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Government Shutdown 2011

Government Shutdown 2011: Real to stop the federal government could be a time to care for the elderly who expect a sudden disappearance of social income and Medicare coverage. These programs are seen as essential services would continue to make contributions, although many other federal measures to stop. And unlike typical federal programs, these mandatory payments have their own revenue stream from taxes on wages that do not require a Congressional vote to allow.

But even as these programs high priority continue to make payments to beneficiaries, forcing a closure to reduce staff. This could mean that some phones unanswered, and the number of new face delays in the delivery of its launch.

Assurance, with exceptions
Federal agencies are tight-lipped on their specific plan of salvation, if the House Republicans, Democrats of the Senate and President Obama can not get government funding much of the rest of 2011 which ends September 30 .

But both the White House and some Members, both sides have sough to ensure legal certainty, reduce the warnings, the closure would not only be business as usual.

"Seniors will continue to receive Medicare and Social Security checks Committee, Rep. Randy Forbes (R), Virginia, says the shutdown-related statement on its website. But he suggests that "the elderly could see the delay in inspections due to sub-office staff. Moreover, during the last government shutdowns of the Social Security Administration has had to postpone the proceedings and for the payment of the new requirements, and made a change of address form. "

Hospitals hopeful

Doctors and hospitals are expecting that Medicare payments will flow as usual.
"We are in touch with the [Obama] administration and they are aware of the importance of the timely processing of Medicare claims," Cecil Wilson, president of the American Medical Association, says in a statement released to news media. "We will do everything possible to be sure physicians are paid in a timely manner so seniors will have continued access to the health care they need."

One challenge, whether federal programs are mandatory entitlements like Medicare or not, is that federal workers are usually paid by funds that Congress appropriates. Just because the Social Security Administration has a trust fund to pay beneficiaries doesn't mean it has money on hand to pay its own staff.

Workers who stay on the job doing "essential" work wouldn't be paid until funding is enacted by Congress.
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OPM Issues

OPM Issues: Title of the document sent to the Personnel Management Agency late Tuesday is dry, but worrying. "The potential impact on workers expire federal appropriations" Why is it such a lapse is haunted by this week, the document is worth looking beyond OPM.

"Federal agencies have no authority to pay its employees during the shutdown," he says, "regardless of whether the employees work as a" reserve "or on leave as" not excepted. Exempt employees "receive compensation for hours worked when Congress passed and the president signs a new assignment or the determination to continue. The Congress will also determine whether the" without reservation "will receive compensation for the leave period."

The good news, if there are reasonable grounds that, if the shutdown lasts all year (the budget end of the world is not to be taken into account), the FBI of the health benefits will remain unchanged.

The paper provides many details about what is going to pay and benefits if the gate is on Friday at midnight.

Frank Buckles The Last Surviving American Veteran

A chapter of American history is officially closed.

Frank Buckles the last surviving American veteran of World War II, died of natural causes Sunday at age 110 in his Charles Town, W. Go. Home, a family spokesman, said in a statement.

Eager to serve his country and escape the tedium of farm life in Missouri, Buckles told the Daily News in 2008 that he lied about his age to enlist.

He was 16 when he sailed to France in 1917 to join the ambulance service with serial number 15577 to 4,700,000 Americans served in "The war to end all wars" against Germany.

"I always knew it would last, because I was one of the youngest when I arrived," Buckles said in his interview with the Daily News, after it became the last surviving member of the 4.7 million.

"But I never thought I'd be the last."

Even after the war could not escape the battlefield Buckles. In 1941, Buckles was captured by the Japanese in the Philippines while working as a purser on a steamship. It languished for more than three years in prison camps before being rescued in a military raid.

"I was never really in search of adventure," Buckles told the AP again. "He comes to me."

He did not seek the fame that came their way in 2008, when the veteran second-to-last American World War II, Harry Richard Landis died in Florida. But when he reached the position of the veteran survivor, buckles, helped dedicate the lobby of a District of Columbia World War II Memorial National Mall in Washington as a national monument.

Over buckles, there are only two surviving veterans of the War documented left - 109 years and years Claude Choules 110, Florence Green, both British.

"Someone has to go down. If I am the last, then one is doing it," said Buckles News.
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