Google Glass vision of the future

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

A new promotion movie for its internet-connected cups technological innovation known as Google Glass has given potential early adopters a chance to buy the as yet unreleased item.

The movie, published on Wed, recognized the wearable technological innovation as one of the greatest enhancements in personal processing in many years.

In it clip, people used the cups while skydiving, driving a whirlwind, snowboarding, and moving on a trapeze, but Tom Elegant, manager of the London-based journal Popular Technology UK, informed that the item will need significant amounts of financial commitment and facilities.

"It's going to need a huge financial commitment around the world to make these things work" at any time and anywhere as it clip purports, Elegant informed Al Jazeera.

Though he says the cups come in "a brilliant looking, quite eye-catching package", Elegant, like other experts, said customers should mood their objectives.

"The risk of marketing something this much is that clearly the technological innovation is far behind where the buzz is right now," Bumpy Agrawal of reDesign Cellular, said, including, "there's a real risk of establishing the objectives bar too high".

The cups will manage most of the same projects as mobile phones, but reply to speech orders instead of fingertips in contact with a show.

The cups include a small show linked with a rim above the right eye and run on Google Android managing system os for cell phone gadgets.

Google has said the mass-market edition of Google Glass will cost less than $1,500 - the price paid by an unique number of developers last July - but more than a smartphone.

The California-based company does not plan to start promoting "Google Glass" in the shop bought until 2014.