-mail systems are in operation worldwide, and continue to delete messages on hold.

"We have relied on us for reliable, real-time communications, and now we have to disappoint," said Boon. "We think we understand what happened and are working to restore normal levels of service in all markets as soon as possible."

At Zenprise, Inc., a company in Fremont, California, which helps companies manage BlackBerry issued to employees, says Vice President Ahmed Datoo emails started accumulating on the U.S. servers, shortly after midnight. In the morning, were crowded pretty heavy for a client company in particular defer any e-mail to BlackBerry. Pileup began at home in the afternoon.

RIM is already struggling with the lenses of the new phones, tablet, which was a disaster, and the actions we approach the five-year low. In the last quarter, has sold 10.6 million phones, 12.1 million for the same period last year.

Duration of previous interruption could force big companies to rethink their use of Blackberry, said Gartner analyst Carolina Milanesi. Many of them are attached to mobile phones, the quality and efficiency of its e-mail system, but is now in question, he said.

Consumers have other thoughts too. Andrew Mills, an investigator of child abuse for the State of Arkansas, said he had thought about getting some other smartphone for a while, and the result was the "nail in the coffin" for him .

27-year, used Blackberry for five years, but friends and family have abandoned them, and began to do so in a few weeks. "Where can I see their new phones, they do nothing, that competes Droid and the iPhone," he said.

In the UAE, the two largest phone companies, said its BlackBerry users make for the accident by giving at least three days of free service. Matthew Willsher, Chief Marketing Officer of Etisalat, the largest telecom in the country, said he had acted in response to the "exceptional and unprecedented."

Unlike other mobile phone manufacturers, RIM manages email traffic and messaging to and from their phones. This allows you to offer services that other phones do not have to optimize data services and provide a level of security. But when you encounter a problem, a significant proportion of BlackBerry subscribers may be affected 70000000 world at once. BlackBerry outages tend to occur several times a year, but usually last less than a day.

One of the great attractions of the BlackBerry is the BlackBerry Messenger, or BBM, which works like text messaging, but does not result in additional costs. This service has been affected by the outage, and to make matters worse for RIM, Apple Inc. will launch the iPhone software for Wednesday, which functions as BBM. The iPhone 4S will be published on Friday. Apple Contest is a major cause of the decline in RIM.

Part of RIM fell 53 cents, or 2.2 percent, to close in New York trading at $ 23.88 as major indexes rose. The share hit $ 19.29 a week ago, its lowest level since 2006.
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Microsoft (MSFT) and line KOB godt. Virksomheden, der på rapporterer indtjening April 28 final will make just 40 billion dollars in værdipapirer i kontanter og på den markedet The computer PERSONLIG styresystemer, og later in the city of misunde Flester Virksomhed. Bestand havde to earnings taken in om CP CC April 11, 1926 of 500 aktieindekset 29 procent på mindre end of Standard & Poor's pe 15.5. Ikke så mærkeligt analytikere 34 af det 26 som det dækker spleen in indsamlet "KOB" af ifølge Bloomberg data.

Microsoft (MSFT) seems a bargain. The company, which announces earnings on April 28, more than $ 40 million in cash and cash equivalents, a lock on the market for personal computer operating systems and profit margins that most companies would envy. The stock had a price / earnings ratio of about-11 on 26 April and 29 percent less than the PE in the Standard & Poor 500-stock's 15.5. No wonder that 26 of the 34 analysts covering the note to "buy", according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

But the stock is fixed. It closed at 26 on April 26 a price that first crossed in 1998 and close to the average of 27 since early 2001. For 10 years until April 22, shares produced a total return of -7 percent while the S & P 500 returned 30 percent. For all its apparent brightness, Microsoft suffers from an identity crisis. It is not considered a growth company because it did not come up with successful new products to rapidly produce profit-taking, how Apple (AAPL) a. And with a yield of 2.4 per cent, is not donating money enough to satisfy investors value. Microsoft is in danger of being a value trap, a stock that always seems to be selling for less than it is worth.

"Microsoft has spent 10 times what Apple has in the past decade, and the quality of innovation simply not there," said Eric Jackson of Ironfire Capital, a hedge fund in the Naples, Fla. The company has launched several products could not be taken, including the music player Zune, which will cease production this year. Its mobile operating system for smart phones and tablets are not a tooth in markets dominated by Apple, Research in Motion (RIMM) and Google (GOOG) Android.

