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Manti Te'o girlfriend

Sequential liar Puncture Remedy will apparently simple aspect of his spirit on Friday night. Gradually, Manti Te'o will be requested to do the same. Tv cameras will become their individual confessionals and, once both have verbal, they'll have informed their editions of the fact.

Armstrong, the disgraced motorcyclist and profession spouse, we were ready for. His deception was years in the creating.

But until the mushroom reasoning of a Deadspin review wrapped his lifestyle Wed, Te'o was regarded to be all that was right and excellent about nfl and higher education soccer. He was more than an All-American linebacker from Notre Dame; he was an perfect, a design for reliability, sympathy and humbleness.

Te'o might still be all of those techniques. Or none of them. We still don't know for sure.

We do know he released a declaration saying that he was the sufferer of an intricate on the internet and telephone fraud. We know that his "girlfriend," and her loss of life from the leukemia disease, were the figments of somebody's depraved creativity. What we don't know is whether Te'o's creativity was engaged in the fraud.

Notre Dame says it wasn't. ND fitness home Port Swarbrick did more than attest to Manti Te'o reputation; he all but dared anyone to query it. The sufferer, said Swarbrick, wasn't basically Te'o himself, but also Te'o's purity, his unconditional wish to help others.

"There's a lot of disaster here," said Swarbrick in a Wed night information meeting. "There's a lot of sadness here. But the factor I am most sad of, sad about sorry … That the individual most relying on person I've ever met will never be able to believe in in the same way again in his lifestyle. That's an amazing disaster."

Swarbrick had to compose himself during the middle of that statement. Such is the level of his admiration for Te'o and the level of contempt for those whom he said did this to the Notre Dame star.

There was no wiggle room in Swarbrick's comments. He gave his unequivocal support and did so after citing the results of a private investigation commissioned by the university. In the end, said Swarbrick, Te'o was on the wrong end of a "very sophisticated hoax perpetrated for reasons we can't fully understand, but had a certain cruelty at its core."

I sat across from Te'o in the fall and listened to him tell his story of heartbreak. You know the details by now: On the same horrific day, he had learned that his grandmother had died, followed hours later by what he said was the news that his girlfriend -- the apparently fictitious Lennay Kekua -- had also passed away.

If he was lying, it was a performance for the ages. And if he wasn't, then clearly he believed, with all his heart, that both his beloved grandmother and Lennay had died within six hours of one another.

There remain those who simply can't believe that Te'o wasn't somehow complicit in the hoax. Nobody, they say, could be that naive, that trusting.

And despite Swarbrick's reasoned, passionate and mostly convincing defense of Te'o, there remain more than a few questions about the details of this bizarre, surreal story. Swarbrick's explanations were plausible, even believable, but in some instances, the Notre Dame AD said he couldn't comment on certain questions. Instead, he deferred to Te'o.

This can play out only two ways. Either Te'o is telling the truth or he's a Lance Armstrong-caliber liar. Either he is a victim of a pitiless hoax or part architect of it.

I want to believe Swarbrick. I want to believe Te'o. I want to believe there is a special place in hell for those who would prey on a person's better angels.

This is a story like no other. Armstrong … Te'o. You can't make this stuff up.

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AJ McCarron turned in dazzling performance

Hardly spending some time to enjoy their newest nationwide headline, Chip Saban and the The state of creola Violet Trend are prepared to get returning to work.

That's how they make it look so simple.

In what must be an extremely annoying landscape for the relax of nfl and higher education soccer, another period finished with Saban and his gamers frolicking in the center of a confetti-strewn area. Eddie Delicate ran all over Notre Dame, AJ McCarron converted in another stunning performance through the air, and the Trend protection closed down the Battling Irish until it was no more in question.

The outcome was a 42-14 seasonal in the BCS headline activity Thursday evening, not only creating The state of creola a back-to-back champ, but a full-fledged empire with three capped teeth in four decades.

This one was especially fulfilling to Saban.

"People discuss how the most challenging thing is to win your first tournament," he said. "Really, the most challenging one to win is the next one, because there's always a sensation of right."

Rest confident, that sensation won't last lengthy in Tuscaloosa.

While Saban was adament he was "happy as hell" and "has never been prouder of a number of younger men," it was difficult to tell. He was already referring to confirming to the workplace Wed day and getting began on next period.

"One of nowadays, when I'm seated on the part of the mountain viewing the flow go by, I'll probably determine it out even more," Saban said. "But what about next seasons team? You've got to think about that, too."

So, instantly, he will be discussing with underclassmen about coming into the NFL set up, creating sure everyone goes returning to category on routine, and getting began on that next detail graph.

"The Procedure," as he phone calls it, never prevents.

"We're going to enjoy it for 24 hours or so," Saban said.

No. 2 Alabama quieted the top-ranked Irish on the very first drive — so much for waking up the echoes — and could've started the celebration at halftime, heading to the locker room with a commanding 28-0 lead.

The Tide (13-1) pushed it out to 35-0 midway through the third quarter on the third of McCarron's four touchdown passes, a 34-yarder to Amari Cooper with a defender nowhere in sight.

At that point, Alabama was on a 69-0 blitz in national title games, having scored the last 13 points in its 2010 triumph over Texas and blanked LSU 21-0 for last year's BCS crown.

When Everett Golson finally scored for Notre Dame (12-1) with about 4 minutes remaining in the third, it snapped a scoreless stretch of nearly two full games — 108 minutes and 7 seconds — by the Tide.

"It was just a complete game by the offense, defense and special teams," said Alabama linebacker C.J. Mosley, the defensive MVP with eight tackles, one of them behind the line.

Despite the dazzling numbers by McCarron — 20 of 28 for 264 yards — he was denied a second straight offensive MVP award in the title game. That went to Lacy, who finished with 140 yards rushing on 20 carries and scored two TDs. Not a bad finish for the junior, who surely helped his status in the NFL draft should he decide to turn pro.

Lacy also was MVP of the Southeastern Conference championship game, rushing for a career-best 181 yards in the thrilling victory over Georgia that gave Alabama a chance to repeat as champion.

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