United Airlines Passenger Creates Flight Provoked a Social Media

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

A passenger on an United Airlines, one day after the forced withdrawal of social media furor media triggered a similar protest followed China according to state media in the Chinese people they described here.

Not the name of the man, but the other passengers on the flight are released because it was accused of Chinese.

Tuesday evening, the hashtag are "States will be forced to the plane, the passengers are forced to retreat," the most popular, more than 270 million visitors and more than 150,000 were discussed equivalent of Twitter Weibo, China. Chinese users of other social and racism accused of these US networks have called for a boycott.

Internet users in the United States are furiously violent and called people to beat the Louisville, KY Chicago security officials after a flight too much refusal for his high treatment in his seat, with the developer apologize.

The episode was prominently displayed across the Chinese news media on Tuesday. CCTV, the state broadcaster, showed photos of the passenger’s bloodied face above the word, “Savage!” People’s Daily, the ruling Communist Party’s flagship newspaper, scolded United for failing to condemn the man’s treatment.

United has said that the passenger and three others were selected to be removed from the flight after no one accepted the offer of a voucher to leave voluntarily. The other three passengers left without incident, the airline said. United’s chief executive, Oscar Munoz, apologized for “having to re-accommodate these customers,” called the episode “upsetting” and said the airline was conducting a review.

The controversy threatened to hurt United’s revenue in China, where the airline began flying in 1986 and has steadily built a loyal customer base. As of last May, United had 96 departures a week to cities in mainland China and Hong Kong.

Wang Guanxiong, 40, an angel investor in the technology industry in Beijing who travels frequently to Silicon Valley, said he would never fly on United again.

“Why did they choose an Asian out of so many passengers?” he said in a telephone interview. “Obviously Asians are the minorities.”

People’s Daily said it was “gravely disappointing” that the airline had “mentioned nothing of the violence against the Asian passenger.”