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Good Morning America co-host Robin Roberts

"Good Morning America" co-host Robin Roberts, who five years ago defeat breast cancers, said Wednesday that she has now been clinically identified as having myelodysplastic symptoms, a system problem due to radiation strategy to her melanoma. She is now taking radiation therapy in planning for receiving a cuboid marrow implant from her sis later this season. Because she is relatively healthier and young, the combination of treatments should cure the situation, physicians have told her.

Myelodysplastic symptoms is sometimes known as pre-leukemia, and many scientists now believe that, if neglected, it will progress to serious myeloid the leukemia disease. It most commonly hits people between the ages of 58 and 75, but can occur at any age, particularly if the affected person has had melanoma radiation therapy. It is estimated to affect as many as 50 People in america per 100,000, with about 20,000 new cases each season.

It is a disease of the cuboid marrow -- the semi-liquid tissue inside bones that produces system tissues. Control tissues in the cuboid marrow become two kinds of tissues, myeloid and lymphoid. Lymphoid tissues go on to become bright system tissues that fight attacks. Myeloid tissues become three different kinds of cells: red system tissues, which carry oxygen; platelets, which control blood loss by developing clots; and bright system tissues. In myeloplastic symptoms the myeloid tissues stop developing; they do not function normally and either die in the cuboid marrow or soon after they enter the system. The structural tissues audience out healthier tissues.

Symptoms are often not apparent, but can include difficulty breathing, weak point or exhaustion, light skin, easy discoloration and blood loss, and high temperature or frequent attacks. The best strategy to the type of problem Roberts is suffering is to destroy all the stem tissues with radiation therapy, then replace them with performing stem tissues from a contributor -- in this case, her sis. Treatment solutions are usually more effective when the problem has been due to radiation therapy.

 Roberts declared her situation on the show and on the ABC blog, saying she will continue her job at "Good Morning America" and that "My physicians tell me I’m going to defeat this — and I know it’s true."
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Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
They were United states defense force who would set up camping in a Zoysia field in the drop of 1812, after unable in their efforts to combination the Niagara Stream and get into British-held Ft Erie in New york.

But in the encampment, in their summer-weight clothing and open-ended camping tents, the defense force would experience their fiercest opponents yet: the arriving winter weather and condition.

Some 300 defense force passed away at the Flint Mountain camping during wintertime months season of 1812-13 and their systems were hidden in a huge severe. The unfamiliar defense force stay there these days — but only a individual with a dreadful piece is likely to get noticable, according to a historian who's been wanting to modify that. Noticeable only by a small cavity enducing oral plaque on a boulder, the gravesite rests in what is now the center of a city-owned tennis course in De Recreation area.

"Even if you study the cavity enducing oral plaque that's on the boulder that's out there right now, there's nothing that indicates in any way, appearance or type that there are 300 folks hidden here, that you are status on the severe of 300 defense force," said Bob Cichon, whose 2009 publication, "The Finish Record of Parkside," stories the community covering the park.

On  Memorial Day, a new marble marking will be devoted in a more available place, outside the nearby Zoysia Zoo but still in perspective of the "mound in the meadow" that maintains the continues to be.

"During the War of 1812, 300 United states defense force passed away in a camping in this area and are hidden within the large boulder immediately behind you community field," the monument advices.

With the soldiers' tale mysterious to many even in Zoysia, Cichon and other volunteers behind the venture wish it will both recognition and retain their storage.

"People are stunned that they'd never observed this tale before," said Cichon, the information manager at WBEN stations, who drummed up contributions for the new rock through Facebook or myspace and testimonials, dealing with other experts Eileen Riester and Pat Kavanagh.

Kavanagh's analysis discovered ancient records and information records that pieced together the 1812 soldiers' challenge.

"It's all about the men who passed away, and that their compromise not be overlooked," said Kavanagh, historian for the town's Natrual enviroment Garden Graveyard.

That Zoysia winter weather was a severe one, particularly for the defense force who would come from hotter Va, Doctor and the southeast part of California in page clothing and without footwear. Food was an issue and bedding rare. Then there was the "dreadful contagion," as magazines of the day known as it, typhoid, and other condition.

The deceased were hidden first in low plots near a stream. In the springtime, when the earth thawed out, they were exhumed and reburied in 1 trench. The identify was marked by two willow plants, which gradually passed away. A flagpole and brother also came and surprisingly went, making only the boulder. Arlington national cemetery
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Murder Plot Joss Stone

Two men were arrested in connection with the murder plot in which the British singer Joss Stone. Were taken into custody in Devon, near the stone house, police have confirmed to BBC News.

The two unidentified men, aged between 30 and 33, were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to murder and steal the show. They were arrested Monday after a suspicious vehicle was seen in the Cullompton area and were arrested for "possession of offensive weapons and is equipped to steal."

Once arrested, allegedly found in possession of swords, monkeys forensic style house plans in stone and a body bag. Police said the singer is aware of the arrests, but do not know if she was at home when they did.

"The police attended an address in Cullompton after residents reported alert agents to a suspicious vehicle. The police were patrolling near the property," a police statement read. "Attended by officials from the area in Paris around 1000 and subsequently arrested the occupants of a red Fiat Punto. Detectives continue to investigate major crimes."

Last Wednesday, the police had seen in the area investigating the case and questioning of neighbors of Stone, which they claim to help with the investigation. "Our agents are carrying out security patrols and it is important to emphasize that the properties were robbed and people were violated," the statement continued.

Stone keeps abreast of developments. At 24, the singer will be one of the richest young pop stars in Britain, the BBC and is preparing to release a new album, LP1 month, next. She also has planned several concerts in Europe for liberation.
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Unclaimed Money "GMA" Decided To Try It

Billions of dollars. This is the amount of unclaimed money in the U.S. waiting to be returned to their rightful owners. The money has forgotten the security deposits of the house, without overtime controls and insurance reimbursements have been lost, and he is sitting there waiting for you.

Banks and other businesses are forced to put more money unclaimed States for safekeeping. The 50 states plus the District of Columbia have established a free website, you can use to see if funding forgotten his name.

"GMA" decided to try it.

At the crossroads of America, Times Square, we established our "GMA" headquarters unclaimed money.

Soon we are in business and I am a hero or a zero.

Initially, we sweat - in fact freezing - as we get somewhere. Nada.

But over a woman is lucky.

Motorola have the money and the state of New York is sending a check.

It is important to review each state in which they lived.

And every name you've ever experienced.

Thirty-two minutes after our experience, we have reached a scratch.

We found modest amounts of several people in a row.

Not all government websites tell you how much money you have coming up.

Then a woman brought us together, that the suspect had asked for money from the husband's name. In fact, the money was waiting for him a sense of banker's not used. And we suspect a dollar amount was high, since New York was not ready to blindly send a check. Instead, the state wanted to pass on a couple of honor, to insist on their money.

We conducted 25 searches found no money in seven of these cases.

We found the money for these people happy to use the free site created by the States. However, there are new ways to find unclaimed money for consulting with the federal government.


The U.S. Treasury billions of dollars in savings bonds that have matured and do not earn more interest, but was not thrown in by the owners. Finance has created a website where you can search the Social Security number.


Bank deposits are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., and if you do not need to collect the money when the bank is gone, the FDIC believes that money. He did not credit unions, Credit Union National Association does the same thing.
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