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The Sixth Season Premiere of Game of Thrones

"The red woman," the audience with a big shock remains, Lady Melisandre is a character known in the least, he has a big secret, as it appeared in the first row.

When the last scene of the episode, the magic of Melisandre in the face showed all the time was observed incognito. 39-year-old actress Carice van Houten, his true face, on the contrary, is very old.
It is a revelation in the light of a new season as two of the five seasons of Melisandre snow seduction of Stannis Baratheon seduction attempt before to look like scenes.

And there is a more important role in Game of Thrones as a series of moves to end is another example of magic. (Showrunner David Benioff and DB Weiss, there are probably only two seasons after this match.)

The big question of course is that the magic of Melisandre is strong enough to take the John Snow deceased grave. And if we have not received a response this week, the bodies were intact, and for some magical reanimation of the remains.

Overall, however, the book series by George RR Martin placed this thread in it in the most ardent fans, it will be no surprise, and Van Houten his character is actually a 100-year-old said in an interview to again in 2012.
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Game of Thrones

If you have not read the book was based, Game of Thrones was not what you expect. The ads made it look dark, gritty, dark historical epic, full of violence and sex. It turns out that it was a fantasy adventure fast rooted in the emotions of ambition, greed and lust. In this fictional universe, there is a brutal realism, and dialogue and action. This difference in approach and tone is crucial, is what makes the game of Thrones board as soon as the history-based costume dramas such as Borgia, Camelot, or Spartacus: Gods Arena.

The opening hour, "winter is coming," he made a Canny, covering all the topics explored in this character and the series of complete frame ... and following the strategy was simpler, more intelligent, much less often followed by literary adaptations: the book's text continued. I know, right? Unbelievable.

Ominousness up immediately along the wall, just as dangerous border-line writer George RR Martin, an imaginary world. We had a bit of a blunt conciseness that permeates the whole series of dialogue with the guards on horseback and a glimpse of the scary, deadly Walkers White.

It 'was then luxuriously smooth the introduction of House Stark clan, led by Sean Bean's hard-boiled Eddard Lord, and some fanciful writer Martin key innovations, including direwolves beautiful-but-hard. Now it was a lot to get across to their audience. How Eddard was faithful to his old friend, now King Robert Baratheon (solid Mark Addy). How Lannister clan was planning to when the throne of the King - well, at least Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) and his sister, the queen of kings, Cersei (Lena Headley) did. Their brother, Tyrion (Peter nice to celebrate the sarcasm of his character, drinking and general maid Dinklage, squeezing), keeps her little self in this fight, as he can.

Another plot felt during this early period there are almost out of the rest of the story: a sensitive princess Daenerys Taragaryan (Emily Clarke) has been given a giant warrior Khal Drogo in an arranged marriage is also designed, ultimately, as the game power to the throne.

By the end of an hour, we had an almost literal cliffhanger: Eddard young boy Bran (Hempstead, Isaac Wright), climbing a high wall, conquered in the eyes of Jaime and Cersei sex. Act left frozen, incest couple knew they could not be exposed, and so on! Bran went down.

The daunting task of overturning a massive fantasy epic novel into a television series simply fantastic met with enormous courage by the creators of A Game of Thrones. And bravery, I think the writer-producer David Benioff and Dan Weiss took prose spacious George RR Martin and adapted with fidelity to its large base of fans.

HBO has promoted the Game of Thrones in many places in which such persistence, we seem to understand that the channel is a bit 'nervous and a whole lotta pride in what he has to offer here. The show needs to grow than its book, readers not just the get-go, because there are only ten episodes to prepare in this universe, and will be invested in a series of plots and characters, and I hope that this is the first multi-season series, which changes the amounts of the other songs of Martin's fire and ice.
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