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Discovers Earth, NASA Kepler mission

Kepler 452b NASA Kepler Mission  around a sun like stars in the "habitable zone" around the first Earth giant planets that have been discovered, the agency said on Thursday.

According to NASA Kepler 452b, discovered the smallest planet in the habitable zone around. The habitable zone where liquid water could together on the surface of a planet orbiting a star near its the marked area.

In a statement, NASA, the total number of planets that Kepler said confirmation 452b 1030th

"We understand and provide an opportunity to reflect the changing environment, in an old world, can Kepler-452b as big cousin seems" analysis, said John Jenkins, Ames Research Center in Moffett Field NASA in California, to the cause to discover the leadership program, he said. "This planet is in the habitable zone of its star has grown by 6 billion of great years in mind that for important occasions that occur in life that all the ingredients and living conditions that would exist in the last planet .."

The diameter of the Earth is about 60 percent larger than the planet, which is about 1,400 light-years away in the constellation Cygnus. Could rocky planets similar in size to its previous studies show that, although yet to be determined scientists to its mass and composition.

The purpose of the mission of NASA spacecraft Kepler is exploring the diversity of planetary systems formed and launched in 2009 to life.

Austin McDonald Observatory, Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory on Mount Hopkins University Earth Observatory in Texas, Arizona, and the WM Keck Observatory on Mauna Kea in Hawaii Kepler-452 system is used to ensure that the search Kepler Space Observatory.

Chris Carberry, Mars, Mars man, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing, Male Executive Director should be promoted in a series of discoveries of Kepler 452b told that an important springboard.

"The announcement of Kepler was inevitable and imminent passage of time, we can expect many more discoveries," he said in an email. "Improving our ability to give us a living planet can not find (or not) is likely to sustain life -. I can not discoveries in the next decade will introduce themselves can not"
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SpaceX Launch Still Failure

Supply the International Space Station and the docking port on the first manned rocket with a separate SpaceX Sunday shortly after takeoff. Still from the failure of the bills that NASA was a blow.

Accident in Cape Canaveral, Florida, about 2 1/2 minutes of flight are. It was assumed that a fire feathers billowing white cloud and the rocket is ejected, bigger and bigger, the horizon, and the parties may be falling into the Atlantic Ocean. More than 5,200 pounds of cargo to the space station was built for the commercial crew capsule, including the docking port, was on board.

"We seemed to be a bug in the launcher," said NASA commentator George Diller. Data 2 minutes and 19 seconds of the current Falcon 9 rocket, he said. No astronaut were on board.

About 27 miles 2900 miles, while driving the rocket crashed. Rocket went supersonic flight, everything seemed fine.

SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk, after increasing pressure liquid oxygen tank at the stage of the rocket.

"At this point we can say with confidence," he said on Twitter musk. "After a thorough analysis of the fault tree will have more to say."

Ignoring the two previous flights contained submit replacing lost items in this mailing a big setback for NASA had lost more than one way. Load agency and possibly astronauts orbiting laboratory space counting on the private sector. SpaceX California is one of the competitors.

This is the second consecutive year, was unable to work the station and the third in eight months.

In April, a Russian cargo ship went out of control and, with its valuable contents, burned up during re-entry. And in October last year, an Orbital Sciences Corporation, the supply ship was destroyed in a launch accident.

The dragon is the replacement of lost and accidents of food, clothing and scientific experiments were conducted. SpaceX seven points of previous supply from 2012 had gone very well.

The three occupants of the launch of the Space Station, including the astronaut Scott Kelly rakhachila to live from orbit.

"Unfortunately not," Kelly said via Twitter. "Space is hard."

The crew of the space station, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden found no immediate obstacle that this last defeat. Last week, the space station program director of NASA, Mike Suffredini, Outpost has provided enough on the board to get to October or so.

"We have to understand the problem, what happened resolve to work closely with SpaceX for the return flight," Bolden said in a statement.

Russia and Kazakhstan on Friday to take another crack at the top. And send the Japanese Space Agency for supplies in August

Russia's plan to stay on track, on July 22 whether the three other men to start, but it was not immediately clear. Retired Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, the former commander of the emergency, the station crew to ask you to send the other delays. April Soyuz accident already delayed the journey of two months.

"There is enough food, enough water is not not want to start another team," Hadfield said in an online chat.

Since 2017, SpaceX is with Boeing take astronauts to the space station in the competition, NASA hired by one of the two companies.

