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Mitt Romney move to end subsidies to PBS

Mitt Romney move to end subsidies to PBS
During last evening's presidential controversy, GOP applicant Glove Mitt romney said he would move to end financial assistance to PBS, and now the tv system is replying.

During the controversy with Chief executive Barack Barack obama, Glove romney said to moderator Jim Lehrer (a PBS newsman) that: “I’m going to quit the subsidy to PBS. I’m going to quit other factors. I like PBS. I love Big Fowl. I actually like you too. But I’m not going to keep on buying factors to take a loan from Chinese suppliers to pay for factors we do not need.”

In a declaration released these days, PBS said “We are very dissatisfied that PBS became a governmental focus on in the Presidential controversy last night. Governor Glove romney does not understand the value the United states people place on community delivering and the excellent revenue the program provides to our country. We think it is important to set the record directly and let the important points talk for themselves.”

Other excerpts from the PBS statement:

”The government financial commitment in community delivering is equal to about one one-hundredth of one percent of the government funds. Reduction of financing would have almost no effect on the country's debt. Yet the loss to the United states community would be harmful.”

”As a mentioned promoter to train and learning, Governor Glove romney should be a champ of community delivering, yet he is willing to get rid of services that arrive at many People in america, such as underserved viewers, such as kids who cannot be present at toddler and people living in non-urban places.”

”For more than 40 years Big Fowl, has embodied the community delivering objective – using the power of press for the good of every resident, regardless of where they live or their capability to pay. Our program works as a globally available source for knowledge, record, technology, artistry and municipal discussion.”

”Each day, the United states community gets an battling and everyday revenue that is observed, seen, study and knowledgeable in community press programming, applications, podcasts and online all for the cost of about $1.35 per person per year.”
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Upstairs Downstairs

Upstairs Downstairs: Two actors came up with the idea of "Upstairs Downstairs" series on the Bellamy family of 165 Eaton Place in London, and their employees. Marsh became the Buck Rose.

Old friends are back to one of PBS 'new' Upstairs Downstairs', as Jean Marsh and Eileen Atkins will bring back the skills to continue the story of 165 Eaton Place.

Bellamy old house has not aged well, and now the new owners enthusiastically willing to SPIF it up. The year is 1936, just before Europe and London is blown through a world war.

The original series was on BBC, PBS, and then in 1970 and was based on the Atkins diet and the creative inspiration of Marsh of "The Forsyte Saga" - a drama class of 1967.

Two actors came up with the idea of "Upstairs Downstairs" series on the Bellamy family of 165 Eaton Place in London, and their employees. Marsh became the Buck Rose.

The new "upstairs" Atkins finally can act as the body of eccentric Mrs. Maud Holland Marsh, a monkey and an Indian servant in tow.

It 'been five seasons (1971-1975), the "Upstairs Downstairs" was shown in England, then brought to America PBS series Masterpiece Theatre aired 55 episodes, 1974-1977.

Bellamy's old house was put on hold. It is now 1936, and Sir Hallam Holland (Ed Stoppard) and his wife, Agnes (Keely Hawes) take charge of the house and ensure Buck Rose (Marsh) to properly staff the house.

curveball comes in the form of the intrepid veddy Mother-in-Law, Lady Maud (Atkins), is ready to make his son at the height of the clause in his family to give her son a house.

Maud arrives with a thick-cut marmalade loving monkey and a secretary of state in the Indian Sikh turban. Fresh off the boat from Tangier, expressionless Maud, "is full of British winter, and that sours a place like no other."

In a key scene in the creation, the suggestion of the Portuguese aid is not welcome. - Who was released again in the meeting of the Television Critics Association in Pasadena John Marsh asked what the joke was on the Portuguese in character, this comment from Lady Agnes in the clip. "Well, I was looking for a butler in normal circumstances, and not bad, but there was an influx of ... there is always ... like the United States ... and at that time, it was a lot of Portuguese who had just arrived, I think. So all I'm saying is that there are many Portuguese around, and, of course, do not want a foreigner. "Ah.

The end of the pilot episode sees Atkins Lady Maud Marsh and Rose Buck sitting on a park bench, the two parts of a class of obsolete currency. "We have the experience, you and me," said Lady Maud. "We are what this house needs."

Even if you've never seen one of "Upstairs Downstairs" episodes in 1970, this is a wonderful game a slice of how things were in England, at one time.

"Top Down" airs Sundays from April 10 hasta April 1924.
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