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Dancing With the Stars studded cast

Dancing with the Stars” has exposed its celebrity studded throw. The Baltimore Ravens’ Jacoby Jackson, “American Idol’s” Kelli Pickler, and nation tale Wynona Judd are in, while some of the said participants – like “The Bachelor’s” He Lowe – were just that, gossips.

For some superstars, getting on the well-known, long-running competitors can boost their staggering professions, while others’ celebrities seem to reduce even more after they appear on the display.

So how to some D-List superstars handle to dancing their way to A-List celebrity status? And who will glow during the show’s Sixteenth season?
“I think that some of these superstars really, really advantage from it because not only does it probably get back a career… but it reveals them in a different mild,” Popular lifestyle viewer Alison Stewart informed FOX 411’s In the Area.

But Chris Davis, Manager of Landscape Journal, said superstars with no dancing abilities should think twice before deciding upon on for the extensive competitors.

“I would say almost 80 % of the stars [who] have done it shouldn’t have done it,” he said. “The ones who have done well, you didn’t really know who they were. Someone like Kelli Pickler this season is great because she was on ‘American Idol’… but I think someone like Wynona Judd seems a little bit desperate and a little bit late in the game to be on the show.”

He said the show is a good option for stars who have some dancing experience.

“I think it’s good for celebrities to do ‘Dancing with the Stars’ if you really have nothing else to sell and you can dance. I mean if Channing Tatum ever needs a job that should definitely be it,” Davis said.
Stewart added that a bad run on “Dancing” could seriously hurt a celeb’s career.

“I think it sometimes looks like… a last ditch effort to kind of make a comeback or show that they’re still relevant,” she said. “Sometimes you do have to go out on top and go out gracefully.”
And then there are some stars with two-left feet that should never put on their dance shoes in the first place, Stewart said.

“I think some of the celebrities who really shouldn’t have done it are people maybe like a Holly Madison. She showed herself to be sort of awkward almost. She’s a beautiful girl and she’s got some great talent but she was booted off right away.”
But the show’s success keeps attracting fresh celebrities, and this season’s cast is no different.

Stewart said contestants with a good personality will shine on the show.
“I think this season the new cast should really keep in mind that they have to play to the audience,” she said. “They have to be gracious. I think sometimes when the judges judge harshly they get a little snippy--they get a little nasty. It’s not going to win them any fans.”

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Donald Driver Won "Dancing With the Stars"

Donald Driver won "Dancing With the Stars" yesterday as well as the mirrorball award. The Natural Bay Natural bay packers large device and Extremely Dish champ was running a blo for throughout the competitors. Follow the weblink above to listen to what he says about successful.

Target has launched a range of 10 T-shirts in assistance of gay satisfaction, two of which were developed by Gwen Stefani, in an attempt to increase cash for the Household Equal rights Authorities, a LGBT loyality team. says Focus on will provide up to $120,000 of revenue profits.

"American Idol's" last two participants, Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips, performed for This country's ballots one before. The judge's were inclined towards Jessica after the first circular, but Phillip came out powerful in the end with what would be his first individual known as "Home." Meat Jackson recaps all of the shows and provides his forecast of the victorious one.
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Melissa Gilbert Is Recuperating

Melissa Gilbert is recuperating from a gentle concussion and whiplash she continual on the set of “Dancing With the Stars” on Wednesday. But despite a journey to the medical center during the tape of the display, she informed lovers she is “all right.”

Gilbert was doing the pasodoble with associate Maksim Chmerkovskiy when she bonked her go on the real wood oasis. Though she was able to complete her dancing and talk with the most judges after, she later informed other performers that she was sensation light headed and lightheaded.

Gilbert was gone at the end of the transmitted, which is when coordinator Tom Bergeron declared that she had been taken to the medical center.

She later tweeted from her medical center bed, “I’m good. Mild concussion and whiplash. Very soon I will be securely house relaxing and being taken treatment of.”

