Space shuttle over a sunny San Francisco

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

The Space shuttle Effort went over a warm San Francisco, sliding over the cranes at the Slot of Concord, the gleaming ocean of the Bay and the Fantastic Checkpoint Link.

Endeavour, driving on top of a 747, approved the Fantastic Checkpoint Link twice, fascinating audience of people on the streets and bikers on the bridge's roads. A audience of children and adults had their mobile phones and overview digital cameras targeted at the air when Effort showed up as a dot, coming in from the south east about 10:15 a.m.

By 10:22, Effort came back for a second pass, coursing nearer and lower and humming the bridge. As the sound of the plane's engines perished out the traffic on the bridge and visitors ran to get the best standpoint, shouts of "Whooo!" could be heard as the taxi went over the revocation bridge.

 "It was incredible. Did you listen to all the clapping? I can't even believe we're here!" said Polly Lestikow, of Centennial, Colo., who just occurred to be biking across the link Saturday day, unacquainted with NASA's organized display Saturday.

The much scary fog was gone by enough time Effort went by the Fantastic Checkpoint.

It was value the delay, after a few antsy minutes on the Fantastic Checkpoint Bridge.

The parking lots on the San Francisco side of the bridge had filled by 8:30. Vista point was lined with people shortly thereafter. Bridge bicyclists stopped on the graceful span as traffic whizzed by.

At around 9:40, Endeavour watchers spotted a plane above the bridge. Cameras swung toward it, just in case.

"False alarm," mourned cyclist Les Lockspeiser, who lives in Denver. "Wayward plane. United Airlines screwing us again."

From the Bay Area, Endeavour was headed south to Monterey and then to Los Angeles.