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Monta Ellis Lawsuit From Former Warriors Employee

Monta Ellis Lawsuit From Former Warriors Employee
The Wonderful State Enthusiast coordinator a Xmas Day nightcap against the new-look Los Angeles Trimmers when the NBA reveals its regular season on Saturday. But the squad's starting backcourt — the squad's most effective property — is already experiencing trouble.

Point protect Stephen Curry has a sprained right rearfoot that will likely keep him out of the squad's operator. Curry said Thursday he was “hoping for a Xmas remarkable.”

And while firing protect Monta Ellis is healthy, he now people a sex-related following litigation. On Thursday, former Enthusiast personnel Erika Ross Jackson submitted a litigation against the 26-year-old Ellis for purportedly mailing undesirable text messages of a sex-related dynamics — together with images of his genital area. Smith’s litigation also titles the team.

The Enthusiast declined the suggestions, professing Jackson and Ellis had a “consensual relationship.”

Smith’s attorney, Burt Boltuch, said his client continues to suffer “emotional distress and trauma” from dozens of explicit messages spanning from Nov. 2010 to Jan. 2011 while Smith worked for Golden State’s community relations office.

“She was embarrassed. She was intimidated. She felt scared and helpless.”

According to Boltuch, Smith rejected Ellis’ advances and, last December, after Ellis had complained to the Warriors about Smith’s job description, she received a photo of the player’s genitalia.

Smith’s lawsuit alleges the Warriors changed her job description and later fired her after Ellis’ wife, Juanika Ellis, was made aware of the texts and complained to team executives.

In a prepared statement issued Wednesday, Warriors’ president and chief operating officer Rick Welts disputed Smith’s claims.

“When we were made aware of a consensual relationship between Mr. Ellis and the Plaintiff, we did what an organization should do. We told both to stop — promptly, directly and fairly. The Warriors have never taken action against the Plaintiff for any inappropriate reason, and we deny the allegations she is making.”

Smith, who has also worked for the Washington Wizards and Phoenix Suns, said coming forward was difficult because, “I knew that essentially my career is over.”
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Hasidic Reggae Celebrity Matisyahu

New You are able to City-based Hasidic reggae celebrity Matisyahu (ma-tis-YAH'-hoo) is on a new spiritual way, but it's uncertain which one.

The Judaism musician shaved off his hairs and published the bare-faced photographs Wednesday on Tweets. He says on his web page he once thought the need for many spiritual regulations so he wouldn't drop apart. Now he says he's getting back himself.

But it's uncertain whether he's making Orthodoxy. He says he's still going to synagogue each day.

His speaker says he isn't providing interview.

Matisyahu was a musical technology fascination who became a general audience celebrity after his 2004 very first, "Shake Off The Particles ... Develop." He offered the hairy hairs, flat-brimmed dark-colored hat, dark-colored jeans and white-colored clothing used by Hasidic men.

His greatest individual, "King Without a Title," was a cross-over hit.
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