And she is not positioning any grudges against her dancing associate. She tweeted, “MaksimC you are my champ. I really like you. GavinDeGraw bless your center for holding me down those stairs!”

The former “Little Home on the Prairie” celebrity decided not to sign up in Tuesday’s display after her physician informed her to take a “rest day.”
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Dancing With The Stars J.R. Martinez

Last week The united states cheered as actual lifestyle leading man J.R. Martinez won the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ finish. Additionally up next for the enthusiast made acting professional made moving champ? He will be co-hosting ‘CNN Individuals,’ an yearly particular that features the amazing those who operate as heroes daily.

Martinez, along with Anderson Cooper, will have some star help for the particular. The Dark-colored Eyed Peas’, Christy Turlington Uses up and NFL person Kurt Warner will tell the accounts of each of the ten known as heroes.

‘CNN Heroes’ will air on November Eleventh, but to get a bit of J.R. earlier, you can track in on Christmas evening to see the seasoned along with Rainn Wilson, Henry Lopez and more all dealing with how they have been encouraged by earlier heroes. The particular is known as, ‘CNN Heroes: Where Are They Now?’

It’s fitting that Martinez would co-host such an event. While serving as a soldier in Iraq in 2003, he sustained severe burns over 40% of his body. Since then, he has become active in the burn community. He serves on the board of the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors and even filmed a PSA for them along with fellow burn survivor Jenna Bullen. Check it out below.
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Ron Artest is renamed Metta World Peace

Ron Artest is renamed Metta World Peace
While the NBA superstar Ron Artest will be basketball in the grip of the ballroom floor to participate in this season of "Dancing with the Stars" next week, he made a major change to change the names.

A court in Los Angeles made the change official on Friday and Artest is now "World Peace Metta.

"Metta" is a term meaning loving kindness Buddhist - an option for a player known for its violent fights basketball.

It joins a long list of famous name-changers.

There are athletes and fellow "Dancing" star Chad Johnson, who decided the 85 on the back of his jersey of best fit at the end of its signature and Chad Ochocinco - 85 in Spanish - is born.

Then there's the Prince, who changed his name to a symbol.

People adapted and simply referred to him as "the artist formerly known as Prince", until the Prince again changed to dry again.

And, of course, it is Sean Combs, who had almost as many names as platinum, starting with Puff Daddy and P. Puffy Diddy 's.

Cassius Clay changed his name to Muhammad Ali-known, and then became one of the greatest boxers of all time.

Johnny Cougar slowly worked his way back to the real name John Cougar Mellencamp, and only by John Mellencamp.
Ron Artest is renamed Metta World Peace
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Nancy Grace On Dancing With The Stars Is a Celebrity

A guppy in a thimble is actually a whale, and Nancy Grace on Dancing With The Stars is a celebrity. Maybe not the sort of big celebrity is normally expected to enroll in a spray tan pants and a pair of brilliance, but someone who made his own titles - not ten years ago.

No, Nancy Grace current demand to fame is his outrage over the acquittal of Casey Anthony, was found not guilty in July for murdering her daughter Caylee. "She was very talkative on the subject of infanticide, then let us teach his Foxtrot" is an idea deeply weird at first, but veterans of the real public sphere controversy is nothing new for this show, which previously had a delay time House Speaker Tom (who guards with foot problems), cable TV pundit Tucker Carlson (who was the first house has sent his season) and, of course, Bristol Palin, who has finished third, behind Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing and Kyle Massey from Disney Channel.

The analysis is usually always the same: Grace, like those before him, to draw both fans and critics. Just as the opposite of love is not hate but indifference, the opposite of a reality show does not compete despised reality show contestant, but to ignore one.

