Happy Easter Good Friday Spring is a Time of Renewal

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

From Palmsonntag to Easter Good Friday to Easter Crucifixion was not in the country. What happens in a few days after the event, because we are here.

Yes, it is the prevailing faith in the cross crucifixion, however, as a symbol of the bus is easy, and according to the story of the resurrection goes over 50 days.

The feast of resurrection. Many renew in the municipality of the season Great Easter night and their baptismal vows, spring is a time of renewal.

Now that the Jewish holy day of the Last Supper instead, and that is what is reported, the feather is Easter.

In both cases, the point is to win the death of the resurrection.

Great Easter night, during the operation the candles are lit before the liturgy of the word is in the dark. This is the work of God through the short short version of the dry bones in the valley and forth over the Red Sea described Israel from the Garden of Eden.

During this time, the candles signify the dominion of light over darkness, life over death.

In his book “Dust Bunnies in the Basket” Father Tim Schenk says that “Easter draws us into a parallel universe where love conquers all, where death has no dominion over us, where forgiveness wipes away all sin, and where mercy trumps judgement. In this universe, inclusion wins out over exclusion, hope conquers despair, Resurrection and life triumph over Crucifixion and death. That’s a place I want to live! The risen Christ us all into this parallel universe of Resurrection glory.”

So Happy Easter East Mountains and Estancia Valley and remember to let the light in, after all the darkest nights give eventually way to the sun’s rise.