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Weekly column for CNN

WABC-TV writer Phil Lipof wobbled as he tried to keep the shape, pressed and pelted by wind flow and the circulating trash of the seaside in Beach Levels, N.J. Processor Reid of CBS dashed away from an inbound trend, just getting out of its accident. Jonathan Viglotti's indication was cut as he was standing at the front side of a high house in Long Isle.

As Gran Eileen Bloomberg advised the people of New You are able to Town to leave or stay inside, information systems were delivering their correspondents into the eye of the surprise.

Sandy began out last Thursday as a creating natural disaster in the Ocean that just one of CNN's nine computer designs estimated to turn remaining and hit the U. s. Declares, by Wednesday it became something to look at. Chad Myers, CNN's tornados professional, first described it on air that mid-day, and by Friday it was obvious that it was advancing for the Southern Seaboard. Myers began to move his soldiers, assessing who was available, and where, understanding he would need to soften an military of correspondents to protect the 500-mile spool of the surprise.

Now, CNN has at least 100 workers such as motorists, several correspondents and satellite tv providers at factors all along the Eastern Shore, as well as local online associates in every city in the large hurricane's direction.

"This is our Extremely Dish," Myers informed during a crack from his round-the-clock protection. "We have individuals that will be in the way of this surprise, and individuals will probably get harm."

Said Helen Swenson, senior vp live programming at The Weather Channel: "Whether you’re a news person or meteorologist, you live for this. You live first and foremost to tell people to get people out of harm's way; to be there for them before, during and after the storm; and tell people's real stories. We are typically on a 12 hours on, 12 hours off schedule. A lot of people are sleeping here."

For those out in the field, standing in the driving rain and wind, those hours are even more strenuous. Myers says that the network invested several years in scouting the strongest and highest spots in each city so they could park their trucks in the safest possible places and have access to multiple roadways.

"I can't save your life, but I need to do what I can to make sure you stay safe," he said of his reporters. "I feel personally responsible for them. … I sometimes tell them on the air that they need to leave."

Myers calls the field reporting essential to show people what they should not be doing, while Swenson defended the practice with verve.

"A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say," she offered. "If you didn’t have the pictures, how better could you describe the conditions of the storm? If they’re out there to the point where it’s not safe anymore, we shut down."

That decision, she said, often falls to their reporters in the field.

"Somebody like Jim Cantore and Mike Seidel, they’ve been out in the field 20-plus years; they know when it gets too rough," Swenson said. "They will get inside the satellite truck, park it between buildings. It actually happens a lot. What you don’t see is all the live shots we shut down and all the time that we shut them down to wait out the severity of the storm. We let the crews in the field make [the decision to shut down], and they’re the ones that know what’s best."

Both CNN and Weather Channel banned the use of the term "Frankenstorm" to describe Sandy, hoping to strike a more serious tone in coverage. Sensitive to charges of sounding alarmist, Swenson pitches the network as a hub of passionate people doing their life's work.

"At the end of the day, we consider ourselves at the Weather Channel a public service first," Swenson said. "If anyone thinks that during the storm, when you’re going to have a predicted 12 million people without power -- at that point, we’re lucky if we get ratings. We’re not in it to increase ratings. We have to be there for the people. That’ why we’re out there; that’s why we’re exhausted."
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Bay Area News

Dark, desolate, and humidity. Just started in the fall and the rainy season has already barge in the bay area this week, peaking with the unusually strong storm that unloaded nearly a month of rain on Wednesday.

So we are in a wet winter? Our larger brains simply do not know weather.

Meteorologists say that we are experiencing a time of weak La Niña system, which usually winter in the Bay Area are on average a little dryer than usual, but it is far from guaranteed. And though the storms are rare in this time of year, this week's storms were caused by weather systems that no matter how often isolated rains this winter. In fact, forecasts the next day provides a clear sky with temperatures in southern Santa Clara County reach 80 degrees early next week.

Add to unusually wet La Niña winter last season, with the general difficulty in predicting long-term weather forecasts and admit they can not say with confidence what is in store for the near future.

