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Nicki Minaj enjoyable combination

As period 12 of United states Idol carries on its look for for This country's next…idol, the most judges ongoing their pursuit to confirm that they have the right mojo to keep The united states interested. The combination of Mariah Carey, Keith City and Nicki Minaj is switching out to be quite a enjoyable combination, just charming and high sodium enough that Randy Fitzgibbons can just hang out and goad individuals once in a while. Jennifer who? Steven what? The old team is removal from storage quick.

Nicki Minaj seems like she was created to be an United states Idol assess. She performs at individuals in a English feature as they get into, smooches denied men participants on the go while informing them she likes them, and coos "I see you licking your mouth playboy magazine, what's really good?" at hot people. Sometimes she seems to have so much fun playacting with participants that she looks slightly harm when they come to be Mariah Carey enthusiasts.

Carey, however, seems have fun with cooling out silently in her walls of locks, nodding with a relaxing grin at the songs and vibing out on whatever's in that massive Pepsi cup. The so-called "diva drama" that is expected to take place between Mariah and Nicki looks little at this factor, as they seem to have become companions in a objective to let hot people that Randy doesn't like get to The display biz industry. At one factor, Nicki even gushes, "Do you know what it's like to fulfill Mariah Carey?" They do chit chat a little on the second day, but it seems pressured. We want to see what happens when ladies get along!

Over on the enjoyable part, there's City, who is generally a charming, soothing bunny thrilled to tell individuals they're excellent. Whenever factors get uncomfortable, he actually supports away like he wants to run house to Nicole Kidman.
And He Seacrest? He just kind of slinks around in the halls whole time like a sly iguana.

In this display, the new number of most judges seem assured that Chi town will tremble out a lot of skills, maybe even a champion. It is where they discovered Jennifer Hudson, after all.

The first contestant to wow them is a nation musician known as MacKenzie Wasner, who essentially introduced the most judges to her legs with her "star energy." (This is a term thrown around quite often with these most judges.) With her bleached golden-haired locks, she looks like she could perform a nail cutting specialist on Chattanooga.

Next up is Kiara Lanier, who performed for Chief executive Obama and even obtained a hug from him. After Nicki performed, "You're a charming little lady" at her, she started to make an impression on the most judges and create it to the next phase.

The women ongoing to destroy it as 21-year-old Stephanie Schimel, a underwear shop worker from The usa, created it through despite Nicki's demonstrations. "We're dressed in the same shade eye shadow these days," Minaj informed her, "We have a competition and that's why I said no." OK.

The display handled a several denies in between all these, like a guy known as Kevin who cartwheels (showing off an uncomfortable value trail) and Brian Shrub, who obtained a lot of unclean humor from Nicki before getting a definite "no."

But it was all about the achievements in this display, and there were a lot more to come. We've especially got our eye on Isabelle Parcelle, a charming, freckle-faced 15-year-old with an old-school great smoky speech. After effective Keith to shout with her in a duet of "Baby It's Freezing Outside," she came off so pleasant that even Simon Cowell (remember that guy?) probably would have given her a yes. We bet she will create it to the top 10.

Then their small-town Idol Bus Tour swept in a man named Gabe Brown, who shook up the lady vibes with his manly rock-'n'-roll voice. A big guy who looks like Humpty Dumpty mixed with Raggedy Andy (but in uh, a rocker way), he gave the judges cookies and delighted Keith Urban to no end with his version of "Gimme Shelter." He made it through, but can a show like American Idol produce a true rock star? If so, will it be this guy? We think no and no.

A grown-up Bieber named Griffin Peterson then slipped his way to the next stage despite a mediocre performance, mostly because Minaj seemed tantalized by his 5 o'clock shadow.
St. Louis' Curtis Finch Jr. also got by thanks to his celestial voice, which Nicki responded to by shouting, "OMG let's have it for the boy boy boy!"

Then we dove into the sad/inspiring story of 19-year-old Mariah Pulice, a Selena Gomez ringer who is recovering from anorexia. How could you say no to that? It's good TV. And it's mean to say no. And these judges are nowhere near as mean as judges of yore.

As the judges continued being nice, they ushered in 17-year-old Brandy Neelly, 18-year-old Courtney Williams, 28-year-old Andrew Jones and 22-year-old Clifton Duffin, who had never sung in front of his parents before. Our bets are on Josh Holiday, a 24-year-old who can project his voice and moon at the camera in a very "American Idol-y" way. Back from season 11 as well is Johnny Keyser, a Jason Mraz-like bro who must have been better than he was last time.

Kez Ban, a 27-year-old who juggles flames and sometimes burns down tomato plants, showed up next wearing a silver hat and a broken boot, saying she was from "planet Earth." She kinda seemed like an ironic Parker Posey version of a feminist singer-songwriter, but the judges really dug that. We can't wait to see what kind of "TV" she makes as the season goes on.

