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Georges St-Pierre successfully in UFC 167

The champion Georges St - Pierre successfully left the game , " and go to a little " immediately after the question " first decision Johny Hendricks fight , the UFC 167 welterweight title in the ninth album.

But UFC president Dana White said St- Pierre and the lack of a holiday promotion with Hendricks looking for an immediate return, but do not expect it existed in all clarity .

White also said that the decision of the " burnt ", said: " George has lost his lead , he knew , he knew , lost, Hendricks knew he had won, and won the corner knew it. "

St- Pierre ( 25-2 ) in UFC history and one of the most successful boxer who won MGM Grand Garden Arena in front of a full stadium for the first time by split decision .

When the judge saw Hendricks 48-47 in the third reigning five -round fight for the title 48-47 . Hendricks, 48-47 in the game.

As most of the crowd booed the decision , St. Pierre, and took the microphone for a while "hang the gloves " in need - but if you are asked to confirm whether this will be his last fight , hesitated Canadian Champion .

"There was a lot of talk about what was going to happen [after this fight]," St-Pierre said. "I have a bunch of stuff in my life happening. I need to hang up my gloves for a little bit.

"I will make a point on that a little later, but for right now, I've got to go away for a little bit."

Hendricks (15-2), who raised his arms in victory when the fight ended, challenged St-Pierre in every facet of the game. He hurt him several times with his signature left hand and scored key takedowns in the third and fourth rounds.

A former NCAA wrestling champion at Oklahoma State University, Hendricks collapsed when the scores were read.

"I thought I clearly won the fight," he said.

Hendricks expressed no interest in whether St-Pierre retires.

"I don't care about Georges," Hendricks said. "That's what I've said from the very get go. I beat him anyway.

"I just want the belt. That UFC belt, right in front of me. That's the only thing pushing me, motivating me. I don't care who has it or who doesn't. I need to get that. That's really my drive. I thought I got it tonight, but I guess I didn't."
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UFC 155 Junior Dos Santos vs. Cain Velasquez

Dos Santos, the UFC champ, is unbeaten at 9-0 in the UFC and completed 7 of those 9 competitors. He depends on his fantastic punching and a floor game enhanced with his famous tutor Antonio Rodrigo "Minotauro" Nogueira. He also has a popularity as one of the best people in the experience, a dearest determine in his local nation of South america. Velasquez's only MMA loss came to Dos Santos and he has been placed as a upcoming champ from his begin in the experience. He blends fantastic struggling, powerful stunning and perhaps the best aerobic of any high quality in the experience. Dos Santos broken out in 64 a few moments a year ago and Velasquez is gunning for vengeance.

Round 1. Velasquez clicks ahead at the begin. He shoots in a few blows and then requires Dos Santos down. Dos Santos appears right returning up. Velasquez then delves in extremely for another takedown effort that doesn't come close. Velasquez brings a few blows and gets captured with a reverse. Velasquez expenses in for another takedown but it is again protected. Velasquez areas a directly right impact but Dos Santos quickly prevents another takedown effort. Dos Santos grabs Velasquez with a few injections as Velasquez comes in. Velasquez areas a system punch but Dos Santos licks off another takedown effort with convenience. Velasquez holds a clinch and areas a joint to the system. Dos Santos areas a awesome reverse connect and there is a minimal cut on Velasquez. Velasquez falls Dos Santos with a large overhand right impact and looks to complete him with blows on the floor. Dos Santos is just protecting up but Velasquez isn't getting particularly powerful blows. Dos Santos lastly appears returning up but Velasquez draws him returning down. Velasquez reveals up with blows on the floor and shoots in blows as the circular indicates. 10-8 Velasquez. Dos Santos staggers returning to his area. He's in a world of problems.

