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Kathie Lee Gifford Appointment With Martin Brief

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb have developed a windy, anything-goes environment for their 4th duration of NBC's "Today" display, but that seeming deficit of planning proved helpful against Gifford on Thursday during an otherwise schedule appointment with Martin Brief, who was there advertising his new cartoon movie "Madagascar 3."

Gifford requested about Short's kids and then started referring to Short's spouse, Nancie.

"And he and Nancie have one of the biggest weddings of anybody in display company. How many decades now for you guys?" Gifford requested.

One problem: Short's spouse passed away truly after a lengthy fight with ovarian melanoma malignancy.

After a brief stagger, Brief responded to Gifford's concern immediately, providing no sign of her mistake. "Um ... wedded 36 decades," he reacted.

Still naive, Gifford ongoing her asking. "But you're still in love?"

"Madly in really like," Brief reacted.

"Why?" Gifford desired to know.

"I'm adorable," Brief said.

And then the discussion shifted on. Unless visitors had understanding of Nancie's loss of life (which was commonly revealed by the press at the time), they would have been unaware to the conversation's clumsiness.

After a come back from a professional separate, Gifford apologized on air and described that Brief advised her after the section of his partner's moving.

"I experience so horribly," Gifford said.
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Chris Carpenter, Philadelphia Last Increasingly Desperate

Everything was in place. A favorite of a strong and powerful climber. Two Cy Young-winning pitcher and his best friends, assigned by fate to fight a duel in which the winner takes all night.

So that's what October is supposed to look like.

It will prove to be the showcase of pitching that long-awaited, and ends with a result so unexpected. St. Louis Cardinals dropped from the race, even death in the wild card, and wild card to fight killer. Or maybe, there must Phillies killer.

Their requests were ignoring the probability is an issue of the Milwaukee Brewers' now Nothing scares them at the time -. Not cumulative 10 ½ games with five weeks to go to the office, rather than staring at the business end of Roy Halladay in a night they had to win or else.


One of the driving Shook Up National League Outrights power structure. One of the drive, the Cardinal delivered the first two batters on Friday night, and the rest of the night, protected from Chris Carpenter, against the Philadelphia Last increasingly desperate to catch.

A decrease was much wrong.

All those precious arms Phillies could win 102 games. They could split their drum and make the World Series the only goal worthy.

But they could not get their team past the first round.

Carpenter vs. Halladay. Game 5. Noon on Friday night. Will certainly be a memorable moment in this series. So here is the note:

... Everyone is anxious? Managers need to be.

Philadelphia Charlie Manuel was at the stage from 10:30, more than 10 hours before first pitch. "It was as if I've been here a few years," he says.

So how Halladay is back in the clubhouse? "Doc looks good. He did not talk too much. It is good, though."

At the same time, Tony La Russa, who grew weary of his hotel room walls.

"So really in danger, and I walked the streets of Philadelphia, and listen to some. But no one laid hands on me, so I'm happy."

And the duel between Halladay and Carpenter TextMate? "I am honored to be part of this game."

... On the ground, fourth. Rafael Furcal tripled off Halladay, 14, the track is behind Halladay Skip Schumaker doubled on 1-0. On the 32nd pitch, play Yadier Molina grounds into a force to finally finish the first run. Not as bad as Game 1, however, when Halladay gave a three-run homer in the first.

If baseball was just the Mulligans.

... It takes only 11 shots Carpenter retired the Phillies in order in the first Philadalphia.

... Sign up in the stands: "This is our home." Maybe.

... Albert Pujols drove a pitch Halladay in the third strike. In game one, Halladay retired 21 in a row, after problems at first. This makes eight straight. Now at bat for the Cardinals, Deja vu.

... Two runners on base in the fourth, Raul Ibanez sent a drive deep, Vai, Vai - took out the third. Carpenter takes advantage to 1-0.

... Carpenter single in the eighth, which means it now has as many hits as No. 1-4 in the Philadelphia lineup. No wonder citizens Bank Park is a great menacing.

The Cardinals threatened, but his 126th and last pitch Halladay gets Matt Holliday to fly with the bases loaded. His long night is over gravel. But it works Cardinals grows more and more worrying for the city of Philadelphia.

It was like watching two pitchers arms control, such as harmless grounder hit batter to form a trench. In one passage, retired seven straight men in this way.

... Ryan Howard hit 17 in the ball on the ground out of the game for Philadelphia, and it's over, the cross again. Carpenter has put his name to the long line of St. Louis in October of heroes, and the playoffs sweaty, Palm rolls.

The four games of the division to strengthen the series were decided by one run. The Phillies have been introduced in the offseason, with the message that four have not guaranteed to anyone.
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