It is also likely to draw some controversy Chaz Bono is probably the most famous man in America at this time transsexual. The integration has already attracted praise from the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, which also welcomed the inclusion of Carson Kressley, who is openly gay. Kressley, on the other hand, is a traditional competitor, was his great fame almost ten years ago when it burns red hot, but below the hit Bravo reality first big eyes, Queer to the right type.

Perhaps the best story of the actors is at least familiar name: JR Martinez, a retired soldier who was badly burned in Iraq, and later became an actor on All My Children. Here's a prediction I think this is obvious: between the real (genuinely!) inspirational story that has the current wave of affection for all my children in the focus of the cancellation, and athletic qualities likely if the man can move around and any type of personality that is reflected, it will be there for long.

Of course, some of the votes, including the usual suspects. You have your low rent reality personalities Hills Kristin Cavallari and Rob Kardashian Kardashian related to various deductibles (if you're surprised to find even a Rob Kardashian, so you're ahead of the game, meaning of life - wise) that you have your former movie star and former talk show host, Ricki Lake, and you have your one-time pop star Chynna Phillips, who received a lump of fame shortly after the prominent role that plays in Wilson Phillips ladies summer hit.

And then there are those in which there is to know why they are there to learn why they are there, if you know what I mean. Bella Italian model Elisabetta Canalis completely baffled me until I remembered that she is the ex of George Clooney. Well, then. Makes total sense. Once a star? You are the equivalent of a little star! (There is a sort of transitive property which implies diminishing returns, but the calculation is difficult - could not be the former girlfriend of Rob Kardashian, since it can not be sufficiently reflected glory when there is not much glory, for starters.)

It would be a season of Dancing without some athletes, and this season they understand Lakers star Ron Artest (currently involved in a court battle to change its name to World Peace Metta) and Hope Solo, soccer goalkeeper Women the United States this summer came so close to winning the World Cup. As many have noted, can also be called the greatest athlete of all time. We hope to drag a bit, too.

And finally: David Arquette. Actor, wrestler involved in the marriage of celebrities in distress. Look forward to the waltz dignity? Maybe?

However, casting is actually a more famous than they were often. Bono and Grace are very common names, and Artest and athletes alone are very current. Newcomers are inevitable, but whether to produce this crazy show, you can at least the potential to produce bad (and good) dancers of people have heard of.

In my feverish dreams, that give me only when it's late and I'm tired and I'm emptying my thoughts and then to speculate on the possible outcomes of the competitions of the celebrity dance ends as a battle of one between Bono Chaz and Nancy Grace. Just Because. Nancy Grace On Dancing With The Stars Is a Celebrity
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Hines Ward Dancing With The Stars Season 12 Champions

We have a winner! After three months of competition back and forth fierce ugly featuring tours, art without pretension, and a lifetime of brilliance, the "Dancing With the Stars" Season 12 champions and beneficiaries coveted Mirror Ball were crowned. Congratulations, Hines Ward and Kym Johnson!

You may have guessed the winner of reality living history sparkliest deafening roar of the crowd as the star of the NFL and its Australian partners have highlighted professional. Fellow finalist Chelsea Kane had the technical accuracy, and Kirstie Alley was the natural and physical and emotional transformation. But Hines hips do not lie: he had the advantage of having great movement to win a smile, and galvanize the support of a whole nation turning towel Steeler.

Even after this trip difficult and emotional (the first game was more like a segment reported by Bob Costas, Olympic, rather than an intro show ballroom reality), who spoke darkly about "the act to be a champion, "and two hours full of lead up to what was called the closest competition of the coronation ceremony never seemed a little bare-boned, right? After large amounts of it in previous shows and seasons, was the case of hailstorm of confetti? Why not take all Hines on the shoulders?

Yet I thought the winner was appropriate. Hines played his game both public and judges. He had the heart of a champion and hips of a Brazilian carnival. He showed that real men do cry, and courage true that he contributed to his injury by Kym. Plus, he loves his mother. Now he finally has a shiny trophy to put in that blank space on its tray. Kym and now includes a pair (his first was with Donny Osmond in the season 9).

