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Golden Globes 2013 handful to watch

The Fantastic Bulbs wedding is famous for its casual, bacchanal features and criticized for its little, less-than-Oscar-like voting system. But when the wedding sneakers off on NBC Weekend evening, it will provide some meaty prizes tale collections, both for the Bulbs themselves and the period that carries on after the display finishes. Herewith, a few to look at.
Picture ideal. Often it’s best dilemma that holds all the interest at the Bulbs, since that confirms a front-runner for the Academy prizes. But “Lincoln,” which is a preferred to win best dilemma at the Bulbs, is already an Oscar front-runner. The juice comes with comedy/musical, where “Silver Designs Playbook,” an Oscar competitors to “Lincoln,” is selected at the Bulbs. If the Bob O. Russell dramedy can take off the win this evening, it will identify itself as a strong substitute to the Spielberg record item. If “Silver Linings” cannot disappointed “Les Miserables,” the preferred in their Bulbs classification, “Lincoln” will even further expand its Oscar cause.

Actress activity. Jessica Chastain is a preferred at both the Bulbs and the Academy prizes for her convert as a headstrong CIA broker in enemy manhunt pic “Zero Black 30.” But to win the World for best dilemma celebrity she will have to vanquish four stars of the kind Bulbs voters love: non People in america with strong cvs (non-Americans have won as often as People in america in this Bulbs classification over the last six years). Marion Cotillard, Sue Mirren, Naomi H and Rachel Weisz are Chastain’s competitors, and any of them, except maybe Weisz, has a affordable taken of getting the award. That would be a strike to Chastain's Oscar possibilities, though she will stay the front-runner.

Directing traffic. The Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. can go its enjoyably wacky way in a lot of categories. The director award is no exception — last year the HFPA handed it to Martin Scorsese for “Hugo” (it's given awards to Scorsese and Oliver Stone pretty much whenever those guys make a movie). Spielberg is the odds-on favorite here, as he is at the Oscars, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see the HFPA jury-nullify with a Bigelow or Affleck after they were snubbed for Oscar nominations. The HFPA could also give Quentin Tarantino in the Weinstein Co.-distributed “Django Unchained” the prize. No one's talking about him for awards consideration -- exactly the way the HFPA likes it. Also, it's Harvey.

Foreign fun. An area the HFPA knows well by dint of its membership. (It’s also an area they’ve gotten back on the same page as the Oscars in the last two years after five straight years of diverging.) The big question is whether “Intouchables,” a global blockbuster that didn’t make the Oscar cut, achieves its revenge. The HFPA can go French with “Rust & Bone” too. Expect one of the two -- and another year when the Globes diverge from the Oscars -- though Michael Haneke's "Amour" isn't out of the running either: The HFPA gave this prize to Haneke the last time he made a movie.

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Taylor Swift

Keep it to Taylor Swift to do something as completely organized out as launching her newest songs video video, "I Noticed You Were Problems," on her wedding. What creates it even more gratifying is the point that it happens to be the discharge of her Twenty third songs video video losing on her Twenty third wedding.

Except she type of didn't recognize it all exercised like that until now.

"It's like a fantastic video video wedding. I pointed out that like five moments ago when someone informed me and now I'm all thrilled about it," she informed MTV Information during the newest show of "MTV First." "I can't believe it covered up like that."

Taylor Swift Gets A Golden World Nod For Her Birthday! And, among all her video clips she is decreased so far over the course of her profession, this newest video video is her preferred. And, her description for she likes it so much, also functions as a kind of Coves Notices as to what goes down in the Anthony Mandler-directed video.

"I think that this video video is my preferred right now just because I've never had video clips video that was so action-packed, where it's like 'Oh my god! They're battling, now they're in a resort and now he's like getting a body art, and now like there's a talk, and then there's a show and he's getting another lady and there's all this things going on. It's crazy, like he's generating. Discomfort he status up and driving?' It's just like fast-moving, just like the music," she said, also displaying really like to her bad boy co-star Reeve Carney. "And I think the acting professional who unquestionably guy in it video, Reeve Carney, is like one of the most awesome, skilled individuals I've gotten to be around."

Taylor Swift's Top 5 Minutes of 2012!

While the a little bit NSFW story may surprise some Swifties, others might discover her popped, pink-tipped locks similarly edgy. "I was dressed in a wig, really. It was just type of like, I sensed like I was really getting into a personality," she said. "Like I actually got to experience like I was this different lady, who was drawn into this different story, and with the light red locks and everything, I sensed like it really type of revealed how she modified."
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Golden Globe 2012 Idris Elba

Golden Globe 2012 Idris Elba
On the movie side of the Golden Globe Awards spectrum, Sunday night’s winners were not terribly surprising.

“The Descendants”? Sort of figured that would win best drama. “The Artist”? A shoo-in, even without all the cute, poochy showmanship from Uggie the dog.

But the evening of film-and-television-show adulation that was Golden Globes 2012 did give us a a few semi-shockers. These were the five biggest. Vote in the poll below for the one you found most unexpected.

With William Hurt and “Downton Abbey’s” Hugh Bonneville in the same category, the actor formerly known as Stringer Bell didn’t seem like a sure thing. But he managed to win, bringing him to the stage where he could accept his Globe and make female viewers swoon, just as nature intended.
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