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Nexus 4 new functions

Being an Android operating system fan is a bit like being a kid in a old fashion sweets shop these days. Along with its new Android 4.2 Jelly Bean launch and all the new functions it provides, Search engines has formally released two product new Nexus devices: the Nexus 4, a long awaited new leading cellphone, and the Nexus 10, a high end 10 inches product made by New samsung.

Let's take an up near look at the Nexus 4, shall we? The cellphone brings together the primary framework of LG's Optimus G with Search engines own style emotions and genuine Android operating system application. Get prepared, gang: This cellphone guarantees to offer the greatest Android operating system encounter and it very well may have the products to offer.

Nexus 4: LG's hardware

You can clearly see LG's Optimus G foundation in the Nexus 4, but make no mistake about it: This is a Nexus phone through and through. The Nexus 4 rocks a 4.7-in. True HD IPS display with the familiar Nexus-style curved glass. At a glance, its form actually looks very much like that of the Galaxy Nexus that preceded it.

Thinking about size? The Nexus 4 is 2.7 x 5.3 in. and 0.36 in. thick. It weighs 4.9 oz. Despite its larger screen, then, that actually makes it almost the same size and weight as the Galaxy Nexus -- just a hair thicker and a skosh heavier, but probably not enough to be terribly noticeable.

The larger screen is far from the only thing that separates the new Nexus phone from its younger brother, though. In general, LG's build with this line of devices feels far more solid and substantial than the plasticky-style approach favored by Samsung. The Nexus 4 puts a Googley twist on LG's distinctive back-of-phone design, with a sleek and premium-looking patterned material reminiscent of the classic Nexus wallpaper look.

Outward aesthetics aside, the Nexus 4's screen has a resolution of 1280 x 768 with 320ppi, all protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 2. Based on the time I spent with the Optimus G, which uses the same display technology, I expect the image quality on this thing to be wildly impressive.

And that's just the start.
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Apple's expected iPad Mini

There will be a lot in the present Apple company product statement that will emphasize how the company is the innovator in pills for the training and learning market. Along with the liklihood of a new edition of its iBooks software, the celebrity of the show, the iPad Mini (or Air or just iPad), is definitely focused (in its reduced cost points) at academic institutions.

But getting more iOS desk gadgets into the arms of kids for academic requirements is only aspect of the tale, and I would claim, the less important aspect. The bigger ideal shift here is to improve Apple’s overall discuss of the product market and identify a bigger prospective viewers for iPad enhanced promotion. That Search engines is said to be coming out with a new product on Thursday, the Nexus 10, outflanking Apple company on the high end (in both display size and pixel density) reveals where the battleground going.

Today is Apple’s day, so let us keep Search engines to the side for now. It is well known that cellular has designed a problems in promotion. Although the market can see how the connection of place based information with public and other information resources can cause to extremely focused and relavent promotion, the truth has been that “traditional” show ads have not been very effective on cellular and the prices are usually 5-10% of what can be billed for the comparative on the pc (which itself is a portion of the cost of create ads).

The one shiny identify in cellular promotion is wealthy press video clip and/or animated with interaction which provide an enjoyment experience and seem to be much more attractive to product customers than banner advertising. Research done by cellular marketing and promotion company Velti, reveals that the click-through rate (CTR) on pills is dual that on mobile phones (see visual below). So wealthy press is better than show and pills are better than mobile phones. This would indicate that the cellular promotion dollars are going to circulation towards pills.
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Nexus 7 is that for all that beauty and simplicity

Amazon, Ms and now Search engines have each revealed a new reaction to the iPad within the last six months. That means that customers now have a whole lot more to think about when determining which product to buy.

Google's Nexus 7 product is the newest competitor. Designed by Asus, the Nexus 7 has much of what you'd expect from a high-end tablet: It features a wonderful, high-definition touchscreen display screen, a zippy processor processor and a highly effective design processor that makes video look amazing. It's compact but seems strong in the hand, and it's simple enough to use.

Yet its low price -- $199, in comparison to $499 for the newest iPad -- leaves the Nexus 7 directly against the lower-end of the product market, particularly the Amazon Amazon kindle Flame. The Nexus 7's small, seven-inch display -- plus Search engines popular position of applications for video clips, guides, films and newspapers -- places it head-to-head with the in the same way priced Flame.

If this were just a components fight, the Nexus 7 would win hands down. Its display crams in about 28% more p per inches than the Amazon kindle Flame. It has a front-facing camera (the Amazon kindle has none), Wireless connection, a twice-as-fast processor processor and twice the storage. All that comes with the same power supply in a device that is two oz. brighter.

But picking a tablet isn't just about specs. Microsoft (MSFT, Fortune 500) proved that by unveiling its Surface tablet last week, whose most talked-about feature wasn't its speed or screen, but an innovative case that doubles as a keyboard.

So how does the Nexus 7 compare to its rivals in terms of usability?

Like the Kindle Fire, the Nexus 7 offers seamless access to digital content. The new "My Library" widget on the main home screen places all of your most-recently viewed books and videos in big, easy-to-navigate tiles. A tap on a tile will bring up the content right from where you left off.

The Nexus 7 features similar libraries of movies, books and magazines on its four other home screens. An Amazon-like "recommended content" feature practically begs you to buy new things from Google's Play store.
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