Circular 2. A assured Velasquez falls Dos Santos returning with big directly blows. He then jams Dos Santos to the mat. Dos Santos gets up but Velasquez jams him right returning down. Dos Santos appears up again and they clinch against the crate. Velasquez holds only one leg and brings Dos Santos returning down. Dos Santos gets returning up and consumes a couple of blows right to the chin area. Velasquez requires Dos Santos returning down. Velasquez holds an armbar and looks to complete with the distribution. Dos Santos gets out and profits to his legs. They business against the crate as the round comes to a near. 10-8 Velasquez.

Round 3. Dos Santos areas a awesome uppercut as Velasquez goes in. He joins with a awesome connect minutes later. Velasquez geese down and ratings a takedown Half a moment in. Velasquez has 165 arrived hits just through the first two units. Dos Santos does get returning up. They return up against the crate. Velasquez areas big blows to the system and keeps strolling down Dos Santos. He won't allow Dos Santos any range to area the blows that Dos Santos is most relaxed using. Dos Santos is displaying excellent center clinging in there and trying to reverse as much as he can. Velasquez lastly looks a little exhausted after forcing the speed so much. He supports away and consumes a awesome Dos Santos uppercut. 10-9 Velasquez.

Round 4. Velasquez instantly clicks ahead and clinches. He requires Dos Santos down a moment in but Dos Santos once more profits to his legs. Dos Santos areas a impact and clicks Velasquez against the crate. Dos Santos looks for a takedown. Velasquez prevents that. He holds a leg and requires Dos Santos returning down. Dos Santos gets up but consumes a large impact to the system and uppercut. Dos Santos strolling away as if he isn't enthusiastic about battling but then brings a challenging shoulder as Velasquez goes in. Velasquez clinches and they perform against the crate. 10-9 Velasquez.

Round 5. Velasquez strolling Dos Santos down right from the begin again. He holds a leg and looks for a takedown but Dos Santos prevents it. Velasquez keeps looking for a takedown but Dos Santos perfectly is able to quit it. He then brings a large connect that overlooks Velasquez's chin area. Velasquez keeps forcing ahead and won't allow Dos Santos to be able to flower his legs and area the property run taken that he needs. Velasquez lastly gets Dos Santos down to the floor midway through the round. Dos Santos once again gets returning up to his legs and fights in a clinch against the crate with Velasquez. Velasquez joins with a large go punch with Half a moment as a whole. He clicks Dos Santos returning against the crate and goes returning to perform. He looks for one last takedown as the round indicates. 10-9 Velasquez, 50-43 Velasquez.

Winner: Cain Velasquez, individual choice (50-45, 50-43, 50-44).

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UFC 152 on Weekend evening

Jon Jones efficiently protected his mild high quality headline, remaining an beginning frighten to publish former champ Vitor Belfort in it all circular at UFC 152 on Weekend evening.

Belfort came near with an armbar in the first circular, but Jones' arrive at, different strike and floor and lb took a cost on the expert opposition.

Unable to get his stunning activity going, Belfort tried to take the battle to the floor where he could use his jiu-jitsu. But he compensated a cost and lastly decreased sufferer to an Americana distribution 54 a few moments into the circular. Jackson enhanced to 17-1, and Belfort decreased to 21-10.

In the co-main occasion at the Air North america Center, Demetrious Jackson won a divided decision—48-47, 47-48, 49-46—over John Benavidez to become the UFC's first flyweight champ.

Jones took down Belfort down Thirty a few moments after the starting gong, and the B razil reacted with an armbar effort that seemed risky. Jackson criticized Belfort down to the fabric and gradually wriggled no cost as the audience started to chant "Vitor! Vitor!"

"I've never had my arm pop like that before," said Jackson, who said he would have let his arm crack rather than tap out.

ones remained on top and began to throw elbows, cutting Belfort. The doctor had a look at the battered challenger between rounds.

 Belfort, who does his best work traditionally in the first round, came out punching in the second. But he had a hard time penetrating Jones' reach. The champion began to pick away at Belfort, who pulled guard later in the round to bring the fight back to the ground.

Belfort took some more elbows as he tried to get into position for another submission attempt.

