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30 Rock Live

NBC’s 30 Rock hit a six-week high in the scores with a stay show, while ABC’s Scandal handled to competing CBS’ regular 10 p.m. winner The Mentalist. Both profits are balanced out, however, by the pretty low scores stages we’re discussing for all the reveals engaged. Thursday night time saw tv stations displaying all-original periods as we near May sweeps. Here is how the night time smashes down: Fox won the night time with a stable United states Idol (14.4 thousand visitors, 3.9 grownups 18-49 rating) and Contact (6.5 thousand, 1.9), the latter dropping 10 % to a new low. CBS was second with Big Hit (12.5 thousand, 4.0) down 9 % to a low and Guidelines of Involvement (8.3 thousand, 2.5) up 14 %. Individual of Attention (12.5 thousand, 2.4) decreased 20 % to low and The Mentalist (11.9 thousand, 2.1) was down 13 % to a low. ABC’s Losing (7 thousand, 1.3) lowered 7 % to a low, followed by Grey’s Structure (9.3 thousand, 3.2) and Scandal (7 thousand, 2.1). The Shonda Rhimes dramas will likely go with last week’s scores after some flooded from Grey’s is eliminated from Scandal in the nationwide statistics. NBC’s Group (3.3 thousand, 1.4) was up 8 %, 30 Stone (3.5 thousand, 1.6) increased 7 % for its stay show. The Office (4.1 thousand, 2.1) and Recreational areas & Entertainment (3.2 thousand, 1.6) were both down about 5 % At 10 p.m., Alert (2.2 thousand, 0.8) dropped 11 % to a new low. The CW’s Creature of the night Journal (2.2 thousand, 1.0) and Key Group (1.2 thousand, 0.5) were constant.
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Make It Or Break It

Get an overview and see pictures of the season's first episode of the make it or break it entitled "The New Normal" Season 2 Episode 11 that aired on Monday, March 28 (9:00-22: 00 ET / PT) on ABC Family.

make it or break it "the new normal" Season 2 Episode 11 - With the world's trials behind them, the girls should support each other more than ever as they face an enemy that is not so easy in "The New Normal," The first half of season of ABC Family's original series "Make It or Break It," Monday, March 28 (9:00 to 10:00 p.m. ET / PT).

Although the four girls Rock made the world team of the United States, there is much to celebrate spent in the gym. Although Kaylie struggles in rehab as advisers try to get them to accept having an eating disorder, the uncertain future of the team's operations on them. Now they have to put a brave face while attending an exhibition in Denver, where they face constant teasing of Kelly Parker. But without a coach, a possible criminal record, the salacious rumors about a torrid affair, how can the team but one of their own, to keep your head up?
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