Zika Virus Symptoms Arrival of the Last United States

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

At least two people in a mile zone square mosquito, sometimes early July north of downtown Miami acquired by Zika, state and federal health authorities, the virus spreads locally in the mainland US, confirm the first cluster.

South Florida Broward County, and two of the four Miami-Dade, Florida Governor Rick Scott has been infected by the local mosquitoes, health authorities and elected officials whose announcement sparked a wave of reactions on your side.

"Florida is the first state in the nation Zika virus, a local infection," Scott said.

Zika was expected following the rapid expansion of the virus after the fall of the arrival of the last United of the continental States, the Caribbean and Latin America. But confirmation was Republicans and Democrats to respond to the local mosquito Zika Florida sent to threats to public health, to approve for error to accuse emergency financing, with the Congress surprised September.

Travel and tourism can have a major impact on the disease. United Travel the country and allow the transmission of Miami Zika is an important starting point for the people, and millions of people, and justifies the epicenter of the epidemic, Brazil, on the way to South Florida, where the matches take place Olympic must flow.

However, to avoid the Centers for Disease Control and prevention of disease pregnant women and pregnant women, with the Zika virus traveling in the area said to check CDC Director Tom Peace Friday that the agency, including tips for speaking women are not the same for Miami who have the disease have an increased risk because their babies and other neurological disorders can cause microcephaly.

The CDC has advised pregnant women to avoid travel to Puerto Rico and other places with ongoing Zika transmission, he said, because the agency had anticipated an explosive outbreak of the disease on the island due to environmental and other factors.

“There are likely to be isolated cases in the United States, and there may be occasional clusters in the United States,” Frieden said. “We don’t expect widespread transmission.”

He said women in the area who are pregnant should consider getting tested for Zika and that they take steps to avoid mosquito bites. However, he warned, if new Zika infections continue to occur in the same Miami neighborhood even after extensive spraying, inspections and other efforts to reduce mosquitoes, “this would be a concern and warrant further advice and action.”