On the tail end of the show we met Ashley Curry, 19, who sang "Mama Knows Best." Making Mariah Carey walk out of a room with your overwrought voice is probably nobody's dream, but she did it. Luckily, they sent in Cuba-born Lazaro Arbos to end the show. Watching him transition from a painful stutter to a beautiful rendition of "Bridge Over Troubled Water" was truly inspiring.

The episode ended on a good note, but to be honest the whole thing was one long good note. With "yes" being heard left and right, the upcoming season looks free of the Simon-designed cloud of negativity the show used to be known for. Diva drama be damned, the judges are playing nice.

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David Cook The Winner Of American Idol

David Cook, the winner of American Idol Season 7 American Idol Thursday night he returned to sing a song on his new album, thanks to this morning. Performing "Last Goodbye", Idol winner, has once again shown what happens when the last competitor is crowned the winner.

On stage with the band, who had four guitarists, Cook also played guitar and shared some responsibility for the strong presence of guitars in the figures. We like what is the big kick off of the album, he hoped to bring the portfolios of his supporters and those who support the show.

David Cook does not come over tonight because her mother has to support and meet someone she loved, Steven Tyler. After a brief hug and the chance to meet the legend, the focus of the night returned to candidates waiting to learn his fate in the program and the performance of the new song by Katy Perry

The final song of the evening was Stephen Langone who received fewer votes in the evening and was finally removed from American Idol.

Check out the video of David Cook from American Idol Thursday.
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Carole King American Idol Top 6

Theme of "American Idol" Top 6 competitors announced Thursday evening (April 21) at the end of the results show - and Carole King, which should be interesting. King is a Grammy-winning singer, songwriter and we're big fans of his music. "Tapestry" is really a watershed effort - the 1971 album was named No. 36 on the list of Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

But we're not sure how the idols are going to handle his music. Katelyn Epperly covered "I Feel the Earth moves in season 9, but I have pots of judges and was sent packing. Brooke White has taken the "You've Got a Friend" in the 7 th season and did very well, but, Carole King is in the wheelhouse Brooke White. King's songs are great and in a low voice the kind of niche - Idols this year are going to have to actually do it themselves or it will be a long night.

If you're wondering where you heard of Carole King, who is a non-music related, had a recurring guest on "Gilmore Girls", as Sophie Bloom, owner of a music store and also sang the title track of Opening of the exhibition.
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Paul McDonald Became The First

Paul McDonald Became The First: The women ended their losing streak on "American Idol" on Thursday, Paul McDonald became the first male contestant this season to be removed from the top 13 and top television talent show.

Interpretation of McDonald's Bob Seger "Old Time Rock and Roll" in the film the theme weeks demonstrated undo the singer with the hoarse voice, despite positive feedback from the judges with her performance.

The 26 years of Huntsville, Alabama singer, whose elimination is provided by a number of bloggers, abandoned by completing the application judge Jennifer Lopez he sings "Maggie May".

Stefano Langon completed within three lower for the second consecutive week, where he was joined by Haley Reinhart, including "Call Me" was considered as among the weakest performance.

Reinhart had gone home, as many had expected would Alaina Lauren have been left as the only woman with a chance of winning the "American Idol" title.

Four women - including the presumed front-runner Pia Toscano last week - has already been voted this year by the public.

Their early exit prompted Lopez to say about the performance on Wednesday night that she was "scared to say anything on any of the girls because I do not want a daughter to return home. "

Thursday show featured the first "American Idol" winner Kelly Clarkson singing the duet "Do not Want You to Stay", with Jason Aldean and Rihanna song "California king-size bed."

The seven other finalists were Casey Abrams, who last month marked the judges once a season record, James Durbin, Scotty McCreery, Jacob Lusk, Langon, Alaina and Reinhart.

Post-Lopez and Judge second new, rocker Steven Tyler, the largest television audience of the country has rebounded this season after several years of scores of signs shall be maintained at about 25 million viewers.

The "American Idol" aired on Fox Network final in May when viewers choose the next "Idol" stars, and land, he or she is a recording contract.

Previous winners include artists such as Grammy Carrie Underwood and Fantasia Barrino, who played on Broadway, even though "lost" participants Clay Aiken, Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson and Adam Lambert to become stars of a full discussion.
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Pia Toscano And Mark Ballas Are Dating

Pia Toscano And Mark Ballas Are Dating: In fun couples celebrity news brings the world of American Idol and Dancing with the stars together, Pia Toscano and Mark Ballas are dating. Pia and Mark first met during the filming of their program and went on their first date on Friday. According to reports, was 10!

