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U.S. Open Golf 2012

U.S. Open Golf 2012
Competition Timber performed perhaps his best tennis performance in two decades during his Few days cost to win the Funeral service Competition two several weeks ago, and that strength taken over Saturday at Olympic in an starting circular at the 2012 U.S. Start that surpassed the dramatics at Muirfield Town.

Woods was stable throughout Saturday, hardly ever having to struggle for par and maintaining his pushes in the estimated. The win at the Funeral service will mostly be recalled for the many different kind of birdies on Few days, but it was the stable several weeks duration of par helps you to save that put him in argument and created that win seem different that his success at Bay Mountain in April.

Woods took all that to another stage on Saturday and was in finish management of his activity. He was reaching low attracts, great reduces and any other taken on management with the actual velocity he required. His circular took off on the hardest expand of the course, creating back-to-back birdies at No. 4 and No. 5. He said at his Thursday media meeting that gamers who went through the first six gaps at even-par would create up "boatloads" of injections on the area. He went through the strenuous expand in 1-under to close a circular of 69.

It was once he's been under par at the Start since 2002. He's started the nationwide title with a red variety on three past events, which led to two is the winner and a tie for third.

Woods' stable tee-to-green day was a huge comparison from the circular of his enjoying associates. Bubba Watson and Phil Mickelson hit it all over the garden, particularly off the tee. Watson has never started the U.S. Start under par, and arriving on the pumps of his distinct judge of the course this several weeks time, it was no surprise to see him with an 8-over 78.

With a 6 over 76, Phil Mickelson equalled his toughest profession starting circular at the U.S. Start. Mickelson's day started with a drawn generate into the plants that led to a missing tennis ball. He started with three immediately bogeys for once ever at a significant. While Timber is constantly enhance his type, Mickelson and Watson will have to card some birdies on Saturday if they want to create the few days.
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Masters Leaderboard PGA Tour

Masters Leaderboard PGA Tour: In 2011, Masters, for some, is the event where Tiger Woods is out of its economic slump post-SAGA. E 'Augusta National, a course in which he gave some of his heroic moments, which always seems to play well.

Tigre opening round of 71 did not put it out of the race, but has a ways to go.

The players are not lying for him. Rory McIlroy has set the tone with near-perfect seven-under 65 and there are plenty of golfers ranked in front of Tiger, including YE Yang, Phil Mickelson, KJ Choi and Matt Kuchar.

I've narrowed it down to three things Tiger to do to get back in the mix at the Masters 75 years.

In golf, always keep things simple.

Tiger Woods was once famous for maximizing the par five. In general, it is one of the toughest tests of golf. Augusta National has a few holes for a player of Woods's ability to be birdies in each round.

I do not speak the best year of age.

Woods was one of four on Thursday to convert two birdie putt on 13

It is not the player on tour more, which is fine, but it certainly has the game length and seating for two, eight, 13 and 16 in the four par.

There are tons of talent on the field this week, and will take at least two birdies in a round of the five peers to stay in the race.

Between par five, it should remain fairly close to parity, which brings me to my next point
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