Chicago Cubs Step Onto Wrigley Field as Defending World Series Champions

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

108 years 159 days, 1 hour, 56 minutes encourages delay at the front desk, but the Chicago Cubs, the reigning World Series Wrigley Monday evening in the camp were able to climb.

And if you want, do not always end up glorious feast, the field is not until 1:47 pm ET Tuesday, the first walk-off single Anthony Rizzo at home in Los Angeles Dodgers 3-2 beats 1963 season opener against Dodgers.

This is a long, sad, cold fans who actually began the late morning, about 13 hours before Wrigleyville was hit the bar for the day of the army. At this time is 17 hours of city Wrigley to pay outside the gates, waiting anxiously presented Glitz's life.

Of course, the rain, delayed 7 rain delay of 19 minutes in the game against the Cleveland Indians memories revived, and Chicago will be able to tell everyone how it ended too late.

Still, the sellout crowd didn’t seem to mind. They were entertained during the delay with a replay of their pennant-clinching victory last October over the Dodgers, and then by a live performance of retired Cubs’ catcher David Ross on Dancing with the Stars.

Then, just after the traditional opening-night pageantry, and completion of the national anthem, you wondered if someone forgot about the World Series flag.

The team huddled in the dugout, and then slowly walked across the field, through the outfield, under the grandstands, up the backstairs, to the outfield bleachers, and to the new flag poles.

Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg started it by hoisting the 1907 World Series flag, followed by Hall of Famer Ferguson Jenkins with the 1908 flag, and Billy Williams raising the 2016 National League championship flag.

Then, there was Rizzo, the longest-tenured Cubs’ player, raising the 2016 World Series flag with his teammates slowly taking turns. Fireworks shot into the sky as the crowd of 41,166 stood and cheered at a sight they wondered if they would ever see in their lifetimes.

The team walked back down the stairs, Rizzo strolled across the field carrying the World Series trophy, and handed it to awaiting chairman Tom Ricketts, who proudly hoisted it in the air for all of Chicago Cubs to see.

“That pregame ceremony,’’ Rizzo said, “I wasn’t expected to get hit with that many emotions. It was amazing. It was just an honor for me, my family, to be part of this city for the really bad times, and now for the good times.

“I was fighting back tears a lot.’’

Oh, how they are lovable losers no more.