Wind knocked West Allis Kohls Department Store

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

It was a Dark Saturday headache for one Muskego close relatives who were nearly hit by a dropping application post.

The Dunn close relatives was awaiting lastly going home after a long nights purchasing, but there was one more quit to make at a Kohl's shop in Western Allis off Road 100.

"We were taking in. We had just drawn into the identify, and the post dropped onto our car," accident sufferer Scott Dunn said. "I put the car in recreation area, never closed the motor off, and all of a rapid, growth. A post strikes the car."

Investigators said they believe high gusts of wind pressured the mild post to come failing down. They said at least four vehicles were broken, but no one else was in their vehicles or strolling in the vehicle car recreation area when the post dropped.

"There was cup everywhere, and I saw the post caved in, and then I just got out of the car," accident sufferer Michelle Dunn said. "I don't even keep in mind what occurred. It occurred so quick. It was such a surprise. I'm still in surprise."

Beth Dunn was sitting in the passenger seat of their sport utility vehicle and took the brunt of the impact. She suffered a minor head injury, and paramedics said she didn't have a concussion.

The couple's two children were also in the back seat of the vehicle, and were not hurt.

The family said they're thankful that all they need is a new car.

Employees from the Kohl's store assisted the family with blankets to stay warm. A store representative said they're working with police in the investigation.