Jones put him down with a kick to the rib in the third. This time, Jones let him get back up only to have Belfort pull guard again.

"Go with your punches if you want to win this fight," Belfort's cornerman yelled between rounds.

He did but pulled guard again and Jones went to work with some elbows before cranking Belfort's arm back and forcing the tapout.

"That's why he's a champion," said Belfort, who said he had hurt his rib in training.
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UFC 149 Renan Barao

Using a acquainted strategy, Renan Barao used slicing leg sneakers and fast arms to beat Urijah Faber and declare the UFC's temporary bantamweight name.

With present titleholder Dominick Jackson sidelined following latest ACL surgery treatment, the B razil secured declare to No. 1 contender's position after ending out Faber in the five-round pay-per-view headliner of Saturday's UFC 149 occasion at Scotiabank Saddlehome in Calgary.

Despite a battle card ruined by accidents, UFC 149 marketed out in a few times and counted a Scotiabank Saddledome history with a stay checkpoint of $4.1 thousand. But the top level determined a sequence of long awaited but quite bad presented points of interest, and boos perished out the post-fight meetings following the evening of top level.

Faber, a former WEC champ who shifted to the UFC when the special offers combined this year, taken part in his Eleventh name battle in his previous 16 performances. But like an Apr 2010 reduction to Barao's team mate, featherweight champ Jose Aldo, Faber was stunted by painful low sneakers that set up up energy blows and kept him from ending the range.

With his platform gone and the range too excellent, Faber couldn't put the B razil on his returning, where he had his best taken at success. Instead, Barao assaulted him with injections from different perspectives, and according to Faber, may have damaged one of his bones beginning in the battle.

Faber said Barao's leg sneakers didn't do the destruction that Aldo's did a few decades ago, but the outcome was the same: Barao grabbed a major unanimous-decision success (49-46, 50-45, 49-46).

"I realized Faber was an excellent sportsman and an excellent martial artist, but I ready myself very well, and that was the outcome," an psychological Barao said through a translation. "My instructors informed me to keep [kicking the legs], but it was not only that."

With no specified schedule for Cruz's come returning, Barao said he's willing to protect the temporary name meanwhile.

Lombard flops in first appearance, Boetsch gets divided decision

In the evening of co-headliner, former Bellator champ Hector Lombard's intensely expected UFC first appearance was a dud, and other middleweight Tim Boetsch capitalized on his flatfooted opposition to choose up a split-decision success.
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UFC 148 Winner Anderson Silva

The greatest MMA card of the season occurs Sunday evening in Las Nevada, with UFC 148 headlined on pay-per-view by the UFC middleweight name rematch between champ Anderson Silva and competition Chael Sonnen. Sonnen taken over Silva for nearly five units in their first battle before succumbing to a overdue triangular armbar distribution. Sonnen has discussed junk unlimited for decades about Silva and an upset Silva lashed out vocally at Sonnen previously in the 7 days. The grudge go with has led to UFC's maximum grossing Las Nevada occasion ever.

Since 2006, Anderson Silva has ruled as the most major champ in UFC record. 14-0 in the UFC, Silva has had little problems with most oppositions. The one considerable exemption was Sonnen, who taken over Silva with struggling and was near to successful in major style when Silva found him in a distribution in the fifth circular of their first experience. Now, Sonnen gets his opportunity to take off the win he almost had and end Silva's lengthy skills of popularity. A big concern is how much a rib damage performed into Silva's efficiency at the first try. Including to the interest is that Sonnen has installed the most competitive war of terms in MMA record against Silva and clearly gotten under the champion's epidermis. Silva will have to be able to vanquish his competing in much more major style. It's a battle with very great levels.

