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Ashley Judd are getting divorced

Ashley Judd are getting divorced
Celebrity Ashley Judd and her spouse, competition car car owner Mario Franchitti, are getting separated after 11 years of wedding. We’re sure this is sad for both of them, but we’re going to leap forward to the query every tired assistance in the Hart Us senate Office Developing requested themselves Wed when they study the news: Does this mean she is going to run for Us senate in Kentucky?

Maybe you did not know that was a probability. But it’s true: Some The state of ky Dems are discussing up Ms. Judd, an eighth-generation The state of ky local, as an perfect applicant to run against Us senate Community Innovator Mitch McConnell in 2014.

Ashley Judd was a assign to the Democratic Nationwide Meeting this season and is something of a governmental capitalist, so it’s not exactly like this is a crazy idea. Plus she is been noncommittal in an motivating type of way when requested if she is fascinated.

“I am incredibly honored and frankly overwhelmed by the outpouring of support – that the people of Kentucky are interested in having me represent them is the greatest honor of my life so far and I am certainly taking a close look at it,” said Judd before the Kentucky Society of Washington’s Bluegrass Ball in Washington on Jan. 19, according to a report in Politico.

OK, then. Does her impending divorce indicate she’s more likely to do this, or less?

Over at The Atlantic, Michael Catalini thinks it means Judd will take a pass.

“Given this development, there’s a chance Judd won’t want to jump into a messy political campaign,” he writes.

Catalini adds that this is “bad news” for Senator McConnell, since Judd would be politically weaker than other Democrats he might face. After all, Kentucky is a conservative state, and Judd’s own grandmother called her a “Hollywood liberal.” Plus, while she was a DNC delegate, she didn’t represent Kentucky. She represented Tennessee – the state she and Franchitti called home.

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Jennie Garth and Chris Facinelli have divided up

Jennie Garth and Chris Facinelli have divided up. Publicists for the Artist several informed Wednesday the several have divided.

Facinelli and Garth met on the 1996 set of the TV film, "An Incomplete Matter." They have been committed for 11 decades and are the mother and father of three kids.

"While we have determined to end our wedding, we both reveal the same deeply really like and commitment to our kids. We stay devoted to increasing our wonderful kids together. We ask for comfort and regard during now," the stars' associates said in a combined declaration released to

Facinelli, 38, is best known for his perform in the "Twilight" film business, as well as the TV sequence "Nurse Jackie."

Garth, 39, was the celebrity of the small-screen visits "Beverly Mountains, 90210" and "What I Like About You." She also ran on "Dancing with the Stars" in 2007.
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Harry Belafonte Stopped By "The Colbert Report"

Harry Belafonte
The legendary singer Harry Belafonte stopped by "The Colbert Report" last night to discuss his new book "My Song" and talk about his long career as an artist and activist.

Belafonte asked Colbert why he used a celebrity to draw attention to the progressive causes, "which incidentally is one of the most beautiful pieces of calculating the banana never" "Do not just sing" Banana Boat Song,

According to Belafonte, apparently meaningless word "Day O" and it was really full of political significance. "I must say that this song is really much to do the day's events," he said. "And 'the work song, a song people are doing the hard work of planting."

Colbert explained that, like Harry Belafonte, he participated in March in Washington in 1963: ".. I was in the life of my mother she was pregnant with me"

"I have not changed a bit, '" he joked Belafonte. (At 84, his comedy is impeccable.)

Colbert pressed Belafonte on why he used his "glory of having banana" to adopt social change. "Why do not you be rich and coveted, that's what I do."

Belafonte said: "I thought the community from which I come would be better if I wanted to focus light on people who are not as fortunate as us, and I had a responsbility to achieve in this disaster and try to make a difference. "

Highlights of the interview occurred in the last minute, when Colbert asked timidly if Belafonte sings again. Belafonte said he does, but only occasionally. Colbert waited a second, then slowly began to sing Belafonte hit "Jamaica Farewell". By the way where the nights are gay, and the sun shines every day in the mountains, "he sang. A few seconds later, Belafonte joined, and the two became a duo. It was a beautiful moment.
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