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Dancing With The Stars Results Final Four

It is time for the last five to become the last four years, and I put my money on Romeo. Yes, Ralph received the lowest score among the judges, but Ralph has the advantage of not covering some stupid movie or album or whatever the hell at any moment a microphone stuck in his face. Of course, Ralph could not be a movie or an album to promote at this time, but you know what? I do not know, because I was not flogging something. Romeo, I feel like I see in the version of the infomercial "ETAP" If I do not care if you make a decent cha cha. I TiVo through the ads for a reason, dammit.

However, we go to this party an unnecessarily long time. Len asks Kirstie, and Max once again steaming Argentine tango. It is wrong to say that is a cute couple? Yes, 60-year Kirstie friggin 'old, but her hair and a much younger woman.

Thus, the first couples to block Kirsten & Maks and Kym & Hines. Kym Hines, compliments of his prey. And he wants the ring finger, if they win the ball in the mirror. Hines just to laugh. Chad and his baubles Ochocinco ruined for everyone.

Oh yay, they are removed from the former Centre for Dance parody. Admittedly, this is not the worst waste of time "DWTS," but this is not the sports center (best commercials ever, for that matter). Kenny Mayne and Jerry Rice are games to look like idiots in costume dance nick, but you can tell this whole routine is a bit thrown together. I would love it if the stat sheet remained on the screen long enough for us to read because they are funnier than the rest of routing. In short, they reported that Kirstie is old and she babbles, but Romeo does everything for children (sometimes the troops, but most children) and lose the fat from his chiseled abs too. Len Goodman is sitting at the table and almost looks lost. Really, I think

Michael Bolton and Delta Goodrem to perform "I'm Not Ready". Michael Bolton is more like Rod Stewart on a daily basis. I still do not understand how he became a professional singer, because he always sounds like he has a runny nose for me. Delta is very good, which only manages to make Michael Bolton seems a bit 'wrong.

Among racks, Brooke asks if everyone is nervous and if you think you're going home. Romeo says, "The competition is very competitive." Sigh. Actually, Romeo? Go ahead, this plug. It is better to listen to Brooke make the same questions she asked every damn week.

Tal liabilities of three brothers to dance. Hefa, the oldest, is one of the dancers by Chris Brown. They are all very talented. Their father is dead. It 's sad.

Then, the steps of Delta Adele singing "Natural Woman." Adele is apparently in time. But in time she can not sing his hit "Rolling deep" later in the series.

Kenny Mayne, Jerry Rice and Len Goodman return for Dance Center. Kenny Mayne has dipped from deadpan to looking sort of depressed that he’s even doing this. He and Jerry declare that Ralph looks like a kid who got beat up after school. Then, Len worries about Ralph’s hips. Kenny thinks that’s weird, which it is, but it’s the bad crap someone at “DWTS” wrote, so he shouldn’t hold it against Len. There’s some prattle about Hines that’s not even worth rehashing. Oh, and Kenny can’t believe Chelsea’s costumes.

Adele is finally ready to perform. But wait a minute. Only two couples are safe and we have fifteen minutes to go? With only five (and soon four) couples left, the results show really shouldn’t be more than a half hour at this stage. Anyway, Adele sings “Rolling in the Deep.” Oh, look, it’s the “DWTS” Dance Troupe. I guess we should just be glad we didn’t have to listen to them natter on about how hard it is to dance! And they love being on the show! And they work so hard!

Finally, the last three couples are on the block. We see Ralph gimp around a bit. The guy has had some bad luck, and not just with his hamstring. He’s gotten some really crap songs to dance to. “Stuck in the Middle”? Ugh. Anyway, last night Chelsea was so happy
about her two tens. And she had fun. Romeo, on the other hand, thought it was messed up that his scores landed him near the bottom. Romeo, why can’t you just be happy and smiley like Chelsea? She may believe in the tooth fairy (according to Dance Center), but at least she doesn’t sulk about her scores.

The first couple in jeopardy is… Ralph & Karina. The next couple in jeopardy is… Romeo & Chelsea. What’s with all the booing from the audience? You got your votes, audience members, behave. Chelsea & Mark will be dancing in the semi-finals, whoot!

So, three minutes left in the show. Can we get to the final result, “DWTS”? Please? Karina looks like she’s going to cry. Chelsie looks like she’s going to cry. Poor things. I wonder if it’s hard watching another week’s paycheck disappear before their eyes when their celebrity gets the boot. The couple going home is… Romeo & Chelsie.

Brooke asks Romeo if he’s surprised. Really, Brooke, is there a good response to that? “Yes, because my fans love me and everyone else sucks!” But Romeo says he is and he isn’t, which is a fairly reasonable answer. Everyone is giving him a standing ovation. His life is changed forever! He didn’t dance at his own prom! He showed kids anything is possible if they try! He’s fearless now! I’m almost sad to see Romeo go now, what with all the encouragement to little kids and his newfound love of dance. And then he plugs his Twitter account. And now I remember why I found him annoying.
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Delay Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Delay Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Not even a show-stopping injury may delay Maksim Chmerkovskiy.
Only the second of their rumba routine Monday night "Dancing with the Stars" to see the pain on his face washed a professional dancer, when he fell to the ground and almost dropped partner Kirstie Alley.

Chmerkovskiy thigh seemed mid-step, but quickly gathered himself and continued with the routine, trying - unsuccessfully - to hide the pained expression on his face.

Despite the pain that a significant number of advertising, Chmerkovskiy said he was "a big problem."

"I'm fine," said the 31-year-old. "It will take a stretcher to get me out of here I'll be fine."

Although the cause behind the mysterious injury remains unknown, Chmerkovskiy insists that will not stop its plans to win the Mirror Ball trophy show.