Perhaps one day is not awesome enough to absorb the shock of his amazing American Idol elimination this week, but it can not hurt, right?

Pia was the instigator of the romance with Mark Ballas, sources say, but there was a surprise matchmaker involved who played a role in setting them up:

WWE great and current DWTS contestant Chris Jericho!

Pia and Mark both shoot American Idol and Dancing With the Stars on the same CBS Television City lot in L.A., and it turns out Pia is pretty resourceful.

She has a friend who is friends with Jericho, so Pia gave her friend a piece of paper with her number on it, who then passed it to Chris to give to Mark.

Sounds so high school, but apparently it worked out. Peeps connected with both Mark Ballas and Pia Toscano say they really hit it off. Way to go guys!
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Thia Megia, Pia Toscano Incredible Show

The guys had their chance on Tuesday night, so Wednesday (March 2), this year's "American Idol" top 12 women on stage to try to win their place in the final.

At the end of the night, and Pia Toscano Ashthon Jones emerged as the control, while adolescents Thia Megía Alain and Lauren seems to have reached their cards also in the top 10.

Beyoncé impersonator Tynisa Ta-Wilson, 20, did the honors and went first, singing Rihanna's "the only girl (worldwide), while a skirt with geometric-poodle. Although the piece appeared, thin, squeaky voice and was so far from the metal band of the new provision does not wave his favor.

Jennifer Lopez said she started fragile, but I loved how Wilson played to the crowd and strongly disagree with Randy Jackson, who was not afraid to say it was only a'ight and display is not really something unique.

One of the most promising singers, 26 years old Milwaukee stadium manager Naima Adedapo not only a great singer, he has also designed a beautiful canary yellow dress Geisha-inspired singing that brought one of her favorite songs "Porgy and Bess classic" Summertime. " Bring a finger snap, sultry tune Sass often-sung, Adedapo worked the stage, the audience and judges, but was out of the reach of its rich and easy, Erykah Badu, as star quality.

J. Lo called him "an exotic flower garden of roses", but again, Randy ... not so much. He called a lounge act-y, and pale in comparison to former champion version of "Idol" Fantasia, noting that he finally pulled out a strong note.

The former committed bathroom Kendra Chantelle, 22, has slowed things tight Christina Aguilera "impossible." She wears a tight black leather trousers and a torso from above, he does not try to out-diva troubled pop star, but only sang a competent, growly version of the lesser-known ballad, accented by a narrower part of the process is concluded.

Jackson was worried when he heard of Chantelle was going to sing the melody, but praised his vibrato and compared to Lauryn Hill. "You did it again, his voice warm, warm clothes, hot style," said Steven Tyler, who was clearly enjoying the visual and audio when executed.

This year's resident oddball Zevita Rachel has finally had his chance, after four years of effort, and 23 years did not disappoint, leaving a black jacket and throw in a whirlwind to reveal a short red dress. She gave Fiona Apple breakthrough 1996 hit "Criminal" an inclination Jazzbo, missing a lot of notes, but to put much energy into the show and Sass.

"I loved your leg, I love your swagger, I liked your moves," said Tyler. "A little too Broadway for me, it's not a bad thing, Broadway may be your niche." Zevita said she had never really sung as before, which led Lopez to wonder why she chose this song and arrangement, and asks if she wants to be a star today. "It was not great, it was not good," said Randy simply.

Fiery Latina singer Karen Rodriguez, 21, made the full distance ride with another "Idol" In short, by Mariah Carey "Hero". His voice was strong, but she threw a curve ball by moving the funky bilingual service and sing half the song in Spanish.

"Wow, wow, wow," Lopez enthused, showing off her goose bumps. Randy was finally glad to hear someone make a song their own, suggesting the lyrics sounded even better in Spanish than English. "Definitely a one-of-a-kind singer," Steven added, suggesting she hook up with male frontrunner Jacob Lusk for a duet.

Louisiana housekeeper and Bette Midler doppelgänger Lauren Turner went topical (peep the lyrics about scrubbing dirty floors) with Etta James' "Seven Day Fool." She showed spunk and showcased her rich R&B growl, but the performance seemed a bit old-fashioned for "Idol."

Not just because she's an L.A. homegirl, but Randy loved it, calling it a fresh mashup between Amy Winehouse and Florence and the Machine. Tyler agreed, dubbing the performance "spectacular" and admiring the way it went from down low to way up high and everywhere in between.

Nashville's Ashthon Jones, 24, got seductive with Monica's suggestive "Love All Over Me," giving the ladies in the crowd multiple shout-outs and showing off a bit with some big, meaty runs and power notes.

"You've got the confidence of a queen and you sing so sweet," Tyler said. "You go places with your voice few have gone." Because she knows, Lopez said Jones had all the makings of a diva: the big hair, the body, the moves, the composure and the confidence.

