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Dinner White House Correspondents Association 2016

President Barack Obama at the dinner White House Correspondents Association in his latest stand-up riff tart tongue Donald Trump, the Republican Party and even fellow Democrats with contemptuous explosion took the corps of the White House Press Saturday his resignation.

Trump, who was impaled in 2011. Obama unforgettable far barbed target expected the existence of a fact that has not gone unnoticed by the commander was not.

"I'm a little 'bad, he's not here tonight," Obama said. "We had so much fun the last time. It was surprising in a room of journalists, celebrities were on camera. Said no. That is too sticky for Donald dinner, what he instead of what could be a do Trump steak diet? Tweet Angela Merkel shame? What is it doing? "

Obama took shots at the Democratic race, Bernie Sanders, who was present in the story: "They may look a million dollars or, to put it in terms you understand, you look like a donation of $ 27 per 37,000.."
The lines to investigate the race in 2016 around the speculation ", the next year, there will be no one standing here in the same place. And it is a puzzle, it needs to be."

Obama in his speech and told the audience at the end ", and with this, I have to say only two words to Obama." He brought two fingers to his lips, to get with the other hand, a microphone in front of him and fell dramatically when the accent on a great performance intentionally mentioned actions, "Mike grave."
In 2011, at the prospect of a later time Trump Washington bubbles salivated gutting, Trump ridiculed publicly mention that President Obama supports an American millionaire origin has not been, and was the public disqualified for so used to be president.
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Debt Ceiling Stiller Health Care

Overall, the current negotiations on the debt ceiling Stiller health care as a right shows a fertility of ideas who can help the gap currently between stumpage and increase revenues. Here's how.

Three years ago now, I announced that health care should be a right for all Americans (even though I'm sure I'm not the first to say). Teddy Kennedy at the Democratic convention of 2008 was the same thought. Back on the campaign in Nashville in October 2008, Obama and McCain are asked how each of the health care viewed - as a right, privilege or responsibility. Obama was clear: health is a right. Since then, many of them in Congress mouth the same words.

When I wrote about health care is a right, I did not mean anything in the founding documents of the country, although it is involved in the concept of right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness comes to mind. After all, without our health, we can not do anything, can not be productive for us, our families, our communities, our employers, or even the nation in a global sense. Healthcare is the only one who have everything, and it is equally important to Americans as it is from one to another. The passage in March 2010, in what is known as "Obamacare" was a step in the right direction to achieve this goal, but this law only affects access to health services market, no doctor available to all. Now, of course, the role of rule of law (in which everyone must buy health insurance) was legally challenged and reach the Supreme Court a day earlier.

The award has never been the first choice of Obama - he wanted a public option, but the health insurance industry, and wanted the power to pay what the law is never placed before, in order to obtain his law on ' health care into law, he needed to do some good old horse-trading.

Those who require health care is the nation's elderly. Medicare is a government program started in 1965 to do just that. Without Medicare, millions of these 65 years are unable to afford health care. Now, however, it seems that those who oppose Obama wants to start a "slicing and dicing" of Medicare as part of cost cutting programs right before the debt ceiling is increased.

Actually, in order to reduce the budget, much has been done, and every sector of the economy feels the pain - for those who rely on the defense budget of the Ministry of living for those who do not want to make billions of oil drilling billion dollars, and everything else. To be honest, social rights are part of this combination. But l ', withdrawal or reduction in the removal of the interests of our elderly population, which requires them to stay healthy is disgusting We believe that health care for all Americans should have the right. The right to be and stay healthy for all 65 years is just as important as anyone to have access to health insurance that Congress will soon vote on the debt ceiling. Think someone else to do, or Congress can not believe, and does not recognize the forest for the trees.

For those in Congress, his arrogance will show if you think your health and ability to maintain, is more important than the health of the population that gets in the office.