Electric car manufacturer Tesla Musk, the cases runs the first Sunday was about to be closed. Reuse a test rocket company was provided in front of the coast of Florida in Lake to land on the deck of the first stage booster. Previous attempts have failed.

Twin sister Kelly, Mark, the former commander of the Space Shuttle with during medical examinations, speksa far its Falcon 9 rocket with "an excellent reputation", which was specific. "These things happen," he said in a tweet. "You would have thought." He spoke with his brother and total failure "special attention to the report."

Cape Canaveral launch of spectators along the beach, near the springs in the sky for the unexpected were confused at first.

"There is a cloud of smoke and was almost out of sight, until he looked good. And," said Palm Beach, Florida, with his family in front of the Whitney Jackson. "Everyone was cheering and clapping. No one knew what it meant failure."
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Mayan calendar end of the world 2012

Mayan calendar end of the world 2012
Dec. 21 began out as the prophetic day some had considered would guide in the fantastic end around the globe. By Saturday mid-day, it had become more comedian than cosmic, the point of plenty of Facebook or myspace content and at least several number of T-shirts.

At the remains of the historical Mayan town of Chichen Itza, countless numbers chanted, danced and otherwise frolicked around ceremonial shoots and pyramids to level the summary of a wide, 5,125-year pattern in the Mayan schedule.

The doomsayers who had expected apocalypse were nowhere to be seen. Instead, individuals revealed up in T-shirts studying "The End of the World: I Was There."

Vendors desperate to offer their clay handcraft and wood made covers known as out to moving guests, "Buy something before the globe finishes."

And on Tweets, (hash)EndoftheWorld had become one of the daily most well-known hash labels.

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  • 12-21-12: End-of-the-world predictions big business for some

For the masses in the ruins, Dec. 21 sparked celebration of what they saw as the birth of a new and better age. It was also inspiration for massive clouds of patchouli and marijuana smoke and a chorus of conch calls at the break of dawn.

The official crowd count stood at 20,000 as of mid-afternoon, with people continuing to arrive. That surpassed the count on an average day but not as many as have gathered at the ruins during equinoxes.

The boisterous gathering Friday included Buddhists, pagan nature worshippers, druids and followers of Aztec and Maya religious traditions. Some kneeled in attitudes of prayer, some seated with arms outstretched in positions of meditation, all facing El Castillo, the massive main pyramid.

Ceremonies were being held at different sides of the pyramid, including one led by a music group that belted out American blues and reggae-inspired chants. Others involved yelping and shouting, and drumming and dance, such as one ceremony led by spiritual master Ollin Yolotzin.

The boisterous crowd included Buddhists, pagan nature worshippers, druids and followers of Aztec and Maya religious traditions. Some kneeled in attitudes of prayer, some seated with arms outstretched in positions of meditation, all facing El Castillo, the massive main pyramid.

"The world was never going to end, this was an invention of the mass media," said Yolotzin, who leads the Aztec ritual dance group Cuautli-balam. "It is going to be a good era. ... We are going to be better."

Ivan Gutierrez, a 37-year-old artist who lives in the nearby village, stood before the pyramid and blew a low, sonorous blast on a conch horn. "It has already arrived, we are already in it," he said of the new era. "We are in a frequency of love, we are in a new vibration."

But it was unclear how long the love would last: A security guard quickly came over and asked him to stop blowing his conch shell, enforcing the ruin site's ban on holding ceremonies without previous permits.

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NASA enters Mars airspace

And you believed quadratic equations were tough!

Thanks to a awesome mixture of technological innovation and arithmetic, a NASA satellite tv in orbit around Mars was able to catch this image of the divided second when Fascination dropped from the air to its effective getting on the top area of the red world.

In the awesome image, the rover's parachute is completely implemented and the spacecraft is reducing from the shouting connections of strategy as Mars tugged on the spacecraft, it faster from 8,000 mph to as much as 13,200 mph -- to a soothing, 2mph plunkdown on the earth.

“We’re only creating one effort on [Mars Technology Laboratory] here,” Religious Schaller of NASA’s High-Resolution Image quality Technology Try things out (HiRISE) group informed Galaxy These days before occasion. “The strategy is to catch MSL during the parachute stage of nice.”

Once computations had been made, examined and dual examined, and submitted to the HiRISE photographic camera on board the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), the group could only keep its breathing and wish.

"We plan to eat chicken wings and Cheetos, observe NASA TV’s protection of the getting, and observe telemetry and computer," Functions Professional Rich Leis had written in a writing before occasion.

