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Ronnie Brown Felt Like Coming Good This Season

Ronnie Brown was a 1000-yard season since 2006, and 29 on the back of his career, but the most recent addition to the Lions running game wants to understand who you ask: Has a lot of remaining tank.

"I felt like coming good this season as I brought in my second year," Brown said in the year, he rushed for 1008 yards and Miami. "From a football standpoint, I feel I have much. I have not had a lot of bears, there is not much wear. And I think the thing injury ... all these things are non-factor now. "

Lions sent little-used running back Jerome Harrison and an unknown draft pick of the 2013 Eagles to the deadline date of the transaction to acquire Brown Tuesday as insurance for their ground game in trouble.

Jahvid Best Start is nursing his second concussion of the season, backup Maurice Morris and Williams combined 28 carries Keiland for 69 yards and the Lions rank 25 in rushing offense, last in the NFC North in charge.

Brown, who suffered a torn ACL in 2007 and missed half the 2009 season with a sprained foot, is pleased to join a team that saw the Lions 5-0 in the intrigues of his departure.

"I like it," he said. "I like what they do. I love their enthusiasm. This is a young athletic football club, which is certainly increasing, and are doing good things, and are playing good football, although the last week has been a loss.

"I like the look of it, and I think it's a good decision, and hope that everything works and I hope it."

Although he played one season as offensive coordinator Scott Linehan of the Lions in Miami, Lions do not have much interest in the 6-foot, 230-pound Brown as a free agent this summer because their backfield seemed set .

Best fought against Turf-toe injuries as a rookie, but the Lions to use his playmaking ability on the game and the team traded up to draft an additional high-back, Mikel Leshoure in the second round.

But Leshoure had lost season torn tendon Achilles early in the field, the Best suffered the first concussion in the second preseason game, and the Lions were not able to install a sustained attack run all year.

Brown is expected in town this morning to take the physical required to complete the transaction, said he spoke briefly with Lions coach Jim Schwartz on Tuesday, but the two do not get into his role.

With the Eagles, Brown was only 13 carry 38 yards in six games, but do not touch one of the last two weeks.

"When I signed with the guys I felt like there were some areas I could help, may be involved in situations of short length, perhaps the goal line. Type help her, "Brown said. "Unfortunately, it did not work, and I think the right thing for me is that I could get into a situation that I may be able to help a little bit more and be able to be exploited.

"So I look forward to it. Nothing bitter. It happens. It's a good opportunity for me. Now I just need to get the best of him. "

Brown could have that opportunity on Sunday against the Falcons.

The availability of the best for this game is in question after suffering his second concussion in last week's loss at 49. Better start if Morris can not play, but Brown said his familiarity with the offense of Linehan should enable it to contribute quickly.

"I think I have much left, and there seems little chip on my shoulder from the situation in Miami, which was a bit 'bitter," said Brown. "I am delighted that a second chance."
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Carson Palmer Went To Bed

Carson Palmer went to bed a football player resigned to retire the Cincinnati Bengals would never satisfy her desire to be traded.

He woke to a text message early Tuesday morning to tell him to go to Oakland to complete a deal with the Raiders, who expect Palmer to replace the injured Jason Campbell and lead the team back for the series playoffs for the first time since 2002.

"It was a whirlwind," said Palmer. "I understand what is expected of me. I know what a quarter of the game is about and that's to win. I want to go into a contribution and do everything possible to help this team."

The Raiders are hoping he can do much, having traded a 2012 first-round pick and a conditional second-round pick in 2013, which could become another principle, if the game is Oakland's AFC championship in one of two years.

Coach Hue Jackson believes Palmer is the ideal solution, which has recruited and trained him in Southern California and was an assistant in Cincinnati with Palmer.

Jackson said Palmer has a strong arm and athleticism that at the end of Raiders owner Al Davis always wanted to quarterback.

"This guy can play and knows how to play the game and is able to increase the players around him," Jackson said.

