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Outbreak Of Legionnaire's Disease

Nevada health officials are investigating an outbreak of Legionnaire's disease has been reported that the Aria Resort & Casino 4000 elegant rooms in the Las Vegas Strip. Four people were housed in the complex were treated for the disease transmitted by bacteria, but many more could have been exposed June 21 to July 4.

Stephanie Bethel Hospital in southern Nevada, told The Associated Press that this sometimes fatal form of pneumonia had been reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and that six people had recovered.

The hotel has sent letters to customers who had stayed at the Aria of the period of two weeks, said the high levels of Legionella bacteria were detected in several rooms. Recent studies further showed no detectable amounts.

Previously, air conditioning, showers, whirlpools, and was suspected of being blamed for the outbreak of a major, Legionnaires', but Nevada authorities have not yet defined in this case in September.

"Legionella is a bacterium that lives in water and loves warm, moist environments," said Dr. Mary Nettleman, professor and chairman of the Department of Medicine at Michigan State University. "Unfortunately, people also love warm, moist environments such as spas."

Last February, 200 partygoers are Hugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion Holmby Hills, California, is descended from flu-like chills and high fever. The four participants DomainFest global conference has continued to develop a mild form of the disease, Pontiac fever.

Castle, David was at the conference, and described uncontrollable shivering fever and 102 degrees: "I went from zero is not a good place for 15-20 minutes It 'was like someone turned the switch.".

Health officials suspect later mansion whirlpool caused the spread of bacteria.

The transmission of Legionnaire's disease can occur through aerosols generated by the air injected into the hot tub, according to Dr. Amir Afkhami, an assistant professor in the Division of Global Health at George Washington University, School of Health Public.
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Legionnaires Disease

contract Legionnaires' spa at the Playboy Mansion participants may have been fundraising for disease, experts say. Dozens of people fell ill with a respiratory illness after attending the DOMAINfest February January to March of the Conference, which led to a fundraising Hugh Hefner's Playboy mansion in Holmby Hills, the Los Angeles area.

LA County officials use the media of public health - blogs, Twitter and Facebook - send an online questionnaire to all 715 participants of the conference, who came to Los Angeles from 30 countries worldwide. Officers learned that 123 of them had fever and at least one symptom such as headache, cough, breathing or body aches, with 69 of those people who get sick the same day on February 5.

Health authorities have announced their findings Friday in Atlanta at the annual conference of the Centers for Disease Control.

Although many say that the participants were diagnosed with legionellosis, the provincial health authorities are not yet able to confirm the diagnosis through laboratory tests. Three participants also positive with the H1N1 flu. But officials have not concluded that exposure to the Playboy Mansion ", associated with an increased risk of disease," in which both the bacterium Legionella pneumophila, or flu.

On the evening of Friday in Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has issued an opinion on whether the bacteria identified:

"Although Legionella bacteria was found in a water sample taken from the Playboy Mansion," the statement said, "This bacterium has not been established as a source of an outbreak of respiratory illness. Other possible causes the study include the flu, only three people who participated in conference test positive for influenza. However, the cause of the epidemic has not been finalized at this time. Such studies can take several months. "
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