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CMA Awards 2012

CMA Awards 2012
Here is a roundup of what Friday evening's CMA Prize champions had to say behind the scenes after they approved their trophies:

– Blake Shelton was definitely stunned to win CMA Performer of the Season given the firm competitors he experienced in that classification. ”There’s Taylor Instant right there. I mean, really? This is fairly foolish that there is anybody else selected,” Shelton said behind the scenes This.

Shelton’s big win came mainly because of the huge visibility he’s obtained as a trainer on NBC’s “The Speech,” but he pressured that new bands is still his first concern.

“I’ve got so much more I want to do,” Shelton said of his songs profession. “I’m still trying to determine how to even routine all the factors that I want to do.”

Though being on “The Voice” requires away from Shelton”s trip routine a bit, he said, “That’s about it, you know. I still create information, and I still trip as much as I can.”

– Miranda Lambert distributed the CMA Music of the Season award with her spouse Blake Shelton for co-writing “Over You.” The song was motivated by Shelton’s delayed sibling, who passed away in a car incident many decades ago. Lambert has always desired to win in that classification and she was not shy about stating it either.

“I talked it out to the galaxy, I would really like to take it,” she said behind the scenes.

Shelton is not as strong though.

“He has this factor where he will not say it because he believes you are hexing it or something,” Lambert said with a have a good laugh.

Lambert also took her third directly Women Specialist award This, and she is experiencing this expand of achievements while it continues.

“I experience like there happens to be here we are at every artist to have their time, and you do not know when that time’s going to be over or when it’s going to occur,” she said.

Lambert had time behind the scenes to describe why Shelton truly well deserved the Performer of the Season award too. She did a lot of analysis on that classification when she was selected for it a few in the past.

“I noticed that it just intended not only traveling figures, not only solution revenue or how much development you have, but the way that you showed new bands within annually,” Lambert said.

– Little Big Town won their first CMAs Thursday night for Vocal Group and Single of the Year with “Pontoon.” The wins come 13 years after they first got together as a band, and they’ve overcome a lot of struggles in that time.

“We just really always kept showing up and believing and dreaming and working really hard and it happened, it’s happened for us,” Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild said backstage. “You never know what’s around the corner.”

Little Big Town hopes their current success encourages artists following in their footsteps too.

“We’re like every songwriter and struggling artist and person that’s out there singing and trying to make it — we’re their story,” Fairchild said.

– Eric Church’s “Chief” was named CMA Album of the Year Thursday night, and he thanked the country community for giving him a home during his acceptance speech. Church’s brand of country has a prominent rock element to it, and he thinks country music’s cool factor is definitely on the rise.

“Whatever’s happened over the last five, six, seven years, that’s all I see now,” Church said. “Frankly, I think country has always been the coolest format. I just think that’s now it’s in a great space creatively.”

Speaking about “Chief,” Church said, “We kinda had nothing to lose when we made this record. We let creativity be the driver, and in doing that, in doing it that way, I think that’s hopefully how you end up with something like this.”

– Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney won their second Musical of the Year trophy Thursday for “Feel Like a Rock Star.” They actually took that trophy in 2007 with Tracy Lawrence for “Find Out Who Your Friends Are,” and this win comes more than two decades into McGraw and Chesney’s friendship.

“We’d sit back in our apartments back in the old days, we would never dream of this. Well, we’d dream about it,” McGraw said backstage.

– Thompson Square won their first Duo of the Year trophy, breaking Sugarland’s five-year streak in that category. The duo’s Keifer and Shawna Thompson just built a new house down in Alabama, and Shawna Thompson said, “We have some nice bookshelves to put ‘em on.”

“They’re empty right now, so this would be a great space filler,” Keifer Thompson said.

– CMA New Artist of the Year Hunter Hayes also performed on the show for the first time, and admitted singing in front of his country music peers was nerve-racking.
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The Voice Valuable Lesson

Voice has taught us all valuable lesson tonight: Do not judge a show of his fierce advertising campaign. For weeks, NBC has infuriated dozens and dozens of viewers (and at least one famous person) by performing outrageous points darken the screen of his new song contest below their regular programming. But if someone did not put the first episode of La Voz, because they were tired of these ads, which lost a series that can be played only breathe a little life into the genre to sing show also saturated.

It is not, however, completely renovated on the bike. At the top of the item within two hours in the evening, host Carson Daly is set to declare, "a singing contest than anything else, because it brings the capability of the song before." Eh ... Not really. Here is an analysis of how this is too complex to show the works

1. The Voice features four celebrity coaches -- Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton, and Adam Levine, in case their images haven't been burned into your brainstem yet --who must each draft eight singers to form a team. They choose the members of their teams in Round One, the "blind auditions."

2. In this opening round, each judge is placed in a giant, Dr. Claw-esque chair that faces away from a stage. One by one, wannabes come out and try to wow the coaches with their voices alone. These auditioners have all been vetted already by The Voice's producers, so none of them are untalented losers being trotted out solely for our sick amusement -- ahem, Idol.

3. If a coach likes what he hears, he presses a magic button that turns his chair around; if he's the only judge that turns by the time the wannabe stops singing, that vocalist is automatically on his team.

4. But - and this is where it gets fun -- if more than one coach presses his button, the vocalist who's being fought over gets to choose which coach he or she wants to work with.

5. Once each coach has chosen eight singers, he or she personally trains the members of that team to make them better vocalists. I imagine that this stage will include at least one montage set on an obstacle course.

6. Then comes Round Two, in which each coach is responsible for cutting half the members of his or her team. Here, teammates will compete against each other inside of what appears to be a giant Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots ring. At this point, the coaches will be permitted to watch the contestants as they perform, so that whole "putting vocal ability first" thing kind of goes out the window.

7. Finally, in its last round, The Voice will start to look a lot more familiar. The 16 remaining singers will perform live. Viewers will vote for their favorites, eventually selecting one grand prize winner.

8. The victor receives $100,000 and a record deal with Universal Republic.

Did that clarify things? I'm going to pretend I just heard you say 'yes.' Let's move on.
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Taylor Swift And Miranda Lambert

Who is the fairest of all? It would be Taylor Swift and Miranda Lambert! Win Entertainer of the Year last night at the Academy of Country Music Awards, Taylor downright enthusiastic. Country crooner Miranda made his mark as well, blocking singer Top, Single of the Year and Video of the Year "for" The House that I built. "

As Taylor has accepted the coveted trophy, as noted Popeater proclaimed: "For the first time I won, and I'm losing my mind! The fact that it was the fans is so beautiful.'re The best thing that ever happened. "Awww.

Later in the show Taylor performed "Mean" and begain singing on the porch in the background which later became the second plane of married with text: "One day, I live in a big old city, / And all I ever to be cruel. "

And what about Miranda, who caused a sensation with their trophies? While accepting the award the singer fought back tears and said: "I feel so happy and so humble. I thank God for giving me the blessing of my dreams. I love country music fans!
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