But if the hairdresser's scissors are made to Medicare, even in a trivial way, so why not now consider setting Obamacare public opportunity, or something like that? No, I do not mean to have the insurance company to run the government to compete with the private market, only to have to provide seed money for a unit that will become self-sufficient in coming years and provide real competition companies to offer health insurance to cover all Americans - including our elderly population. Real competition lowers the price of a product, including health insurance. In this way, at least the elderly (and we all), while there may be some cuts in Medicare as part of the current negotiations of debt reduction will know that an alternative would be available with an optional public the next few years will not use any taxpayer money to finance or run it.
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Donald Trump For President

Donald Trump For President: Donald Trump, real estate billionaire and reality TV star is still mulling presidential run in 2012. Trump from the list of possible candidates, like Obama, David Axelrod, strategist regarded as "unfathomable," at a Republican conference earlier this year.

During this appearance, he threw himself a strong sense of nationhood economic needs than the United States continues to face economic recession and high unemployment, although the government stimulus measures. You can exclude a speech Mr. Trump said: "I'm sorry, Ron Paul can not be president."

He was an intelligent hub from a leading Republican in nature. Paul outside urban coastal libertarianism, a broad band of voters think Trump could take in a duel with Barack Obama presidential. Obama damaged his reputation with progressives by not good on some promises, such as closing Guantanamo Bay and then to the army in support Libya freedom, the fight against the insurgents to turn their dictator Gaddafi crazy.

Battle of the American presidency, can not be fought in the coastal cities, fought in Iowa, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and rural areas. Trump, billionaire around the world has recognized that he could not appeal to voters in these states. He concentrated on the rough mix hot-button issue: the validity of the birth certificate of Obama. Trump has been blamed Fox News, Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly that the corresponding decision, but has attracted the interest of Republican voters, though.

In key battleground state, New Hampshire, Mitt Romney trails Trump, who was running for the last three years, only six points. This stunned the experts and analysts who were confused, if not terrified of a more urban mocked Trump Birther movement.

Trump announced some goals of his presidency, or to seize Iraqi oil fields, atypical target public presidential contender.

Given its commercial interests and the elegance of a presidency Trump be cloudy. A disaster unregulated? Or control iron fist CEO America, Inc. for a prosperous future. It is too early to say but we can see above, her face looks good on a dollar bill. He won. Literally.
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The Large Budget Figures Paul Ryan

The large budget figures Paul Ryan: It will reduce spending by 6.2 trillion over the next decade and to reduce the deficit by 4.4 billion dollars. It also reduces the maximum rate of income tax by nearly one third, from 35 to 25 percent.

Much of the plan the House Budget Chairman assumes the right to attend Barack Obama's health will be repealed. During the next decade, which would be reduced from 1.4 trillion in spending alone, according to Ryan's budget. These savings, however, would not go to deficit reduction, as Ryan also repeal elements of health reform designed to increase revenue or cut costs.

Wisconsin Republican budget spends less on almost all major budget categories. Over the next decade, Ryan (R-Wis.) wants to cut 389 billion U.S. dollars from Medicare, public health insurance program for seniors. During the same period, Ryan's budget to 735 billion U.S. dollars less than Medicaid, which benefits the Americans too poor to afford private insurance. discretionary spending programs are also reduced by $ 923 million.

Two exceptions are spending on security and defense and social security spending, public pensions for the elderly. The two are held constant and relatively unchanged from the draft budget for Mr. Obama.

Draft proposal for Ryan's House Budget Committee, said that his plan, the Treasury would have $ 1100000000000 less than it would in the next five years, the budget of Obama, and I would like to debit $ 3000000000000 less than the budget proposal of Obama the next decade. Ryan's budget proposal would bring the public debt was 13.9 trillion dollars by 2016 and $ 16 billion by 2021, compared with 15 trillion in 2016 and $ 19 billion in 2021 according to the proposal of the President. (The entire debt amounted to just over $ 14 billion in funds for Social Security and Medicare funds, but the public image that is commonly used for budget projections.)

Ryan plans $ 40 billion in spending over the next 10 years compared to 34.9 billion dollars in revenue. Obama will spend $ 46 billion over the next decade, while bringing to 38.8 trillion dollars in revenue. So the plan is still Ryan government spends more than 5.1 trillion dollars over the next ten years, which brings, but less than $ 7.2 billion in deficit spending Obama has proposed.

