Home Run Derby

Posted by Zotta Rendevouz

There must be something about Royal prince Fielder and competitive in the Home Run Derby in Mo.

Fielder released 28 home operates Thursday evening at Kauffman Arena to win his second Home Run Derby in previous periods four decades. The first came last year across the condition in St. Louis.

The Detroit slugger became the second gamer in Derby record to win many periods, becoming a member of three-time victorious one Ken Griffey Jr. But he's the first gamer to win a name in both teams, having won his first as a The usa Machine.

"It indicates a lot because being described with Ken is actual unique," Fielder said. "As a kid, like my children, he was the first individual with the NBA Jam movie arcade in his house, so my dad would let me go over there and perform movie games all day and he always took proper proper me when I was a kid. To be described with him was actual unique."

Fielder, the first Detroit Competition to win the occasion, defeat Toronto's Jose Bautista by a 12-7 edge in the ultimate circular. After coming into the second circular with the fourth-best ranking of just five in circular one, the left-handed-hitting slugger hit 23 home operates the next two units.

It was the second win in four House Run Derby looks for Fielder.

"It's fun," Fielder said. "Especially because my children are out there and they are having a boost. Whenever you see your children having enjoyable, you appreciate it as well. I'm just satisfied that I am healthier and able to be here.

"If I'm welcomed, I'll keep doing it. They are a lot of fun."

Bautista, who never get previous the first circular last season, innovative to the ultimate by beating Angels slugger Level Trumbo in a swing-off after both completed the first two units linked for second with a complete of 13 home operates. The Red Jays masher, who is linked for the significant team cause with 27 home operates at the crack, led the team with 11 home operates after the first circular. But despite being in excellent place to relocate, he hit just two in the second circular and was pressured into the swing-off.

Despite completing third, Trumbo hit some of the greatest home operates of the evening, reaching one off the Queens Area of Popularity developing in remaining area that was approximated at 475 legs. The Angels celebrity hit four home operates of at least 450 legs in the first circular.

Cardinals outfielder and former Royal Carlos Beltran advanced to the second round by tying for second with seven home runs in the first round. He hit five more in the second round, including 454- and 459-foot blasts to right.

Carlos Gonzalez of the Rockies and Andrew McCutchen of the Pirates both hit four home runs and were eliminated in the first round. National League captain Matt Kemp, currently on the disabled list, finished with just one.