"There is no doubt going to act as good as your quarterback is. I think it is one of the best, so it is on this football team today. I not bring him here because he was just a guy sitting there. I brought him here because I think he can help this team win a championship. "

The Bengals had been adamant in noncommercial Palmer, who wanted to be treated by a team that had only two winning records in 20 years.

Owner Mike Brown has repeatedly insisted he did not take into account the request of Palmer for an operation because he did not want that rewards you for holding. She changed her mind after receiving the offer of the Raiders wide.

Brown said that the rookie quarterback to play with Andy Dalton has made it easier to trade Palmer.

"We are quite suddenly in the position to be able to receive real value for Carson, which can measurably improve our team is doing well, and shows real promise for this year and years to come," he said in a statement.

"When this opportunity came, we thought we could not ignore and it is necessary to move forward with the football team if we can."

The Raiders (4-2) was desperate to fourth after Campbell broke his collarbone during a victory over the Browns on Sunday.

Campbell had surgery Monday and is expected to miss at least six weeks, leaving the Raiders with only Kyle Boller and Terrell Pryor in the list.

Michael Jackson's mantra all season has been "the time has come" and he has argued, treating for Palmer.

The Raiders also renegotiated contracts Palmer an agreement that gives $ 2500000 guaranteed for the rest of this season, $ 12500000 $ 5 million guaranteed in 2012, $ 13 million in 2013 and $ 15 million in 2014.

Palmer has worked in Southern California, trying to keep fit and throwing to former teammate TJ Houshmandzadeh and high school players.

It is hoped that the work is paid with another chance in the NFL, but he did not know.

"There were a number of times teams were approaching the Bengals did not work, so it was a very difficult time," said Palmer.

"I did not know what was going on. I did not know what was around the next turn, next week, next month. So there was much confusion and I really do not know what was next."

Palmer said he will take some time to learn the offense, to build chemistry with his receivers and get in shape for football. Oakland hosts Kansas City on Sunday, but Jackson would not say whether Palmer would start.

While Palmer has not played or practiced since last season, has a history with Michael Jackson, who was his offensive coordinator for two years at USC and coach range of receivers for three seasons in Cincinnati.

Jackson was with the Bengals, after Palmer had his best season in 2005, when it launched for 3836 yards, 32 touchdown passes and 101.1 assessment in guiding the team's AFC North title. Palmer tore his left knee during a playoff loss to Pittsburgh that season.

He came back and had two solid seasons before a partial tear of the ligaments and tendons in the elbow of the 2008 season.

It was not a quarter of an elite, because, despite the return to the playoffs in 2009. Palmer said he is perfectly healthy today.

Over the past two years, Palmer completed 61.2 percent of its 7064 yards passing for 47 touchdowns, 33 interceptions and a rating from 82.9, while posting a 14-18 record.

These figures are comparable to what Campbell has done from the beginning of the 2009 season.

But the Raiders were not willing to trust the play-off chances with Boller, who had not started a game since 2009 and had lost his previous 10 starts from the month of October 2007, and Pryor, a project that needs time before to be an NFL quarterback.

This is the second Raiders did trade after the death of Davis. They discussed last week, the former No. 4 pick overall in 2009, Linebacker Aaron Curry, Seattle.

Commerce begins with the Raiders collects only the fifth and sixth rounds of next year. They exchanged a second multi-purpose in the month of April in New England offensive lineman to develop draft choices Joe Barksdale and Jones, running back to Taiwan.

They used their third round to take the project further Pryor in August. They traded their fourth round pick in 2010 for Campbell and the seventh round Curry.

"I know that many people think that we have mortgaged the future of the organization," said Jackson. "I do not see it that way. I mean, I do not think I ever put in jeopardy the future of an organization when it gets a real big time franchise quarterback on your team."

Oakland expects to receive compensatory picks after losing Nnamdi Asomugha, Zach Miller, Robert Gallery, Thomas Howard and Bruce Gradkowski in free agency.
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