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Pro Bowl 2011

The 2011 AFC–NFC Pro Bowl 2011 will be the NFL's all-star game for the 2010 season. It will take place at 7:00 p.m. EST on Sunday, January 30, 2011 at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Pro Bowl 2011 takes place today, and for football fans still feeling the excitement from an exciting two conference championship games last weekend, this game is sure to be a major letdown. And that's despite the NFL's best efforts to make the Pro Bowl more relevant and timely by moving it to the week between conference championship and Super Bowl Sunday.

The game is billed as the NFL's All Star game, but by putting the game smack dab in the middle of huge games played by what amounts to the league's top four teams, much of the star power is sucked out of the contest.

A whopping 22 players who were elected to the Pro Bowl have dropped out in advance of the game set to take place in Honolulu, Hawaii later today. That's an entire game's worth of players bowing out due to various reasons, be it injury, fatigue, or otherwise. To me, this is just one of the many signs that the Pro Bowl needs to once again be re-calibrated heading into 2011.

I understand that players drop out of every major league's all star game, and also concede that this would still be an issue if the Pro Bowl were to take place in the middle of the regular season.

But consider the fact that the league is looking to expand the regular season to 18 games as part of the new collective bargaining agreement. There is an ideal way to do this and also build in an added week of rest for players who are understandably concerned about the added wear and tear of an additional two games on their schedules.

Move the Pro Bowl to the middle of the season and have it serve as a legitimate All Star break, similar to what the other three major sports leagues do with their games. Players get a week of rest, even the ones that are elected to the game considering it's basically glorified flag football.

You also get more attention from more casual fans, as football season is only getting started, and fans of the lesser successful teams might be more invested in their squads than they would be in late January, a month after most teams' seasons ended.

To me that's at least a good starting point for how to handle the Pro Bowl in the future. Having it mid-season would get it more attention and more viewers, which is all the NFL ultimately cares about. It also would give the players an extra week of rest, which is a big concern for them.

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Senior Bowl 2011 NFL Prospect

Senior Bowl 2011 may not have every NFL prospect. In fact, the Senior Bowl 2011 may be a rare thing nowadays, since fewer college athletes stick around for four years anymore. Yet those that do often make it to this big event in Mobile, Alabama, to improve their draft stock. With a big performance in this game, and in the practices beforehand, prospects can make a big run up or down the draft board. Therefore, the Senior Bowl 2011 will be watched very closely by many NFL franchises.

Here are, in my estimation, the five North players that Bills fans should be watching most closely this afternoon (if you're lucky enough to get NFL Network).

Cameron Jordan, DE, California (6'4", 287). Jordan made the biggest early impression of the week, dominating in the practice setting throughout all three padded practices. He was already a likely Top 15 pick, and has, at the very least, solidified his status in that territory. Jordan is big, strong, and very versatile; that versatility will make him very appealing to teams like Buffalo, who use multiple fronts defensively - Jordan wouldn't have to leave the field.

Today's Senior Bowl 2011 in Mobile will show how four years of waiting has paid off for prospects - or was not quite enough. Still, with the constant threat of a lockout, all potential draft picks aren't sure that they'll get to play in 2011, even if they get drafted. At the moment, they're still proceeding as if they will, however.

Yet the largest impact may have been made before the game. Three days of practice have helped several players rise up, while others have had their stock go down. California defensive lineman Cameron Jordan has been cited as the one to watch, and a potential top 10 pick.

Meanwhile, the Senior Bowl 2011 practices have been less kind to fellow Pac-10 prospect Jake Locker. A year ago, the Washington quarterback was projected to be a top pick. But he stayed in school and struggled during his final year - which may be a cautionary tale for Stanford's Andrew Luck.

For those who have underwhelmed so far this week, today still offers them a chance to rebound. An impressive performance in this game won't guarantee a high place in the draft, but neither will a subpar performance. Doing well would certainly build momentum for the final rush to April, although they still must prove it isn't a mirage.

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