NASA enters Mars airspace

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

And you believed quadratic equations were tough!

Thanks to a awesome mixture of technological innovation and arithmetic, a NASA satellite tv in orbit around Mars was able to catch this image of the divided second when Fascination dropped from the air to its effective getting on the top area of the red world.

In the awesome image, the rover's parachute is completely implemented and the spacecraft is reducing from the shouting connections of strategy as Mars tugged on the spacecraft, it faster from 8,000 mph to as much as 13,200 mph -- to a soothing, 2mph plunkdown on the earth.

“We’re only creating one effort on [Mars Technology Laboratory] here,” Religious Schaller of NASA’s High-Resolution Image quality Technology Try things out (HiRISE) group informed Galaxy These days before occasion. “The strategy is to catch MSL during the parachute stage of nice.”

Once computations had been made, examined and dual examined, and submitted to the HiRISE photographic camera on board the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), the group could only keep its breathing and wish.

"We plan to eat chicken wings and Cheetos, observe NASA TV’s protection of the getting, and observe telemetry and computer," Functions Professional Rich Leis had written in a writing before occasion.

It seems to be they did the numbers properly.

Through the chute, a exclusive software arm and a rocket-powered cover, the rover stunted until it drifted to a quit on Mars, to regards and applause from the NASA Jet Space Clinical overdue Weekend.

"Touchdown verified," professional Allen Chen said. "We're safe on Mars."

Minutes after the getting indication achieved World at 10:32 p.m. PDT, Fascination beamed back the first black-and-white pictures from within the crater displaying its rim and its darkness, throw by manufactured sun.

"We arrived in a awesome smooth identify. Wonderful, really beautiful," said professional Adam Steltzner, who led the group that developed the challenging getting schedule. The rover then launched a a little bit greater quality couple of pictures.

“The first pictures are always the best to me; when you area on Mars, it’s new every time,” technology techniques professional Debbie Milkovich said during a media meeting Thursday mid-day.