I'm not saying that others are not as worthy finalists. Chelsea were the first to go, because we had the idea of ​​her, because her little niche in the world of Disney Channel, it was not enough to compete against a candidate to nine Emmy awards and a Super Bowl MVP voting. And, unfortunately, looked crestfallen when he discovered that he had landed in third place, and it was Mark Ballas to wrap his comforting arms. Then it was Kirstie who had concave posture of someone who knew he would lose. I'm glad you found a life partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy, however. It is therefore clear that these two mean a lot to them. I like that he called his trophy, if part of me is disappointed that Maks had to go another season without Mirrorball after going so close.

The three finalists performed again in a last ditch effort to increase their referees score. These marks became vanity fair score, since all received perfect 30s, but it was such a pleasure to see all three pairs finished on a perfect score high in the routine of their choice.

Chelsea and Mark were first. And after going back and forth, they decided their favorite dance was "Wizard Waltz", the Viennese waltz to the theme song from Harry Potter. Chelsea reduced his costume a bit, but Mark kept the Sorting Hat, and it was nice see the clever choreography set to music by John Williams again. "You're an amazing dancer, whatever the outcome tonight," confirmed the judge Len Goodman. "Bellissima, bravissima" judge Bruno Tonioli praised. "Sorceress Chelsea. We are all under your spell. "" You're a very, very talented, artistic, smart, beautiful, graceful woman, "said judge Carrie Ann Inaba.

Then Kirstie and Maks danced for the last time, Redux their Week 1 cha cha, that made us fall in love with dancing leading lady. And what difference do they make 10 weeks. He showed up with a twinkle in part your hair and wear a size half of his trust Week 1 ton of costume and more verve. I loved how she and Maks gave each other little kisses on the entire routine, as if to prolong the experience, much longer. I miss the partnership. "Kirstie you naughty girl, you've saved the best for last," says Bruno, who called it "a 100% screen ... sparkling cocktail of fun." Carrie Ann said she loved Kirstie "do." Len said Kirsty, "it produced the best Dance."

Hines and Kym reenacted their Week 3 Samba Earth Wind and Fire "Fantasy", which Hines was devoted to his mother. Kym has returned from his buttery yellow skirt with lettuce and not much else, and Hines was his terrible wave silk cloth at the end of a routine. One could say that this routine was very hiotumpi than it was way back when. What really put on a dance, even if it was like Hines and Kym showed me that they had a memorable dance. "It 's been wonderful," said Carrie Ann. "You can dance your heart and it shows." Dance is a product, "said Len." What is so attractive about you is pack. "Mr. Irresistible," said Bruno.

The remaining two hours was filled with musical performances, alumni and the celebration of this season very highly rated. There were a few segments. The judges said the proximity of the final competition was no clear leader has emerged, and Len platitudes thrown rhymes like "Brawl for the Ball" and "the war on the ground." The judges also had their wacky comments that "yum, yum, what a tramp" and "come on the sun" remixed and put on an entertaining odd rhythm. "What was that?" Carrie Ann mouth. "My new ringtone," said Tom, do not skip a beat.

Psycho Mike Catherwood showed it was not just twiddling thumbs and waiting for the timeout in the "Stage" season. Instead, the reader DanceWeekly an audition for a spot in the "ETAP" Troop held a winning tie-dye a unitard, pink tights and a red ribbon, winning the reactions of members of "ETAP" Troop. The two-time champion of the Macarena Oakland when he was with the company to carry out in the EMF "Unbelievable." It was as if his partner Lacey Schwimmer made a gesture in favor of her hair in two-tone two-tone with their participation. The best party? How he got stripped to his audience at the end unitard. "Words fail me," said Tom Bergeron.