"I have not found a good (winter) provides that I would arrive in my wallet to withdraw money to buy," says Jan Null, a meteorologist with Golden Gate Services Weathered st

The National Weather Service says there is a 33.3 percent chance that this winter will be drier than normal in the Bay Area, and provided 33.3 percent of chances of being wetter than usual. The chances of rainfall being average? That would be 33.3 percent. But forecasters can learn more when climate experts issued a long-term vision winter formal in two weeks.

Forecasters also said the government had no idea whether it will be warmer or colder than normal until the end of the year. However, cooler temperatures are expected early next year.

Deciphering the long-term climate has much to do with the temperature of the Pacific Ocean in Ecuador. Heating the water to create a system of El Niño usually brings heavy storms, while the cold waters produce a La Niña pattern, which is often less rain in the Bay Area. Water temperatures are usually normal storms on average.

This year is supposed to be a weak La Niña season. The last time it happened in 2001 was drier than normal, Null said. The time before, in 1996, was wetter than usual.

"California is probably part of the country where we have the slightest confidence in the winter forecast this year," said Jack Boston, the long-range meteorologist for, acknowledges the pain of admitting uncertainty.

Duda out on a limb after last year, when everything was ready for a regular old moderate resistance to dry La Niña years. However, due to rain in San Jose, 3.1 percent more than usual last year, finishing with 15.55 inches, with some storms that brought a landslide and flood deposits.

Boston is cautiously predicting this winter to be slightly drier than average in the South Bay, thermometers summer to continue the trend by falling a few degrees on average compared to the typical winter. Here, one can also expect a cold front to send a rush to the back of the west coast from late December to January.

Throughout the evening on Wednesday, 0.37 inches of rain fell in San Jose, and more rain expected later in the night, the entire rainfall was about half of a typical total rainfall in the South Bay in October. Only less than one inch of rainfall in the San Francisco International Airport, for a total of a typical meeting in October.
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Earthquake Today Washington, DC Will Not Bring a Tsunami

The earthquake today in Washington, DC and its environs has shaken many people, but so far no serious damage or injuries. Recently, more good news was reported, as was its confirmation that this will not bring a tsunami on the east coast.

A report by the Associated Press indicates that the National Weather Service West Coast and Warning Center Alaska Tsunami pressure on the potential of a tsunami in the wake. They said that due to the location of the quake, centered in Virginia, "the earthquake was far enough inland" to trigger any tsunami to the coast. According to the director of services, Paul Whitmore, there are indicators located along the east coast, however, none of these showed the detection of a tsunami.

This is good news for those who were surprised by today's earthquake. The earthquakes were felt in various states of Virginia, as the center of the weather. It should not be in the next tsunami, this should be a startling event made many families to rest a little 'easier today.
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Osama Bin Laden Dead

In the dark of night, someone erected a IPAD who read the final result in translucent case: OSAMA OBAMA 1 0. It was after midnight, a cool spring night, and the crowd ran first, and then went to the gates of the White House when news of the death of Osama bin Laden broke. ''United States, United Unis''ont sang waving the Stars and Stripes, then "Hey, Hey Goodbye" the man who came to personify evil for Americans. Osama bin Laden was dead, long live Obama.

A similar crowd gathered near Ground Zero in New York, where he had seen bin Laden's diabolical plan to derail the terrorists two planes in the spirit of the World Trade Center towers, killing nearly 3,000 people, and bring America to its knees . But the United States was, and now had his foot on the head of a key as soon as a brave commando Half The World Away. Retribution was obtained. Or, as the president said on television recently, "Justice has been done."

This was the America's World Cup, when a pure joy and relief, which corresponds to the end of the famous World War II. A vile, despicable, hated enemy was chased and killed a real western.

Inside, a man of Washington under the chairmanship of coup extraordinary intelligence and specific actions comeback had just retired for the night. But he did not help to hear the songs from the media. Struck by the political and economic crisis a few days before, and critics questioned his own birth in the United States was drawn won a new life. Not only is his fortune, destiny, but the United States could turn to. E 'was America's moment, "Gotcha."

In his ten minutes of national television address, attached to just three hours after a team of U.S. Navy Bin Laden pinned in a deluge of fire, has Barack Obama did not hesitate to direct execution of credit . ''Today, in my opinion, the U.S. launched a targeted operation against drugs in Abbottabad, Pakistan ...'' he intoned, after saying, hvordan''Jeg Director Leon Panetta, director of the CIA , to kill or capture bin Laden førsteprioritet''kort after his accession. There is no doubt that he thought had done the work, even if the bullets were fired by the Navy Seals.

