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Teen Beach 2 Movie play in Disney sequel

Each magic work in this long awaited sequel to the 2013 Disney a little harder to find a story, to find "Teen Beach Movie".

"Teen Beach 2" catchy melody, a healthy, radiant sun, winner of the children are always with radiant cast crowded.

For the first time and should work again. Therefore scarf, the authors of the first tower in the plot lacks towers she had to do, and everyone thought it was very likely that the same person in this material.

Maia Mitchell and Ross Lynch irresistibly cute enough to be an intelligent student who Brady Mack and Surfer Dude, was not again.

Down-surfing and back to school, because the film begins the teen beach movie later in the summer highlights.

But wait! You get to the beach, but a nice place Lela (Grace Phipps) and Tanner Hunky model (gyareta Clayton).

Both series are below their 1960 classic "Wet Side Story".

Mack and Brady was happy to see them, but they are, as you can screw the whole history of the perception of this kind of time travel.

So are half a dozen songs ultrasound affection and youth experience side corner some time on the screen, while the return of the 60's and Tanner have to get Lela.

It is a tedious job, but enough to feed the whole show is young and foolish.

Ultimately, "Teen Beach Movie" in the same fantasy world where everything big picture, understand your target audience and have as their predecessors in the 1960s.

All people in real life actually live there. But it's a great getaway.
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Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren: If you see 'Arthur', choose a theater that serves alcohol. You need it. As a 3-D adventure, this fiasco is optimized through beer goggles. A team of filmmakers takes millions of dollars, a classic comedy and a sheet of tracing paper, and produced a parody. They had a model for a great movie in the 1981 Dudley Moore, John Gielgud, "Arthur." Sublime performance. Bad jokes. The relationship between the soul rich, drunk and ruined his guardian sarcastic. The algorithm was there.

His job was simply to reproduce faithfully. And they could not. My head hurts.

"Arthur" is not one of those accidents, which were - it-all-go-wrong. Its basic design flaw is obvious: Russell Brand does not have much talent vulnerability. As Arthur Bach, perpetual heir melting of a businesswoman Dragon Lady, is presented as a poor little rich boy with alcohol as a shield against a life of alienation. It's like launching a Jason Statham as Nobel laureate sensitive.

Brand, a comic Ricky Gervais, Steve Coogan line inflated self-esteem is the best when it is hateful. In "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and "make him the Greek," it was a volatile compound of libido is the right and IQ. He was shaking and very funny. In "Arthur", he must be an outsider fabulously rich . Brand has donated more of his favorites to play the sweet, warm and human heart of this film. He sacrificed the vital parts

its anatomy comics, if you know what I mean and I think you do.

Arthur, who lives in Manhattan, a walk-in attic makes the frivolous life of middle-class twit seems to drag. It 's a fleet of cars iconic film, but none other than his butler stupid to go on a cruise. He is a magnetically levitating bed, and many of the prostitutes, but no one likes.

When the fire to his mother, trying to force him to build a financially advantageous marriage heiress, has fallen to the rebels travel guide Arthur ditsy. He will decide his legacy of a billion dollars or true love? Can he stop drinking through AA? It's the payoff is huge cop-out? The pain will never end?

Brand plays a kind of binge drinking increased worry about, but never reached a carefree enthusiasm is Moore or Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow. He capers in the streets of Manhattan, a top hat, waving his arms like the Scarecrow in laboratory pantomime Alice 'in Wonderland. "Because of his wife Steel celebrities, Jennifer Garner is so full of anger that one cringes when he returns to the screen.

Indie Film Pussycat Greta Gerwig plays an offer, salt-of-the-earth Queens girl who could be the salvation of Arthur. He's not bad, because the role is so thin projection of male fantasies, the character is completely devoid of energy and depth.

Helen Mirren, slum ming in the role of Arthur Stern but loving nanny is more alive than the rest of the cast, even when the script requires to wear a helmet of Darth Vader and command, "Wash your winkie."
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