Friday The 13th Game Being Beaten

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

The Friday the 13th: The Game's Kickstarter page addresses a series of questions facing today's players. Regarding the problem of the steam server, he said, "We are currently being beaten by thousands and thousands of players and our server down. The server should go, but there is the possibility to meet downtime when we find your request.If more server and loaddreh server can find a server error, try bermainkan game with staff If you need friends to find a player, go to the Steam forums other Friday, the 13th fans of the game. "

It also noted specifically that there was more server online in Europe and Australia was brought to meet demand in the region. Similarly, the server that keeps players progress is updated so that your level may not be displayed properly at the end.

Friday the 13th: The Game launches today on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. At least for those playing on PC, it has not been an entirely smooth debut.

In addition to problems with the party system, numerous players are reporting difficulty getting online--a serious problem for a multiplayer-only game. Most of these issues seem to stem from a "database game failure" error. There are numerous threads on Reddit and the official Steam forums with complaints about this; one in particular has racked up more than 800 comments in about two hours' time.

The game's official Twitter account has acknowledged the problems and attributed them to a huge influx of players. Despite some indications that fixes were rolling out, the issues appear to be persisting this afternoon.

One of its most recent tweets states, "We are looking into why this keeps occurring, but it comes down to so many users...which is a weird problem to have."

These problems are not impacting everyone, and some players are having success playing. Whether you'll be one of the lucky ones appears to be a crapshoot.

Our Friday the 13th: The Game review-in-progress notes the sporadic server issues we've encountered. You can also check it out for an early look at our thoughts on the game.

We've reached out to publisher Gun Media for an update and will report back as we learn more.