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MTV Mila Kunis

Just for the season finale of "Saturday Night Live" concert offering, Justin Timberlake is always so funny. Actually it was all the way to Los Angeles and the state of the MTV Movie Awards, where he was co-presenter and Mila Kunis fumbles right away, while the award for Best Actor - Robert Pattinson won, but this is the kind of beside the point.

While explaining that their relationship was purely platonic gently grabbed the other two players - Timberlake Kunis grabbed my chest, saying: "That's why I can not do it." And not to be outdone, Kunis made it back and grabbed the horse Timberlake. So busy, the two candidates presented.

This was not the first brush Timberlake TV and chest. In 2004, Timberlake pulled out a tissue known to cover the breasts of a one-Janet Jackson during the Super Bowl half time show, which is a huge controversy, and more to the phrase "wardrobe malfunction."
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Sarah Lane

double dance Natalie Portman for "Black Swan, Sarah Lane, told" Entertainment Weekly "that the public was misled about the dance Portman in the film. "In the whole-body shots, I would say that 5 percent is Natalie ... I mean, in terms of a professional dancer, she looks like a professional ballet dancer at all and can not dance on pointe shoes . And you can not move your body, it is very hard. "

Portman has said in interviews that he uses body double scenes of the film, and her boyfriend, and "Black Swan" by choreographer Benjamin Millepied told the Los Angeles Times that "a number of items we're talking about his dancing double [Sarah Lane], which are making it sound like [Lane] had a lot of work ... Honestly, 85 per cent of the film is Natalie. "
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