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Judy Garland Fan Criticism

Enjoying Judy Garland doesn't come without the temporary critique, but Tracie Bennett seems to take it all in pace. The celebrity shows the renowned musician on Broadway in "End of the Spectrum."

The Tony morrison Award-nominated Bennett, who on Weekend missing out on the prize for best cause celebrity in a perform to Nina Arianda, said she is aware of the protectiveness that Garland lovers have. "It's incredible," she said.

Last weeks time, the New You are able to Publish revealed that a fan charged the celebrity of lip syncing during the efficiency. But that doesn't impact Bennett, who said she realized what she was getting herself into when she approved the aspect.

"I've contacted the item not considering if they liked it or disliked," Bennett said on the red carpeting before the display. Weekend noticeable what would have been Garland's Ninetieth wedding.

Overall, she said, the Broadway viewers has approved the display like the ones did in London: "They take a position up. They brighten. They shift."

Her co-star, and other Tony morrison nominee, Eileen Cumpsty, said the display results in most individuals rooting, but is not amazed by a little debate.

"Judy Garland draws out these incredibly very subjective deep reactions from individuals. And we have individuals arriving who are in really like with what we're doing and think that Tracie is Judy Garland," he said. "And we have individuals that think Tracie is not Judy Garland. It's very unusual and very very subjective."

Bennett said her buddies have sent her some of the unpleasant comments on Twitter. "I will take criticism quite well," she says. How does she cope? A nice cosmo and a cigarette.
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Andy Rooney Has Been A Mainstay On 60 Minutes

Andy Rooney Has Been A Mainstay On 60 Minutes
Andy Rooney, whose ironic and bitter trials and foibles of everyday life has been a mainstay on 60 Minutes since 1978, will retire from the magazine program CBS News Sunday after his second original 1097 essay.

"No one, including Andy, nor never will be. He hates to hear, but it is an original American," Jeff Fager, executive producer of 60 minutes, told CBS News. "His work for 60 minutes is huge, it's also a good friend. It 'difficult for him to do it every week, but always has the ability to speak his mind 60 minutes, when the urge hits him."

Rooney, 92, will return to his career in an interview with Morley Safer in the Sunday program and then announce his retirement in his essay.
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