"Pot Täytyy Heras tulossa Jossa sanovat osakkeenomistajat," jotain T! "Sano Richard Doherty, Envisioneering ryhmän johtaja, joka yrityksiin teknologia neuvoo. Työntekijöitä yhteyttä paheksua have healthy, etta heiden osakkeensa that menestynyt Miten ja kehitys yhtiö that jäänyt teknologia iso, ja Kutenai verkostoituminen sosiaalinen streaming media." And NART Toimi optioista rikastua Microsoftin. "

Although the company has returned 170 billion U.S. dollars to investors in buybacks and dividends over the last decade, some investors want more. Jackson said that last summer pushed Microsoft Chief Financial Officer Peter Klein to increase the quarterly dividend population of at least five times what the company finally decided, up 3 cents to 16 cents per share on 21 September. "I said it was necessary to awaken to shareholders the value of one share of high performance, and Microsoft," says Jackson.

The stock Hausse est en de 4 pour cent depuis the annonce de dividendes, mutandis que les actions d'aucun de ses verse Apple here 66 billion dollars Trésor de Trésorerie, Augmentin ont de 24 pour cent. IBM (IBM), an SI habilement diversifiée the PC activité de ses actions que "sont à niveau de tous les UN temps. Le Dit de directeur général des Relations avec les investisseurs Microsoft, Le projet de loi Koefoed," Sur le long terme, action est une indication des résultats des profits, et nous nous feel themselves tres bien sur nos perspectives avenir ".

Value investor Whitney Tilson resources T2 is a fan of Microsoft's long-term. His 2010 letter to investors upward trend, Tilson wrote that the social evaluation was "insanely small." In February, told investors that connects Microsoft game. He took issue with what he called "a consensus that is disappearing giant Microsoft, saying" there is no current evidence to support it. Parts of Microsoft's market in its main business areas are stable or increasing, and sales, margins and profits and good growth. We believe that strong growth in Serbian for Microsoft. "

Ironfire Jackson is not buying that argument. "They should have their strength in cash," he said. "And I do not intend to remain a growth company."

BlackBerry Playbook Tablets Sale in April 19

The IPAD is a huge leap into the world of tablets, but the competition becomes stiffer.

Research In Motion (RIM), makers of the popular line of BlackBerry smart phones said Tuesday the long-awaited BlackBerry playbook tablets on sale in April 19 at 20,000 stores in the U.S. and Canada, starting price of $ 499.

The tablet was intended to be sold in all Best Buy stores and Best Buy Mobile stores in the U.S. and Best Buy and Future Shop stores in Canada. The company said it would give the customer orders a new tablet soon.

The game plan BlackBerry with Wi-Fi is available in three models with 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB of storage for $ 499, $ 599 and $ 699 respectively.

But it is far from being the first contest of the IPAD, and even the commentators are able to prove, it is difficult to say which is the best competitor.

Motorola Xoom

It was voted Best of CES and for good reason. Motorola Xoom tablet is most likely to give Apple iPad a run for its money. It does not affect the market until March 27, but Xoom will be the first tablet that runs the operating system from Google honeycomb - the next version of the Android OS that is designed specifically for devices type tablet.

Android fans have been drooling over Xoom has glasses, too: It works with Verizon for LTE 4G network lightning, a 32-gigabyte flash memory, two cameras, HD video recording, SD card slot and a 1GHz processor, and is Upgradeable 3G, 4G, so you can use 3G and then 4G is now faster when the network is available in your area.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Unlike the first gene IPAD, Samsung Galaxy loss - which shares many of the same characteristics as S Galaxy smartphone launched last summer - was front-and back-facing camera for video conferencing. Popular smartphones like the S include loss Galaxy Galaxy Samsung Social Hub application and service of new media content offering Hub films and TV shows from some of the largest entertainment companies.

Works in neonates Google Android operating system, which has taken significant market share from Apple and receives about 80,000 applications for Google Apps Store.


These are not the only competitors out there, of course. Toshiba announced Folio 100 tablets last year, which is a 10-inch screen and sells in Europe, Middle East and Africa hte. Toshiba tablet uses the Nvidia processor, and Google's Android operating system.

Huawei's first tablet, a 7-inch screen, is also running Google's Android software, has reached the consumer in Europe in time for the holiday season sales, a much lower price.

And the market for cheap clones promises to grow and develop as the year continues. Apple said that the market tablet with IPAD since its launch last year. But how long can he hold this position?

RIM's announcement came after Apple's launch of two high-IPAD on March 11 and before Xoom Motorola Wi-Fi tablet in stores on March 27
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