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GoDaddy outage saga continues

Countless numbers and probably an incredible number of sites organised by went down for several time on Thursday, resulting in problems for the mainly little companies that depend on the assistance.

A Tweets supply that stated to be associated with the "Anonymous" cyberpunk team said it was behind the failure, but that couldn't be verified. Another Tweets consideration, known to be associated with Unknown, recommended the first one was just enjoying an failure it had nothing to do with.

GoDaddy speaker Age Driscoll said the failure started at around 1:25 p.m. EDT.  By around 5:43 p.m. EDT, the web page was back up and assistance was renewed for the large of its clients. Driscoll said there was no loss in delicate client information such as bank cards information or security consideration details and that the company was analyzing the cause.

GoDaddy serves more than 5 thousand sites, mostly for little companies. Websites that were stressing on Tweets about failures involved, which offers components with Japoneses cartoon styles, and, a video-sharing web page.

Catherine Grison, an internal decorator in San Francisco who functions the web page, said she had to quit delivering e-mails with her web page in them while the failure was continuous. The web page is where she shows her profile of work.

"If I have no graphics I have nothing remaining except the feature," said Grison, a local of London. She said she was already purchasing around for another web page coordinator because she was disappointed with Go Daddy's client support.

Earlier, Kenneth Borg, who works in a Long Beach, California, screen printing business, said and two other sites were down. Their email addresses weren't working either.

"We run our entire business through websites and emails," Borg said.

The business even takes orders from its two physical stores through the Web, so clerks had to use their personal email addresses to send in orders to the printing shop, causing an administrative headache, Borg said.

Borg said he could empathize to some extent with the hacker, if one was involved. Go Daddy was a target for "hacktivists" early this year, when it supported a copyright bill, the Stop Online Piracy Act. Movie and music studios had backed the changes, but critics said they would result in censorship and discourage Internet innovation.

"I'm definitely one for upsetting the establishment in some cases, and I understand that if he's going after Go Daddy, he may have had many reasons for doing that," Borg said. "But I don't think he realized that he was affecting so many small businesses, and not just a major company."
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Best Superbowl Commercials 2011

Some of us tune in to the Super Bowl just to watch the Super Bowl commercials. There were some disappointments this year, but there also some cute commercials. It was almost impossible to find this year’s Super Bowl commercials online two days ago – a big marketing mistake in my opinion, since so many people are interested in watching them, and the Internet offers great opportunities for all these advertisers to push their message in front of a far broader, and more international audience than American television.

Next year will see major changes in the trend. What matters, is that the undisputed winners in this year’s ads war are Pepsi and Doritos, with the largest media buzz, and some of the funniest, and most entertaining adverts, despite the fact that Doritos’ creepy finger-lickin’ good commercials were a bit criticized by the media. No ad was worse than Groupon’s Tibet Super Bowl XLV commercial.

The following are ten of the best 2011 Super Bowl commercials. From Dr. House to Pepsi Max, from Audi, to Stella Artois featuring Oscar winner Adrien Brody, these ads have all the right ingredients to make it on our top five list: funny, witty, entertaining, as all Super Bowl commercials should be.

Sure, there are different opinions on which are the best Super Bowl ads this year, and the best way would probably be to let the public vote, like USA Today, that published an Ad Meter, tracking second-by-second responses of a panel of viewers to ads during the Super Bowl and ranks them from best to worst.
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