The main difference between the competing budget proposals, seeing as how they imagine the size of the government run the economy in terms of revenue and expenses as a percentage of GDP.

Obama's plan would take the budget expenditure as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP), the entire economic output of the U.S. economy from 25.3 percent this year, 22 percent for the range a lot in next decade. But by the end of a period of 10 years, he returned to his plan to spend 23 per cent. Proceeds from the vault, which are currently in an anemic 14.4 percent, were hiding up to 19 percent by 2015 and then hit a 20 per cent in 2021.

This would be the highest amount of public spending since the Second World War. During the 12-year presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, from 8 percent of GDP expenditure to 41 percent, led by Roosevelt's New Deal, but even more by the war expenditures.

During the administration costs of Harry Truman has been halved from 41 per cent of GDP to 20 per cent and declined further to 18 percent under Dwight Eisenhower. It was 18 per cent of GDP by John F. Kennedy presidency, has risen to 19 percent under Lyndon Johnson, and then to 20 percent while Richard Nixon was in the White House. Gerald Ford has costs 19 per cent of GDP, it rose to 22 percent during the term of Jimmy Carter, down 21 percent under Ronald Reagan's two terms and George HW Bush's four years as commander in chief. Bill Clinton brought the cost to 18 percent of the U.S. economy.

No president since Roosevelt has increased spending as a percentage of GDP over George W. Bush to raise it from 18.4 per cent of GDP to 22.8 percent.

Obama's budget does not show what is happening outside the window of 10 years. Thus, compared to expenses of George W. Bush, he seems almost on an equal footing. See, however, the projections of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) cost increases at the current rate will increase to over 26 per cent of GDP in 2022, over 32 percent of GDP in 2030, 38 percent of GDP in 2040, and 45 per cent of GDP in 2050, with most of these costs due to the rising costs of health care.

Turnover in CBO's projections would not move more than 19 percent of GDP, leading to a gap between spending and revenues that would be difficult to maintain.

Ryan said that a simulation of what would happen in the future "accidents in 2037, because he can not conceive of any way that the U.S. economy may continue because of the crushing burden of debt."

Ryan's plan would shift costs to historical levels maintained at 20 per cent of GDP until 2030 and is reduced to less than 19 per cent in 2040. Ryan plan predicts revenue amounting to 19 per cent of GDP in 2040, so that the national debt should be reduced over time.

The proposal landed in the middle of a busy news cycle in which Washington is to eat a battle of the budget expenditure for the current year, a much smaller part of public spending, which, however, the federal government goes if not resolved on Friday.

Reaction to Ryan's plan was divided into ideological lines, as expected, although there are also those who supported the general thrust of the plan is not Ryan take it in detail.

John Irons, director of policy research and Left Economic Policy Institute, told Ryan Budget Plan "is impressive in its ability not only to inflict maximum damage on the economy, but to focus on most of those damages need. "

"This will not only cost the economy hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions) of jobs in the next five years, will also destroy the social safety net and undermine policies that support the class average," said Irons.

But, said David Walker, former Comptroller General of the United States and founder of America's Comeback Initiative, Ryan should be congratulated for having the courage to take the lead in our country's deficit and debt challenges. "

"His budget proposal recognizes that the restoration of the difficult fiscal sustainability will require a transformational change in many areas, including spending programs and tax policies," said Walker.

Among the 2012 Republican presidential candidates, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, was quick to comment on Ryan's plan.

"Thanks to Paul Ryan in Congress, the American people finally have someone with real leadership in Washington," Pawlenty said, but otherwise avoided the details and focused on the struggle to get into the top of the debt.

"President Obama failed to lead and make difficult choices in his entire time in the White House. The budget will be debated for months to come, the most immediate problem before us is a President Obama plans to raise the debt ceiling the following month. It 's a bad idea, "Pawlenty said in a statement.

"More than $ 14 billion in debt, we must not allow Washington and continue to go in the hole. We need real tax status of real spending cuts and structural reforms that stops the transfer market before the failure of our country," said .
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