Hollywood's Julie Zorrilla, 20, took a big gamble with season-one winner Kelly Clarkson's "Breakaway," coming out tentative with shaky vocals and not much personality, mostly failing to give the song that signature spark Randy's been looking for.

The judges weren't feeling it. Lopez said it was not great and lacked a connection to the lyrics and personality, while Randy, shocker, said it paled in comparison to Clarkson's original. Personality-plus singer Haley Reinhart poured into a tight black mini-dress and made love to the audience during Alicia Keys' "Fallin'," throwing in some growly accents, shoulder rolls and high runs in an attempt to make the song her own.

Again, Jackson didn't think it did anything for Reinhart, missing her husky, Janis Joplin-like tone, though Steven said it had the right amount of sexy rasp, attitude and vocal coloration.

Next up were the season's two youngest female contestants, starting with 16-year-old Thia Megia, who brought things all the way down with the Irene Cara "Fame" classic "Out Here on My Own." Singing in a spotlight a cappella at first, Megia once again showed precocious talents, belting out the ballad with confidence and a powerhouse voice.

"Sometimes a person's pitch can be so perfect it doesn't matter what song they sing," Tyler gushed, marveling at the talent she's amassed at her young age. Lopez loved the captivating, quiet confidence and Randy said the quality of Megia's tone was dead-on, again comparing it to the late Michael Jackson.

Fellow youngster, Georgia firecracker and early favorite Lauren Alaina, 16, has proven expert at working the judges and she mixed it up a bit with Reba McEntire's country stomper "Turn on the Radio." The vocals were a bit shaky at times, but Alaina confidently worked the stage and got the crowd hyped with her infectious energy.

"You don't even have to try ... the voice is just so effortless," Lopez said, marveling at Alaina's natural talent, while Jackson said the high schooler doesn't even realize how much potential she has.

The night's final slot belonged to Pia Toscano, 22, the raven-haired former makeup artist who opted for the Pretenders' go-to singing competition staple "I'll Stand By You." She looked like a star in her glittery black cocktail dress and sang a solid version of the tune, hitting her mark in a slightly overwrought arrangement and ending with some big, showy notes at the end that sounded flat on TV, but clearly moved the crowd.

And the judges, who jumped up to give her a standing ovation as Randy guaranteed Toscano earned a spot in the top 10. "You were saving that for when it counts ... it was out of this world," Lopez added.

"Idol" returns on Thursday night for the results show, when five men and five women will move into the top 10 and the judges will make their wild card picks.
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Julie Zorrilla Life in Colombia 'Hollywood'

When Julie Zorrilla first walked in to her San Francisco audition on American Idol last night, the judges couldn't get over her shoes.

By the time this contestant exited, however, it was her voice and her story that was the talk of the show.

There was Stefano Langone (below) and how he overcame a car accident that led medics to believe he was dead.

There was James Durbin, who has Tourettes syndrome, a son and a voice that reminds us of Adam Lambert.

Zorrilla, who turned 20 the day of her try out, currently resides in Hollywood. But she grew up in Colombia, only to flee it with her parents during trying times of political turmoil. How impressed was Randy by her talent? He compared her to Fantasia. That's quite the compliment...
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Lee DeWyze talks 'transition' into major performer : 'American Idol'

One of the biggest joys for "American Idol" champ Lee DeWyze thus far has been simply his ability to co-write just about every sone on his new album "Live It Up." Songwriting is just as important to the Illinois native as singing, and he recently gave a fascinating interview with Songwriter Universe to describe the process of composing such a variety of new tracks:

“I like to be diverse, and it was fun to do a big pop song, then dig more into confessional singer/songwriter material and then rock out. I always try to write from an honest place, and wanted this to be an emotional album which had big happy choruses people could sing along to but also sadder and darker tunes like ‘Dear Isabelle’ and ‘A Song About Love.’ I wanted to toss a little of everything into the mixing jar because I enjoy writing and performing all those things.

“I’m making an interesting transition now, because on Idol I was being judged by the panel and viewers on how well I could sing songs they all know--and now I’m getting out there with my own music and hoping it can communicate who I am even more effectively. Now that the show and tour are over, I just have to hope that people out there are looking at me as an artist with something unique to offer and not simply as an Idol contestant. I just want people to enjoy Live It Up for what it is and am more excited than worried about the differing perceptions. I wrote and sang my own music before the show and I’m doing it again now.”
Lee's first single (in "Sweet Serendipity") is currently picking up some major airplay on the radio, and is waiting to make its grand debut on the Billboard Hot 100. Reviews are starting to come in for his album, which officially hits stores on November 16.
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