Ballroom added some Black Eyed Peas. The six stars of Grammy Award winners have made their latest single, "Do not Stop the Party" was a welcome addition to the "stage" with their world of dance rhythms and upbeat environment, and participate many lasers, lights, glitter and walked on the dance floor. Season 3 contestant Sara Evans came out to perform his hit "a little harder" on a platform amidst a sea of ​​fog, while the giant screens in the tribute to the finalists return moments.

Super model and all the beautiful soul Petra Nemcova stages its Week 3 ethereal waltz Josh Groban "You Raise Me Up" with partner programs Dmitry Chaplin. And it was a reconstruction of the soft song Petra inspired to start his charity to help tsunami victims. Moreover, Josh Groban actually came out to sing! Tested the singer flew to surprise really the model, and Dmitry had to remind her. And Petra had no idea it was really him singing! What a nice surprise of a surprise. File that under things that are beautiful.

The former "Girl Next Door" Kendra Wilkinson came equipped with the canary yellow strip surrounded by a coterie of men dancing with an improved version of his "La Vida Loca" routine with Louis Van Amstel. I kind of expected her to show her breasts and she explodes Luis experienced during the commercial bumpers. However, given the way it almost fell on his back thin judges podium at the end, it might be good to keep in a safe place after all. "Luck was with these additional types, as it turned out," said Tom astutely.

Chris Jericho and Sugar Ray Leonard returned to their routine with Cheryl Burke and Anna Trebunskaya respectively Michael Buffer makes a return appearance and delivered his famous "Let's Get Ready To Rumble! (Although he called celebraquarium "celebruarium). Chris returned to his beginnings in another place on imitations, this time for Bruno, "rubbing his chest for no apparent reason." Hey, he got a perfect score of Carrie Ann. "I had a 10! "Chris said. He was all for redemption on prom night Tuesday.

Macy's Stars of Dance was number optimist with a Go-Go came together (Oh, Belinda Carlisle. Still sad that will not go away from you season "DWTS"), singing "We Got Beat" with Cheryl Lacey and Chelsie, 1980 and Max play better dancer stripping Police sent directly to our collective fantasies. Max is definitely a beautiful girl virile, but among all girl band and the strength of these women were dancing, I have the girls on the other hand in this. She understands that Bruno had Maks "hat police? How fitting.

Ralph Macchio and Karina Smirnoff who like to swing the ban at the time, with the trumpet player looking over admiration. Wendy Williams is a talk show where he interviewed edition curiously, while Tony Dovolani was in confusion. And Wendy, her breasts and Tony went to talk to Tom and Brooke Burke host. "It feels good to be here and not be judged," he said with relief.

Romeo danced in children. He and pro partner Chelsie Hightower carried out fairly and efficiently moving rod (?) And Whitney Houston children's song, "Greatest Love of All". Romeo was a very elegant and impressive lifts. Chelsie flowy skirt was charming. Romeo looks "DWTS", and this routine, but they are not removed from Season 2 of an eyesore, who was his father, Master P. And there was a children's choir! All these pure, innocent voices sing the background light and clouds of mist. We're in heaven? Why Sarah Palin out there? In fact, Romeo said that the world does not really end. And his sound and check his Twitter handle.

And that, ballroom fans, concludes another dazzling stars, shine "Dancing With the Stars" season.
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Pia Toscano And Mark Ballas Are Dating

Pia Toscano And Mark Ballas Are Dating: In fun couples celebrity news brings the world of American Idol and Dancing with the stars together, Pia Toscano and Mark Ballas are dating. Pia and Mark first met during the filming of their program and went on their first date on Friday. According to reports, was 10!

Perhaps one day is not awesome enough to absorb the shock of his amazing American Idol elimination this week, but it can not hurt, right?

Pia was the instigator of the romance with Mark Ballas, sources say, but there was a surprise matchmaker involved who played a role in setting them up:

WWE great and current DWTS contestant Chris Jericho!

