Steelers QB Byron Leftwich has two broken ribs

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Pittsburgh steelers QB Byron Leftwich has two damaged bones and an harmed neck after getting over for harmed beginner Ben Roethlisberger in the second 50 percent the other day, according to several nationwide reviews, such as Jerr La Canfora from

Leftwich allegedly harm the neck against the Might Town Chiefs the other day and experienced the damaged bones against the Baltimore Birds Weekend evening at Heinz Area. If Leftwich can't perform at Cleveland Weekend, Charlie Set, 37, will get the begin, and the Pittsburgh steelers likely will indication a back-up since Roethlisberger isn't likely to come returning in the near future.

None of those gamers was created available Thursday mid-day by the Pittsburgh steelers, but cornerback Keenan Lewis talked about the crew's scenario and Leftwich's discomfort patience.

"He knows that's just soccer,'' Lewis said. "He's been enjoying the experience for quite a while now, and enjoying in discomfort is aspect of this company. He knows that, and he's got to be ready to go. I don't really know if he's going to perform or not, but I know he can perform with discomfort. He's been in the group a while, and he's had lots of your energy and energy at qb. So, I'll be grateful to see him out there.

"(If he can't play), Charlie's an excellent qb, and he's also been in the group for a while now. He knows the violation benefit down (inside out), so if we have to depend on Charlie we know he could get in there and win activities. He revealed that when he's had to be able to perform (5-2 as a starter). So, we'll shift behind whoever is the (quarterback).''

Some titles being bantered about on Tweets consist of Jerrod Brown, the former Florida A&M qb who was in the Pittsburgh steelers exercising camping this year; former Pitt qb Tyler Palko, who was with the Pittsburgh steelers during 2009 and performed for unpleasant manager Todd Haley in Might City; and former Jaguars qb Bob Garrard.

Johnson was requested on Tweets about his position and provided this reaction. "I have been getting requested this all day,'' Brown Tweeted. "I have yet to be approached by the Pittsburgh steelers to come returning.''

Palko, a Pittsburgh-area local, is out of the group and has started a profession as a economical associate with Northwestern Common in the Pittsburgh place. Pittsburgh steelers outside linebacker LaMarr Woodley provided this believed on Tweets Thursday mid-day.

"So @JasonLaCanfora saying byron might be out. what would yall think if we got @donovanjmcnabb?" Woodley Tweeted.

That's the least likely scenario, Lewis mentioned that in the end it really doesn't issue who is at the manages for the Pittsburgh steelers violation.

"Injuries are just a aspect of soccer,'' Lewis said. "You're always going to reduce people, especially in the National Football League, because the perform is so actual. Trainer Tomlin always says it has to be the next man up, so we're doing a very excellent job of replacing, and I'm fairly sure we can keep it up.

"(But) every person's fairly good, because we've got to progress. As a group, we can't get down after just one activity, even though it was a considerable activity. We just have to keep forcing through this, because we have more activities to come. (And) we have to do what we can as a protection.''

Id Lewis and his group members examine out the rankings, it reveals the Pittsburgh steelers (6-4) are two activities behind the Birds (8-2) in the AFC Northern with a department activity at Cleveland Weekend mid-day.

"It's really essential, as a department activity, and those people have been enjoying difficult even though their history isn't that excellent,'' Lewis said. "But we know they're going to be ready for us. They always provide us with a excellent activity, so we have to be ready and ready for them, too.

"We don't really discuss being behind the Birds or anything like that. We know where we are, and we know we can't get too far in the department behind those people. We have to try to win the department, because that will help us in the playoff competition. We know that, so we have to win out.''

The Pittsburgh steelers might have to do that with Charlie Set, their No. 3 qb, operating the violation.