It seems to be they did the numbers properly.

Through the chute, a exclusive software arm and a rocket-powered cover, the rover stunted until it drifted to a quit on Mars, to regards and applause from the NASA Jet Space Clinical overdue Weekend.

"Touchdown verified," professional Allen Chen said. "We're safe on Mars."

Minutes after the getting indication achieved World at 10:32 p.m. PDT, Fascination beamed back the first black-and-white pictures from within the crater displaying its rim and its darkness, throw by manufactured sun.

"We arrived in a awesome smooth identify. Wonderful, really beautiful," said professional Adam Steltzner, who led the group that developed the challenging getting schedule. The rover then launched a a little bit greater quality couple of pictures.

“The first pictures are always the best to me; when you area on Mars, it’s new every time,” technology techniques professional Debbie Milkovich said during a media meeting Thursday mid-day.
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New Planet Asteroid Vesta

New Planet Asteroid Vesta
New landscapes of the significant asteroid Vesta disclose it is more like a world than an asteroid, experts said Friday.

Since dropping into orbit around Vesta in September, NASA’s Beginning spacecraft has beamed again gorgeous pictures of the second greatest subject living in the asteroid gear.

Vesta’s rugged surface is unique compared to the solar system’s much smaller and lightweight asteroids. Impact craters dot Vesta’s surface along with grooves, troughs and a variety of minerals.

“Vesta is unlike any other asteroid,” said mission co-scientist Vishnu Reddy of the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research in Germany. The new findings were presented at a meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco.

Most asteroids resemble potatoes, but Vesta is more like an avocado with its iron core, Reddy said.

Asteroids are remnants from the birth of the solar system some 4.5 billion years ago around the same time as the formation of the rocky planets including Earth. Studying asteroids can offer clues about how our planetary system began.

Instead of returning to the moon, NASA has decided to land astronauts on a yet-to-be determined asteroid as a stepping stone to Mars.

David Williams of Arizona State University considers Vesta a “transitional body” between rocky planets and the thousands of asteroids floating between Mars and Jupiter.

The mission has yielded a mystery. Before Dawn arrived at Vesta, scientists predicted that the surface would harbor a volcano. There’s a hill on Vesta, but researchers said there’s no evidence of lava flow or volcanic deposits.

Williams said it’s possible the volcanic materials are buried, so the team will keep looking.

Powered by ion propulsion instead of conventional rocket fuel, Dawn will study Vesta for several more months before cruising to an even bigger asteroid, Ceres, where it will arrive in 2015.
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Final Space Shuttle Launch

Thunderstorms threatened to delay the final space shuttle launch, set the date, and lightning near the pad caused a brief flurry of concern to NASA engineers first concluded that the shuttle was OK.

Lightning struck a water tower about 500 meters from the launch pad at noon on Thursday, said the space agency. Technicians checked for signs of electrical problems, but a review board has ruled out any injury.

Weather today, in turn, looked grim, with only a 30% chance of acceptable time to start on time, 11:26

NASA test director Jeff Spaulding said the spacecraft had successfully started with the worst prognosis.

"There are some opportunities there," said Thursday that the rain settles "This day is very difficult if you make a decision not to go and that is a good time."

NASA closed its 30 years of the Space Shuttle Program to target the asteroids and Mars, the preferred destinations of the White House. Private companies take its place to pull the cargo and crew to the International Space Station.

NASA has until Sunday, maybe Monday, to get Atlantis and its four astronauts in orbit. Otherwise, the probe will remain grounded until next week due to a rocket launch Air Force, which is a priority.

Rain or shine, hundreds of thousands of people expected to jam the area to launch. Some estimates put the crowd at about 1 million. Dozens of astronauts are already in the city, including the first shuttle pilot Robert Crippen, who opened the era aboard Columbia in 1981.

"It is a sad moment for me, of course, but it is also the time when I feel proud," Crippen told the Associated Press.

Atlantis is on track with the space station for a year applies. NASA wants to orbit the Outpost is a well-stocked case of slow loading bays trading began.

The first privately-term supply - by the technologies of space exploration - is tentatively scheduled for late this year.

12-day trip during the Atlantis is due to expire again on touchdown at Kennedy Space Center July 20, 42 anniversary of the first steps on the Moon.

"There's an old saying that it is better to travel well than to arrive," said Spaulding. "And I must say, after 30 years, our program and the shuttle in all their missions, at less worked fine. ... And after landing, I think we can say at this stage as we arrived. "
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