Pia and Mark both shoot American Idol and Dancing With the Stars on the same CBS Television City lot in L.A., and it turns out Pia is pretty resourceful.

She has a friend who is friends with Jericho, so Pia gave her friend a piece of paper with her number on it, who then passed it to Chris to give to Mark.

Sounds so high school, but apparently it worked out. Peeps connected with both Mark Ballas and Pia Toscano say they really hit it off. Way to go guys!
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Delay Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Delay Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Not even a show-stopping injury may delay Maksim Chmerkovskiy.
Only the second of their rumba routine Monday night "Dancing with the Stars" to see the pain on his face washed a professional dancer, when he fell to the ground and almost dropped partner Kirstie Alley.

Chmerkovskiy thigh seemed mid-step, but quickly gathered himself and continued with the routine, trying - unsuccessfully - to hide the pained expression on his face.

Despite the pain that a significant number of advertising, Chmerkovskiy said he was "a big problem."

"I'm fine," said the 31-year-old. "It will take a stretcher to get me out of here I'll be fine."

Although the cause behind the mysterious injury remains unknown, Chmerkovskiy insists that will not stop its plans to win the Mirror Ball trophy show.

"However, we have to wait until May 24 after the final!" told the magazine.

What's Alley, the actor of 60 years, admitted he was "scared" before the camera without crashing.

"I knew something was wrong. But then he got up and he was fine, and I thought, 'So what?' " Alley told Us.

"[Maksim] just controlled me," she added. "I stood up and said 'I don't know where we are' and he said, 'Just follow me.' So I did!"

The pair continued their performance to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" without any more hiccups, which earned them a score of 21 out of 30.

But receiving a higher score doesn't seem to be Alley's focus on the show.

"When I signed up for this I signed up for live TV, whatever the hell that means," the actress said. "For me, this is a story. I dance, I get an 8, is that a story? No. I'm not saying I don't care about our scores, I do, but I don't give a f--- if we fall down!"

She may not care about taking a spill on the dance floor, but Chmerkovskiy swears it was a one-time occurrence.
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Kirstie Alley Has Talked Up

Kirstie Alley has talked up his "Dancing with the Stars" game for days on Twitter. But she saw her reputation? In a word: yes.

The actress, 60 and 24 / 7 tweeter, who confessed to being "like a" Dancing with the Stars "ho", announced some moves with her partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy serious. The couple danced a cha cha cha hot song of the moment, Cee-Lo Green "Forget You."

With fellow Scientologist Kelly Preston in the audience applauded her, Lane got the public fully worked with their movements. Bruno Tonioli praised Judge Alley for his work, saying his "foot placement of cha cha cha was the best of the night."

Against all instinct, we agree. Not just nail the moves Alley, but his personality - who has a lot - came in a clear manner.

As judge Len Goodman said: "It made me feel good." Also, let us know.

What do you think? Kirstie Alley was the surprise performance of the season opener?
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Dancing With The Stars 2011

Dancing With The Stars 2011: Stars" The announcement of casting for the popular dance competition of the season in which 11 celebrity names in bold as Bristol Palin, Mike "The Situation "Sorrentino and possibly champion Jennifer Grey was even more daring in their time at the show.

Today, just six months later, the famous dance floor was cleared to make way for a new dance culture all grass fields. Here's a look at 12 new candidates signed eclectic season 12 of "Dancing With the Stars" :

Chris Jericho
Jericho Christopher Irvine was born, is well known in the world of wrestling fans. The 40-year-old became the first Undisputed WWE Champion in December 2001 (defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock), but put her career on hold recently to focus more on his other passion project, the scene of heavy metals like Fozzy singer.

Although originally signed to strut his stuff during the season, Romeo has been replaced at the last moment of his equally famous father, Master P (who is on "DWTS" was considered by many critics and followers among the worst in the history of the show with his Paso Doble to keep a record of lowest score ever). When the bar a bit 'lower than average, a 21 year old rapper, who was once a college basketball and USC hopes probably farther than his father.