But bragging rights was tempered by grace. Shortly after nailing the # 1 public enemy of America who had telephoned his predecessors of Bush and Clinton, to inform them of the fact. In the moment of victory, he reiterated that the U.S. le''Les is not - and never will be -. At war with Islam''

''Our war is not against Islam. Bin Laden is a Muslim leader, was a murderess mass of Muslims. In fact al-Qaeda have been slaughtered in the results of the Muslims in many countries, including ours. So his death, be happy for all those who believe in peace and ihmisarvon''Obama said.

Critics and supporters celebrated the moment as a game-changer en''politisk,''both Obama and America. The presidential election is still about 18 months, but there is already talk of an Obama shoo-in for a second term. It is also about to kill U.S. troops in Afghanistan, many Americans are demanding, and accelerate the political process. At home, strengthens the hand of Barack Obama's achievement in making difficult choices to improve the economy.

For a more international level, the American pride and honor, have been reduced by ten years after the 9 / 11, is being restored. ''This is America, we do the work,''Secretary of State grated Hillary Clinton, who was the senator from New York at 9.11, que''vous alert terrorists can not hide, can not wait us out. "

Both Obama and Clinton have been less charitable about Pakistan, but said that intelligence cooperation with the country is now widely regarded as a cesspool of terrorists and sponsors. There was no thanks, only the barest recognition of its cooperation with dodgy civilian government. Clinton said the United States very keenly to the people and government of Pakistan and exclusion, the Pakistani army and intelligence services, the establishment is good.
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Nfl Lockout: Redskins Players Prepared For a Prolonged

Nfl Lockout: Redskins players prepared for a prolonged period of uncertainty about the future of their sport after the collapse of talks to work the NFL that left frustrated by the owners of teams in the league.

Terminate their negotiations with the league on a new collective agreement, NFL players filed to dissolve their union on Friday night, sending the game to its first close in nearly a quarter century.

"I still need to make some phone calls and continue to have an understanding, but I hope that the season is saved," said linebacker Lorenzo Alexander, one of three captains of the team last season . "We do not really know what is next."

The only thing Alexander and his teammates said they were confident, however, is that they failed negotiations led to resentment on both sides. Redskins players said they believed the dead - which, in its nucleus is involved differences on how to divide the NFL's $ 9 billion in annual sales - could have been avoided.

"When they said, to extend the original term, I was somewhat optimistic," linebacker Chris Wilson said. "But then when I received any reports of real progress, it was almost as if it was all public relations, as" Let's make this show we try to get more. "But from what I understand, never had a lot better, really."

If the owners, as expected, will impose a lockout, players have to work on their own until a labor contract is reached. Most of the Redskins, said this is not a problem.

"It is the responsibility of the players. It is necessary to ask the youth to be men," said defensive end Vonnie Holliday, representing the team's players. "Many of you have been asking around. I heard a large group of a group of children gather in Arizona. Here in Atlanta, where I stay, I know the guys trained together. Many guys have taken it upon themselves."

Alexander said if the strike continues, he and fellow linebacker London Fletcher will probably get teammates and the possibility of virtual tours so that they are familiar with the programs of offensive and defensive team.

NFL will take place as planned next month, but any other league activities, including voluntary and mandatory training offseason minicamps suspended.

During his stay in shape without training can be arranged as areas of difficult contracts involving financing and the player will be much more complicated.

offseason training sessions usually begin as soon as the proposal, and some Redskins players - including Fletcher, Alexander, tight end Chris Cooley, defensive back DeAngelo Hall, quarterback Donovan McNabb and insulting linjapihdit Artis Hicks - have contracts that pay them bonuses if reported 85 per cent of voluntary training sessions. It is believed that the Redskins players could miss a total of approximately $ 1,500,000 bonus workout result of the stoppage.

NFL players do not receive paychecks during the offseason. Paychecks are distributed from the second week of September to the week after the last regular season game in early January. So the players do not start to feel the real economic consequences of a decision before the game controls are missing.
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