"However, we have to wait until May 24 after the final!" told the magazine.

What's Alley, the actor of 60 years, admitted he was "scared" before the camera without crashing.

"I knew something was wrong. But then he got up and he was fine, and I thought, 'So what?' " Alley told Us.

"[Maksim] just controlled me," she added. "I stood up and said 'I don't know where we are' and he said, 'Just follow me.' So I did!"

The pair continued their performance to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" without any more hiccups, which earned them a score of 21 out of 30.

But receiving a higher score doesn't seem to be Alley's focus on the show.

"When I signed up for this I signed up for live TV, whatever the hell that means," the actress said. "For me, this is a story. I dance, I get an 8, is that a story? No. I'm not saying I don't care about our scores, I do, but I don't give a f--- if we fall down!"

She may not care about taking a spill on the dance floor, but Chmerkovskiy swears it was a one-time occurrence.
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Dancing With The Stars 2011

Dancing With The Stars 2011: Stars" The announcement of casting for the popular dance competition of the season in which 11 celebrity names in bold as Bristol Palin, Mike "The Situation "Sorrentino and possibly champion Jennifer Grey was even more daring in their time at the show.

Today, just six months later, the famous dance floor was cleared to make way for a new dance culture all grass fields. Here's a look at 12 new candidates signed eclectic season 12 of "Dancing With the Stars" :

Chris Jericho
Jericho Christopher Irvine was born, is well known in the world of wrestling fans. The 40-year-old became the first Undisputed WWE Champion in December 2001 (defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock), but put her career on hold recently to focus more on his other passion project, the scene of heavy metals like Fozzy singer.

Although originally signed to strut his stuff during the season, Romeo has been replaced at the last moment of his equally famous father, Master P (who is on "DWTS" was considered by many critics and followers among the worst in the history of the show with his Paso Doble to keep a record of lowest score ever). When the bar a bit 'lower than average, a 21 year old rapper, who was once a college basketball and USC hopes probably farther than his father.

Kendra Wilkinson
The decidedly non-shy, and established television star Wilkinson is no stranger to the implementation or discovering everything in front of audiences. Wilkinson, who made his debut as a model for Playboy, he ventured into television as part of E! "S" The Girls Next Door "before tuning his way a part of girl to settle down with NFL player Hank Baskett, domestic happiness the theme of your current program, Kendra. Bunny Next Door "

Kirstie Alley
Before she became the object of his own reality TV show "Kirstie Alley Big Life", first to A & E, and now lives, and a spokesperson for Jenny Craig, Alley has been known for several generations of viewers and movie fans for his memorable role on television broadcasts of "Cheers" and "Veronica's Closet" and films like "Look Who's Talking." Celebrity is an outspoken long time "DWTS" fan whose varied and entertaining tweets have been shown frequently in our Twitter timber column MTV Movies Blog.

Wendy Williams
The self-proclaimed "Queen of All Media made a name for himself as a radio host and then became a successful author and currently hosts his own syndicated talk show during the day on" The Wendy Williams Show " . Williams has a capacity to ask uncomfortable questions during interviews with celebrities and will certainly be a force to be reckoned with on the dance floor. Her talk show is supposedly set for a break when she participated in the program.

Chelsea Kane
As has been the custom over the course of the past few seasons, the "DWTS" team has welcomed another Disney star into their midst, Chelsea Kane (formerly known as Chelsea Staub, Kane legally changed her professional name back in December). The 22-year-old was a regular on Disney's "JONAS," starring the Jonas Brothers, and currently lends her voice to the character Bea on the animated series "Fish Hooks."

Sugar Ray Leonard
Leonard, a former professional boxer, following in the footsteps of many former athletes who have danced before him. While athletes are 'DWTS' tremendous competitors last season, the boxers did not go so well. 54 years, has an illustrious career he has won world titles in five weight classes, including the welterweight champion, as well as the first boxer to earn more than $ 100 million in purse winnings. Here is hoping Leonard footwork is more than that, like Laila Ali and Evander Holyfield Floyd Mayweather.

Ralph Macchio
Although he had some memorable games on television shows like "Entourage" and "Ugly Betty" for many people Macchio always and forever the original "Karate Kid". Sure, Jaden Smith, karate-chopped his way to success at the box office with his turn in 2010 remake, but Macchio began his journey into the heart of young girls around the world in 1984 for "Karate Kid" and subsequent sequelae.

Hines Ward
Certainly no shortage of athletes this season! Ward joins the cast as one of three professional athletes who compete for the trophy discoball. The Super Bowl MVP once receiver currently playing the Pittsburgh Steelers and was born in Seoul, South Korea. In September last year, President Barack Obama has appointed a member of the President's Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

Petra Nemcova
This beauty is a Czech supermodel with a big heart. 31 years, had hundreds of thousands of people to the devastating tsunami in South Asia in 2004, which killed 250,000 people in 14 countries, including her boyfriend Simon Atlee Nemcova at the time. Nemcova when he visited the place with the tsunami, several months later, he was not satisfied with the structure of how donations to benefit from living in emergency situations, so he created the Happy Hearts Fund to help children in areas of post- disaster in eight countries: Haiti, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Hurricane Katrina U.S. regions.

Mike Catherwood
Although the majority of TV viewers are familiar with Dr. Drew for his various VH1 shows his "Love Line" radio partner, Mike Catherwood, can not be as well known. Catherwood, who is also known as Psycho Mike is co-hosted the syndicated radio show for a year after the departure of Adam Carolla in 2005. Muscular radio presenter - who also works in Los Angeles' "Kevin & Bean Show" - most recently completing a memorable appearance and Regis Philbin on "Live with Regis and Kelly." We'll see if his smooth-talking skills and time in the gym to translate successfully "DWTS" run.
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