Kendra Wilkinson
The decidedly non-shy, and established television star Wilkinson is no stranger to the implementation or discovering everything in front of audiences. Wilkinson, who made his debut as a model for Playboy, he ventured into television as part of E! "S" The Girls Next Door "before tuning his way a part of girl to settle down with NFL player Hank Baskett, domestic happiness the theme of your current program, Kendra. Bunny Next Door "

Kirstie Alley
Before she became the object of his own reality TV show "Kirstie Alley Big Life", first to A & E, and now lives, and a spokesperson for Jenny Craig, Alley has been known for several generations of viewers and movie fans for his memorable role on television broadcasts of "Cheers" and "Veronica's Closet" and films like "Look Who's Talking." Celebrity is an outspoken long time "DWTS" fan whose varied and entertaining tweets have been shown frequently in our Twitter timber column MTV Movies Blog.

Wendy Williams
The self-proclaimed "Queen of All Media made a name for himself as a radio host and then became a successful author and currently hosts his own syndicated talk show during the day on" The Wendy Williams Show " . Williams has a capacity to ask uncomfortable questions during interviews with celebrities and will certainly be a force to be reckoned with on the dance floor. Her talk show is supposedly set for a break when she participated in the program.

Chelsea Kane
As has been the custom over the course of the past few seasons, the "DWTS" team has welcomed another Disney star into their midst, Chelsea Kane (formerly known as Chelsea Staub, Kane legally changed her professional name back in December). The 22-year-old was a regular on Disney's "JONAS," starring the Jonas Brothers, and currently lends her voice to the character Bea on the animated series "Fish Hooks."

Sugar Ray Leonard
Leonard, a former professional boxer, following in the footsteps of many former athletes who have danced before him. While athletes are 'DWTS' tremendous competitors last season, the boxers did not go so well. 54 years, has an illustrious career he has won world titles in five weight classes, including the welterweight champion, as well as the first boxer to earn more than $ 100 million in purse winnings. Here is hoping Leonard footwork is more than that, like Laila Ali and Evander Holyfield Floyd Mayweather.

Ralph Macchio
Although he had some memorable games on television shows like "Entourage" and "Ugly Betty" for many people Macchio always and forever the original "Karate Kid". Sure, Jaden Smith, karate-chopped his way to success at the box office with his turn in 2010 remake, but Macchio began his journey into the heart of young girls around the world in 1984 for "Karate Kid" and subsequent sequelae.

Hines Ward
Certainly no shortage of athletes this season! Ward joins the cast as one of three professional athletes who compete for the trophy discoball. The Super Bowl MVP once receiver currently playing the Pittsburgh Steelers and was born in Seoul, South Korea. In September last year, President Barack Obama has appointed a member of the President's Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

Petra Nemcova
This beauty is a Czech supermodel with a big heart. 31 years, had hundreds of thousands of people to the devastating tsunami in South Asia in 2004, which killed 250,000 people in 14 countries, including her boyfriend Simon Atlee Nemcova at the time. Nemcova when he visited the place with the tsunami, several months later, he was not satisfied with the structure of how donations to benefit from living in emergency situations, so he created the Happy Hearts Fund to help children in areas of post- disaster in eight countries: Haiti, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Hurricane Katrina U.S. regions.

Mike Catherwood
Although the majority of TV viewers are familiar with Dr. Drew for his various VH1 shows his "Love Line" radio partner, Mike Catherwood, can not be as well known. Catherwood, who is also known as Psycho Mike is co-hosted the syndicated radio show for a year after the departure of Adam Carolla in 2005. Muscular radio presenter - who also works in Los Angeles' "Kevin & Bean Show" - most recently completing a memorable appearance and Regis Philbin on "Live with Regis and Kelly." We'll see if his smooth-talking skills and time in the gym to translate successfully "DWTS" run.
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