Round 1. The Brazilian fans in attendance are loudly chanting that Sonnen is going to die in Portuguese. Loud Silva chants as the fight starts. Silva throws a few big punches and Sonnen takes Silva down 9 seconds into the fight. Sonnen immediately drops down punches on Silva. The crowd begins chanting USA. Silva is very active from the bottom but he isn't attempting to stand back up. Sonnen gets Silva near the cage and looks to isolate one of Silva's arms. Silva holds Sonnen and prevents Sonnen from getting enough distance to do damage. Silva briefly looks for an arm triangle from the bottom. Sonnen gets out and looks again to isolate one of Silva's arms for a submission of his own. Sonnen drops down some elbows and works into mount position with 50 seconds left in the round. 10-8 Sonnen.

Round 2. Sonnen aggressively moves forward to close the distance and grab a hold of Silva. They clinch against the cage. Sonnen throws a few knees from the clinch. Sonnen drops down but Silva defends. Silva grabs Sonnen's shorts and lands a couple punches. Silva opens up with punches and kicks and Sonnen goes for a desperation takedown. Silva blocks it. Sonnen misses a spinning strike and Silva lands some punches on the ground. Sonnen gets up but is dropped by a punch. Silva lands a few more punches on the ground and the fight is stopped.

Winner: Anderson Silva, TKO, round 2.

Silva after the fight says he doesn't have a problem with Sonnen, despite Sonnen disrespecting his country. Silva embraces Sonnen, says he wants to show manners, and invites Sonnen to a BBQ at his house.
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UFC Rich Franklin's best times

Rich Franklin's best times may be behind him, but the expert combined martial specialist still has a sparkle for the extraordinary.

The former middleweight champ live through a second-round knockdown and rallied to outpoint B razil tale Wanderlei Silva in violent area at Saturday's UFC 147 occurrence.

The 190-pound catchweight battle headlined UFC 147's pay per perspective collection and took position at a sold-out Estadio Jornalista Felipe Drumond in the B razil town of Belo Horizonte.

Franklin, who took the battle on four weeks' observe for damaged Vitor Belfort, silenced a very pro-Silva audience with a five circular unanimous-decision achievements (49-46 on all scorecards). Franklin also outpointed "The Axe Murderer" three decades ago at UFC 99.

The 37 season old Franklin and 35 season old Silva joined UFC 147 a combined 5-9 in their past 14 battles. It's hardly the achievements that should get headlining areas, but the fan preferred have been confirmed attracts. So with few other alternatives available, authorities reserved the rematch and expected to utilize Silva's popularity in his house nation.

Franklin, though, confirmed much better to the impact throughout the battle, and despite a 16 1 month layoff due to neck medical procedures restoration, his training and strength were fantastic. Both assisted him endure Silva's second circular knockdown and following ground-and-pound attack that had "Ace" in achievements function until he was stored by the gong.

The sequence, actually, granted sapped Silva (34-12-1 MMA, 4-7 UFC) of power, and Franklin (29-6 MMA, 14-5 UFC) capitalized in the later units to set up the choice win.

"I honestly don't remember it," Franklin said of the second-round right hook that floored him. "When that kind of stuff happens, you remember bits and pieces. ... I was operating on auto-pilot for a while."

Franklin, who had been toiling in the light-heavyweight division after losing his middleweight belt to dominant champ Anderson Silva, said he's planning a return to his former weight class for one final title run before retirement.

-- Ferreira, Bezerra win 'TUF: Brazil'

In the night's other featured bouts, two tournament winners were crowned as part of the conclusion of "The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil."

The first international edition of the UFC's long-running reality series drew big ratings in Brazil, so it was fitting the tourney conclusions were booked for the UFC's Brazilian event.

In the middleweight-tournament final, Cezar "Mutante" Ferreira (5-2 MMA, 1-0 UFC) topped Sergio "Serginho" Moraes (6-3 MMA, 0-1 UFC) via unanimous decision. In the featherweight final, Rony "Jason" Mariano Bezerra (10-0 MMA, 1-0 UFC) did the same to Godofredo "Pepey" de Oliveira (8-1 MMA, 0-1 UFC).

Both winners receive long-term UFC contracts and will feature prominently on future cards.
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