UFC 152 on Weekend evening

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

Jon Jones efficiently protected his mild high quality headline, remaining an beginning frighten to publish former champ Vitor Belfort in it all circular at UFC 152 on Weekend evening.

Belfort came near with an armbar in the first circular, but Jones' arrive at, different strike and floor and lb took a cost on the expert opposition.

Unable to get his stunning activity going, Belfort tried to take the battle to the floor where he could use his jiu-jitsu. But he compensated a cost and lastly decreased sufferer to an Americana distribution 54 a few moments into the circular. Jackson enhanced to 17-1, and Belfort decreased to 21-10.

In the co-main occasion at the Air North america Center, Demetrious Jackson won a divided decision—48-47, 47-48, 49-46—over John Benavidez to become the UFC's first flyweight champ.

Jones took down Belfort down Thirty a few moments after the starting gong, and the B razil reacted with an armbar effort that seemed risky. Jackson criticized Belfort down to the fabric and gradually wriggled no cost as the audience started to chant "Vitor! Vitor!"

"I've never had my arm pop like that before," said Jackson, who said he would have let his arm crack rather than tap out.

ones remained on top and began to throw elbows, cutting Belfort. The doctor had a look at the battered challenger between rounds.

 Belfort, who does his best work traditionally in the first round, came out punching in the second. But he had a hard time penetrating Jones' reach. The champion began to pick away at Belfort, who pulled guard later in the round to bring the fight back to the ground.

Belfort took some more elbows as he tried to get into position for another submission attempt.

Jones put him down with a kick to the rib in the third. This time, Jones let him get back up only to have Belfort pull guard again.

"Go with your punches if you want to win this fight," Belfort's cornerman yelled between rounds.

He did but pulled guard again and Jones went to work with some elbows before cranking Belfort's arm back and forcing the tapout.

"That's why he's a champion," said Belfort, who said he had hurt his rib in training.